Episode 3.24 : I Am Sylar

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : April 20, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Forty-eight hours prior to Nathan's live press conference, Agent Taub wakes up in his Washington, D.C. apartment. Taub looks in the mirror and morphs back into Sylar, pulling a bloody tooth out of his mouth. Something's not right. Meanwhile, Matt calls Janice to inform her that Baby Matt is safe, and he'll bring him back to her directly. Hiro and Ando want Matt to stay and help them bring down Building 26, but now that he's a father, Matt's afraid -- afraid of missing Baby Matt's childhood.

Hiro and Ando figure they can't argue with Matt; he needs to go win back his family. But when they ask Matt for the location of Building 26, he refuses. Danko and his men are killers, and he can't live with the prospect of putting Hiro and Ando in danger. Besides what's their plan? How can they possibly bring down Danko? Thanking the dynamic duo for saving his life, Matt drives off to California. When Ando suggests that Matt might be right, Hiro insists that a hero never concedes defeat.

Danko meets Sylar, upset that one of his analysts spotted him on a surveillance camera. The only way this will work is if Sylar remains in Taub's body. Sylar explains that something is wrong: he went to sleep as himself, woke up as Taub and found an extra tooth in his mouth. He's shape shifting so much that his DNA isn't reassembling correctly. Besides Taub is a nothing, and Sylar doesn't like being nothing. Danko warns that if Sylar stays in his own body, he'll have no choice but to hunt and kill him. Sylar obliges, turning himself back into Taub, but when Danko leaves, he carves "I Am Sylar" into the flesh of his arm. Of course, it heals instantly.

Surrounded by his precious collection of porcelain figurines, Tom Miller is just preparing a cup of cocoa when his phone rings with a text message from Rebel: Get out now! Miller turns around to find Sylar on his couch drinking cocoa, demanding that he demonstrate his ability. Reluctantly, Miller snaps his fingers at a figurine, causing a mini-earthquake that oscillates the porcelain into dust. When Danko and a team of agents can be heard approaching in the hallway, Sylar asks Miller to choose his fate.

Miller chooses Sylar, who immediately gets busy with his finger. By the time Danko and his team enter, Miller's skull is split open, and "I Am Sylar" is painted on the wall with his blood. Back in Building 26, Danko meets a teary Sylar in his office. Sylar hands over Miller's phone, explaining that he received a text from Rebel just before he arrived. Danko needs Taub's help to take down Rebel, but understands that Sylar is amidst an identity crisis.

Sylar complains that one of his eyes stayed blue for over an hour after shape shifting. Danko advises Sylar to find an anchor, something that reminds him of home when he's feeling lost. Twenty years ago, Danko's father gave him a pocket watch; when he looks at it, he's home. Sylar checks out the watch, remarking that it's running fast. When Danko asks who Sylar killed to get the power of understanding how things work, Sylar admits it's the only ability that is truly his.

Outside Isaac's loft, Hiro puts his plan to take down Building 26 into motion, much to Ando's confusion. Since Isaac's loft is under surveillance, Hiro intends to get caught, thus the agents will reveal the location of Building 26. Ando will have to pose as bait, because bait will most likely be rendered unconscious, and if Hiro's unconscious, he can't freeze time. Ando doesn't like this plan. If he's unconscious, how can he become the Crimson Arc? Hiro smirks; Ando's new superhero alias sounds dangerous, but it's a bit ladylike.

Ando accuses Hiro of being uncomfortable with his newfound superpower; Hiro's never regarded Ando as an equal. Ando thought they could work as a team, but maybe he should be more of a powerful loner, like Batman. At that moment, agents bust in, and Ando pushes Hiro to the ground to avoid their tranquilizer darts. Hiro freezes time, and strangely, Ando isn't frozen. Full of wonder, Ando is delighted -- now he doesn't have to be bait!

A uniformed cop delivers two boxes containing evidence on the unsolved murder of Virginia Gray to Taub. Taub transforms into Sylar and uses the scissors that killed his stepmother to flash back to the moment of her death. When Sylar smashes her favorite snow globe, Virginia appears to claim that she never lied to him. But Sylar knows the truth now -- his real mother was killed in front of him. Virginia claims she just wanted to protect little Sylar. She didn't think the truth mattered, since she loved him right from the start. When Danko knocks, Virginia morphs back into Sylar. Danko informs that they've found Rebel, and he needs Taub to take him down.

Hiro realizes that Ando didn't freeze because they were touching when he stopped time. This has always been Hiro's "me time"; now it's Ando and Hiro's "our time," just like Batman visiting Superman's Fortress of Solitude. They guys start bickering, and Ando renews his pledge to do it by himself like Batman. Apologizing, Hiro moves Ando into position and unfreezes time. Ando is hit by tranquilizer darts. Freezing time again, Hiro finds an agent who is his size and prepares to take his uniform.

Danko, Taub and a team approach an abandoned warehouse in Baltimore where Rebel is holed up. Danko places an order to take down the grid, leaving Micah in the dark, and Taub disappears. Micah hurries to pack up his stuff, and is confronted by none other than Sylar, who can't believe that Rebel is just a kid. Micah knows that Sylar has lost his identity and offers to help. Their powers connect them all, and Sylar doesn't have to be alone anymore. Sylar claims it's too late, he's joined the other side, but Micah insists he can save them all.

A SWAT van containing Ando heads towards Washington. Disguised as a masked agent, Hiro stops time while touching Ando, to explain that he's graduated from bait to possum. Hiro shuts off the medicine flowing through Ando's nose shunt, warning him to act unconscious, then starts time up again. Sadly, the other agents have realized that Hiro isn't one of their own. Ando lets loose with a flash of red lightning, taking down the agents, who were about to tase Hiro. Now it's time for Plan B: Hiro grabs an agents' handheld GPS to find the location of Building 26.

Danko's team hones in on Micah, running along a pier. The real Micah watches as Danko orders Agent Harper to take him out. Shot, Micah smiles before tumbling backwards into the water, as the real Micah escapes. Danko and his men can't find a body. Later, Danko asks Sylar why he didn't kill Micah and take his power. Sylar explains that his head is spinning, and talking to machines might send him over the edge. Even if they can't find Micah's body, he's surely dead. Having located dozens of specials from Micah's system, Danko orders Sylar to change into Taub and get hunting.

Micah sleeps on the couch at Taub's apartment, awakened by Sylar morphing back and forth into Virginia for conversation. Virginia claims that she's proud of Sylar for saving an orphan like himself. Sylar isn't pleased to spy Micah watching him. When Micah asks Sylar how he's able to shape shift, Sylar admits he seems to be able to absorb people's DNA, even if they're dead. Micah explains that his mom used to do the same thing. It made her a little crazy, but she fought back to become a hero. Now Sylar can change into someone who can really make a difference... like Nathan. Crying, Sylar kicks Micah out, promising to kill him if he finds him again.

Sylar proceeds to Nathan's desk, rifling through the drawers to find his toothbrush. When Sylar complains that Nathan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Virginia appears to claim that Sylar is better than all of them. Sylar points out that he killed Virginia -- how can he be special if he killed the only woman who ever loved him? Realizing why Sylar brought her back, Virginia forgives him for killing her, reminding him that he can be anyone he wants to be. Sylar runs his finger over the toothbrush and morphs into Nathan, promising not to let Virginia down.

Janice is at the store when Matt arrives, so he explains his history with Janice to Baby Matt. He can't just put a whammy on Mommy and make her forget everything so she forgives them. It's not right to use his powers on unsuspecting people. Janice runs in for a tearful reunion with her son, but the joy is short-lived as Matt senses a van full of agents down the street. Janice hurries to pack, thinking she can go to her parents' house on the lake. Matt tentatively suggests that he could come, too; he wants to be part of Baby Matt's life. Janice doesn't say no, but knows they have a lot to talk about.

Sylar swings into action with a live televised press conference as Nathan. In these tough times, Nathan/Sylar promises to shake up the status quo to bring real change to Americans. He has a plan, but the President seems too busy to meet with him. He knows how to bring real purpose back to the country, and when he meets the President and shakes his hand, nothing will ever be the same. Watching at the Coyote Sands Diner, H.R.G. claims the Petrelli family needs a plan. Nathan insists on taking matters into his own hands and flies off, unaware that Peter is on his heels.

Outside Building 26, Hiro and Ando reassess their plan. If they're equal partners, Hiro can't make plans without consulting Ando, and there'll be no more making him bait, possum or prisoner. Hiro agrees -- from now on, they work as equal partners. Ando puts his hand on Hiro's shoulder as he prepares to freeze time. But nothing happens, and Hiro slumps to the ground with a terrible headache and nosebleed.

Back in California, Matt holds his LAPD badge, realizing that he can't hide out with Janice. He needs to go back to help Hiro and Ando, or he'll never have a chance to live a life with his family. When Janice asks if that's what Matt wants, he admits that he at least wants a chance, and he's willing to fight to make that happen. When they hear agents descending, Matt hands Janice the baby, instructing her to stay close, he'll protect them. Agents swarm the house, completely unaware that the Parkmans are there.

Nathan returns to his office, only to be confronted by Nathan/Sylar, who's already found Nathan's gun. Nathan orders Sylar to get the hell out of his body, but Sylar has no intention of doing so -- he's going to be a better Nathan than Nathan. Sylar raises his finger to end Nathan's life, but Danko enters to shoot Nathan with a tranquilizer dart, explaining they'll have to handle the matter more delicately. Danko needs Sylar to become Taub again and take the rest of the Petrelli family down first.

H.R.G. and Claire drive down the highway with Angela asleep in the backseat. They approach a roadblock, unaware that a SWAT truck is on their tail. As the SWAT team swarms H.R.G.'s rental car, Sylar exits Nathan's bathroom as himself. When Danko demands that Sylar morph into Taub, Sylar admits that he's not interested in what Danko wants. Danko strikes back, plunging a knife into the back of Sylar's head. Sylar falls to the floor, but amazingly, recovers to pull the knife out of his head...






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