Episode 4.02 : Jump, Push, Fall

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : September 21, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Holding Baby Matty, Sylar taunts Matt, who desperately begs for the safe return of his son. Whatever Matt did to Sylar on that fateful night, now Sylar's inside his head. Real or not, Sylar's refusing to put down the baby until Matt tells him the location of his body. When Janice calls from the hallway, Sylar tosses the baby in the air and disappears. Janice enters to find Baby Matty safe asleep in bed. Matt tries to act like nothing's wrong, but he's thoroughly freaked out.

Dejected and lonely, H.R.G. burns his toaster oven dinner, and the fridge offers nothing but water and mustard. He calls Sandra, but when a guy answers her phone, H.R.G. hangs up. The phone rings, and H.R.G. grabs for it, half hoping it's Sandra calling back. Surprise -- it's Tracy. She's sitting over Danko's sliced up corpse, and no, she didn't kill him.

Hiro finds himself at the same carnival he attended 14 years ago. Little Hiro runs up with a camera to ask Hiro to take the fateful photograph, which he still clutches in his hand. When little Kimiko remarks how much she'd love a slushie, Hiro knows the Great Slushie Incident is at hand. Meanwhile, little Hiro runs for the fortune teller's tent, to receive the fortune that will change his life forever. Refusing to interfere in past events, Hiro is just trying and failing to teleport to the present, when Samuel introduces himself, promising they'll become great friends.

A policewoman grills Claire. Did Annie express any suicidal tendencies? Claire insists Annie would never kill herself, and distinctly remembers that the suicide note the cops found on her pillow wasn't there before. Skeptical, the policewoman asks, "Why would someone want to murder your roommate?" Claire fires back: isn't that the sort of thing cops are paid to find out?

Samuel reveals a tattoo of a spinning compass on his arm, proving to Hiro that he's special, too. He knows the purpose of Hiro's trip has something to do with Little Hiro -- this is a rare opportunity to right the wrongs of life. Samuel points out that changing one small thing is sometimes all you can do. Hiro gasps, realizing that the Slushie Incident -- which turned Kimiko against Ando forever -- is about to occur. Claiming Hiro needs to take a chance, Samuel pushes Hiro in front of Kimiko, so the slushie hits him instead of her! Dismayed, Hiro cries "Oh, no!" and disappears.

Back in Tokyo, Hiro tells Ando about his trip to the carnival -- has anything changed? Ando doesn't think so, but Hiro immediately notices that the hatred between Kimiko and Ando has melted into true love. H.R.G. shows up at Danko's apartment, where Tracy explains what happened. When she realized that H.R.G. kept his promise and made Danko forget about her, she decided to let him live. That's when Edgar showed up with his crazy, superfast knives. Puzzling over Danko's stomach wounds, H.R.G. reaches inside the corpse to find a key.

Matt hooks his badge on his belt, getting ready to go to work, when he hears sexy water delivery guy Roy playing with Baby Matty. Matt sends Roy packing, then admits to Janice that he's jealous. Janice is concerned; she though they were through with that sort of stuff, and Matt hasn't been sleeping. Matt claims he's just keyed up about work. He has a lead on a huge drug ring, and all he needs is the name of their supplier, which he refuses to obtain by reading minds. Assuring Janice that he's got it under control, Matt leaves for work.

H.R.G. visits Peter. Spying the wall of newspaper clippings, H.R.G. knows that Peter has been using his powers to save lives to make up for the past, and is carrying a heavy burden. H.R.G. holds up the key he pulled from Danko's stomach and asks Peter to accompany him to the New York Federal Bank to check Danko's safe deposit box. Since there's a superfast knife guy who'll probably come looking for the key, H.R.G. needs backup he can trust. Thinking that super speed will help him in his quest to save lives, Peter agrees to provide escort.

Sandra walks Claire back to her dorm room. Claire wants to tell Annie's parents about the so-called suicide note, but Sandra advises her to let the police handle it. Gretchen stops in: she heard Claire told the cops there was no suicide note -- and a person like Annie would never commit suicide! Sandra leaves, reminding Claire that it's time for a new beginning, a new life. Alone with Claire, an excited Gretchen asks, "So it's murder, right? How do we prove it?"

Peter and H.R.G. wait for the bank manager in the vault. H.R.G. advises Peter to spend some time considering the way he's living his life. It's not healthy to live alone with no connections to anyone. H.R.G. should know; after 30 years of putting his job ahead of his family, now he's all alone and miserable. It's no way to live. The bank manager presents Danko's safe deposit box, and leaves the guys alone to reveal its contents: an old broken compass.

The bank manager knocks on the door again. When Peter lets him in, he falls to the floor, sliced to pieces, revealing Edgar, wielding blades poised for attack. Edgar wants the compass, but Peter starts the fight, immediately gaining Edgar's powers and one of his knives. Edgar is shocked to realize that Peter is his equal, and goes after H.R.G., trying to gain an advantage. But Peter won't let up, and Edgar eventually gives up and speeds off.

Later, Peter asks to inspect the compass. As soon as it hits his hand, the needle spins crazily. H.R.G. wants to follow up on Edgar, but Peter refuses. His life finally makes sense to him; in the last six weeks, he's saved 53 people. After spending less than an hour with H.R.G., an innocent man was almost killed. The guys shake hands and part ways, with H.R.G. reminding Peter to call his mother -- she's worried.

Clutching a stack of forensic pathology textbooks, a pumped up Gretchen rushes to meet Claire at the cafeteria. Has Claire ever heard of the Jump-Push-Fall test? Gretchen demonstrates with an orange. If a person falls, their trajectory is straight down. If they jump, the trajectory arcs out, and the arc is larger if they're pushed. Claire tries to quiet Gretchen down, trying to salvage what's left of her fragile social standing. Reminding Claire that ship already sailed, Gretchen wonders where they can get their hands on a dead body to test Annie's trajectory.

Matt attends a 12-Step meeting at the LAPD with his partner, Detective Green. It's been six weeks since Matt last "used" and he's feeling confused. Sylar emerges from the woodwork, and in a voice only Matt can hear, complains that it's been six weeks since he last saw his body. Claiming he can force Matt use his powers, Sylar taunts -- Matt is a heart attack waiting to happen. When Matt yells out, "Go away!" everyone in the meeting takes note -- is Matt losing his grip?

Hiro remarks on Ando's relationship with Kimiko -- does he hear wedding bells? Ando smiles. Maybe someday, but what's the big deal? He and Kimiko have been together for years. Hiro explains that he corrected what was wrong with the Slushie Incident and fixed it. Now his mission is to go back to the past and undo all the wrongs he's ever done. Ando doesn't get it, and reminds Hiro that he's dying and shouldn't use his powers. Figuring that's all the more reason to get busy, Hiro runs off.

With his partner watching through a one-way mirror, Matt interrogates Hollywood agent Andrew Miller, probing for the name of his supplier, but Miller won't talk. Sylar appears, daring Matt to use his powers. Unable to bear it, Matt starts speaking aloud to Sylar, scaring Miller. Sylar calls Matt a total loser -- no wonder Janice is having sex with the water guy. She needs a real man who's not afraid of his own power. Matt throws a chair at Sylar, narrowly missing Miller, who spits out the name of his supplier.

Peter waits in the rig for Hesam minutes before their EMT shift is to begin. Peter's eating clam chowder, which he got from Legal Seafood in Boston. He's brought one for Hesam, too, and it's still warm. Hesam is suspicious, but Peter will only say that he knows a guy, just as a call comes in over the radio. Since their shift hasn't officially started, Hesam turns his attention to his soup, as Peter speeds off to save... H.R.G., who's lying in a pool of blood, after surrendering the compass to Edgar.

Tracy visits H.R.G. in the hospital. He's no longer sure if he wants to chase Edgar. H.R.G. prefers the old Company way of doing things, one of us one of them. Going it alone feels too dangerous. When Tracy asks why he called her, H.R.G. admits he didn't want to be alone. Noticing a container of soup that's still warm by H.R.G.'s bedside, Tracy muses that he must have someone looking out for him, and asks for a spoon.

Matt returns home to find Roy the water guy fixing the cooler and playing with Baby Matty. Matt walks Roy outside, then presses a $20 into his hand, while pressing into his brain. Tomorrow, Roy will ask for a new route and never return to the Parkman house again. Sylar appears to laugh menacingly, having witnessed Matt's slip.

Late at night, Claire climbs onto her windowsill, spreads her arms and falls to the pavement below. After putting her broken wrist and ribs back in place, Claire discovers that she has fallen within the chalk line that outlined Annie's body. Looking up, Claire is shocked to spy Gretchen in shock at the window -- she's seen the whole thing!

Back at the carnival, Edgar hands the compass over to Samuel; it was harder to get than he thought it would be. Samuel explains that he met another time traveler, whom he intends to add to the fold, even though no one can replace Arnold. Samuel put Hiro on a righteous path, which will lead back to them. Dipping his ink pen into Lydia's back, Samuel conjures up images of the other Heroes he'll set his sights on next...

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