Episode 4.06 : Tabula Rasa

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 19, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Hiro wakes up in a hospital bed after collapsing in Peter's apartment. Peter knows that Hiro is dying, and offers his help in making the transition. Hiro explains that destiny has been sending him to different places to right his wrongs before he dies. Now destiny has sent him to Peter to fix his life. Peter's life doesn't need fixing; maybe destiny has sent Hiro so that Peter can fix him. Getting an idea, Peter swipes Hiro's teleporting ability, then heads out to meet Emma in the hallway.

Still upset from cracking her wall, Emma asks if Peter sent a cello to her apartment. There's something wrong with her ability. Peter knows that it's hard for everyone in the beginning, but he can't talk now; he has to leave to save Hiro's life. If Emma has any questions, she should talk to Hiro, because he knows everything there is to know about abilities. Peter pops out, leaving Emma staring at Hiro.

Samuel's confused; for years he's been hearing stories about Sylar, the most powerful of all, but he seems beaten and afraid, as if two sides are at war within. Samuel confuses Sylar by calling him "Sylar" -- the police said his name was Gabriel Gray. Upset that Sylar doesn't even know his name, Samuel asks what happened to him, but Sylar can't remember. Samuel decides that great damage has been done, and invites Sylar to spend the day at the Carnival, easing his memories back to the surface. But what should they call him? Sylar takes a deep breath and utters the first name to pop into his head... Nathan!

Strolling through the Carnival with Samuel, Sylar asks why him? Why is Samuel hiding a man he doesn't know from police? Samuel admits that Sylar may not realize it, but he's a man of great powers. Sylar recalls throwing Lubbock across the room. Samuel assures Sylar there's nothing wrong with him -- he's special, just like everyone who lives at the Carnival. Samuel introduces Lydia, promising they'll be great friends. Sylar gets a flash of memory upon shaking Lydia's hand. Is it possible that he shook a lot of hands in the past -- maybe he's a politician?

Claire shows up at H.R.G.'s to do her laundry. Father and daughter snap to attention when there's a crash in the bathroom, surprised to find Peter, who's a little rusty at teleporting. Back at the Carnival, Samuel hands Edgar some tickets he wants delivered to Captain Lubbock. Edgar's confused; isn't this the cop who's after Sylar? Samuel explains that Sylar is having memories that aren't his own. Someone else is inside his head, and they need to wake the sleeping lion. Edgar points out that Sylar might kill Lubbock, but of course, that's exactly what Samuel has in mind.

Peter explains that Hiro is dying, and he's come in hopes that H.R.G. can help him find a healer. Claire offers her blood, but H.R.G. insists that Hiro's tumor is living tissue; Claire's blood will only make it grow faster. H.R.G. locates a healer he met on a mission to Cainan, Georgia several years ago: Jeremy Greer, who should now be about 17. He studied Jeremy for four days, then wiped his memory. Although Jeremy was a good kid, he couldn't decide if his ability was a blessing or a curse. H.R.G. puts his hand on Peter's shoulder, and they teleport off to Georgia.

Lydia tells Sylar that Joseph began the tradition of morning chores with the belief that hard work binds a community together. Sylar's eager to get his hands in the dirt, unaware that a jealous Edgar has been keeping tabs on all the time he's been spending with Lydia. When Sylar picks up a few shovels, Edgar steps up. He's heard all the stories about how Sylar steals power from others, but Sylar has no idea what he's talking about. Edgar throws a bunch of knives into Sylar's shovel, but Sylar's not bothered. With an unexpected flick of the wrist, he sends them flying back to land in a post next to Edgar's head.

Growing concerned, Lydia asks Samuel to separate Edgar and Sylar, but he prefers to let the boys be boys. Steaming, Edgar turns on Sylar, who lifts his hand, sending Edgar wheeling backwards into a wheelbarrow full of wet cement. Sylar stares at his hands, amazed. Samuel rushes up to lead Sylar away, explaining that memories don't only exist in the mind, but the body as well. When a plane flies overhead, Sylar is convinced that he was a jet pilot, but Samuel knows this memory isn't true. Someone has polluted Sylar's mind.

Samuel was hoping that Sylar's memories would return by themselves, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Does Sylar want to know who he really is? Then it's time for stronger measures. Samuel introduces Damian, who has a powerful gift in his hands. When Sylar claims he's ready to learn the real truth about himself, Damian leads him inside the House of Mirrors.

Emma finally knocks on Hiro's door with a question about her ability. How can she make it go away? Hiro insists that manifesting power is a wonder; a hero never refuses the call. Emma admits that she's deaf, so she can't hear the call. Hiro muses. He thought he had come to save Peter, but maybe he's in New York to save Emma. Hiro explains that Emma can't turn off her ability. It's not a light switch, but a part of who she is. Frustrated, Emma tells Hiro that she's sorry to have bothered him, and takes off.

The plants and bushes surrounding Jeremy's house are all dead, which Peter and H.R.G. don't take as a good sign. H.R.G. admits that he doesn't know that much about Jeremy; the Company was never about people. Approaching the front door, the guys are hit by a smell that can only mean dead people, and when they enter the house, H.R.G. immediately recognizes Jeremy's parents, dead in their chairs. H.R.G. recalls another case, where a healer's ability evolved into something else: the control over the flow of life, which could be given or taken away. H.R.G. calls out for Jeremy, who answers with a shotgun blast from upstairs.

Damian leads Sylar through the labyrinth to the heart of the House of Mirrors, a chamber ringed with mirrors. He lays his hands on Sylar, then backs away, leaving Sylar to re-experience his murder of his mother, and many, many others. Brian Davis, Chandra Suresh, Isaac Mendez, and Elle Bishop, just to name a few. Sylar rips at his hair and falls to the ground begging for the memories to stop. It's not him, it can't be! Finally Sylar crawls his way out of the House of Mirrors, and vomits over a garbage can.

Hiro tries to connect with Emma, who explains that she sees sound making colors. Hiro knows that a new ability can be frightening, advising Emma not to turn away from it. Claiming she just wants it to stop, Emma walks off, leaving Hiro to spy a flyer for a talent show in the rec room on her desk. Back in Georgia, Peter wants to pursue Jeremy, but H.R.G. sends him around the back of the house, preferring to talk to Jeremy by himself. H.R.G. puts down his gun, but Jeremy won't disarm, warning H.R.G. to stay away from him -- everything he touches winds up dead.

Samuel welcomes Captain Lubbock to the Carnival, asking about the fugitive he's been chasing. Lubbock shows Samuel a mug shot of Sylar. If Samuel sees Sylar, he should call Lubbock right away. Back in Georgia, Jeremy explains that he was angry when he touched his parents, but he didn't mean to kill them. H.R.G. insists that Jeremy's a healer, not a killer, but Jeremy doesn't believe him and prepares to shoot. Peter pops in to grab the barrel of Jeremy's shotgun and stop time, but he's a split second too late. When Peter realizes he's been shot in the chest, he slumps to the ground as time restarts.

Jeremy sobs as H.R.G. rips Peter's shirt open, trying to staunch the flow of blood. Peter will never make it to the hospital, so Jeremy needs to pull himself together and heal him. Jeremy knows that he'll kill Peter if he touches him, but H.R.G. insists that he can control his ability. After all, he's touching Jeremy right now, and he's not dead. H.R.G. coaches Jeremy, who lays his hands on Peter. Gasping for breath, Peter finally opens his eyes and starts laughing at his close call.

Emma returns to her desk to find a flyer: Magician Hiro the Magnificent is appearing in the rec room. As soon as she enters, Hiro calls her to the stage to assist him, promising that he'll make her disappear. Asking Emma to hold up a sheet, Hiro stops time in the middle of audience applause. Emma walks around in wonder, touching the ribbons of color as Hiro explains that there are no bad powers. When Emma truly gets it, she'll learn to use her powers to do good. With Emma convinced, Hiro bids her to hide across the room, as he restarts time and finishes off his trick.

Samuel finds Sylar in a paroxysm of despair and self-loathing, and apologizes for the pain and difficulty of the truth. When Sylar laments that he is a skull-slashing monster, Samuel reminds him that their paths have crossed for a reason. The Carnival is a safe and protective womb. Is Sylar going to wallow in self pity, or learn to use his gifts to command fear and respect to defend them against those who would do them harm? There's just one problem. Lubbock is at the Carnival. Samuel can't make up Sylar's mind for him, but his presence puts the entire Carnival in jeopardy, and something must be done.

Emma puts Hiro back in bed, warning him to stop using his power before it kills him. Hiro explains the time when he was really dying was when he was wasting his life away in a cubicle. Emma wants to know how Hiro can focus on helping others, knowing the cost to himself. Hiro remembers Charlie, who taught him to safeguard joy and dignity in the face of death. Unable to believe that he left Charlie off his bucket list, Hiro asks for pen and paper to write down her name. Emma makes Hiro promise that he won't go after Charlie until Peter returns.

Taking Jeremy under his wing, H.R.G. calls the cops, then explains that he rigged the heater to make it look as if his parents were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Once Peter has acquired Jeremy's healing ability, H.R.G. arranges to fly him back to New York. Meanwhile, Sylar finds Lubbock in the House of Mirrors. Lubbock encourages Sylar to resist arrest so he can shoot him. When Sylar puts his hands up, they begin sparking electricity, causing Lubbock to shoot, but his bullets drop to the ground. Sylar is just walking away when Edgar speeds in to finish Lubbock off. Looking at Sylar with disdain, Edgar orders him to get a mop.

Emma returns to the rec room to play piano, which draws Hiro out of his bed, along with several others, who surprise her with applause. Hiro can tell that his work with Emma is done. Emma tries to escort him back to bed, but he disappears! When Peter arrives, Emma delivers the bad news. They return to Hiro's empty room to discover the paper where Hiro wrote, "Save Emma!" just as Hiro materializes outside the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas, three years back in time.

Sylar wanders through the Carnival to the living quarters, where Samuel greets him with a hug. As the carnies gather round, Samuel welcomes Sylar into the family with a baptism ritual. At the after party, a jealous and angry Edgar watches Lydia seducing Sylar, and blows off steam by throwing knives. He points out that Sylar wouldn't have followed through with Lubbock. Samuel has no worries. Sylar is just a baby learning to walk; now they'll be able to build a better Sylar after their own design. Then he'll be theirs forever! Smiling seductively, Lydia pulls Sylar off to her trailer.






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