Episode 3.20 : Cold Snap

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : March 23, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At home, Danko is in the bathroom shaving when an alarm goes off. Someone has opened the front door. Wiping the shaving cream off his face, Danko grabs a pistol to investigate, only to find Doyle strung up in his living room, in an approximation of his puppet theater. A red bow bears an anonymous tag reading "my gift to you." Although Doyle surely looks dead, he inhales noisily on his journey back to consciousness.

It's pouring in Manhattan, and Angela's limo is snarled in traffic. Unaware of the bits of toilet paper stuck to his face, H.R.G. holds a newspaper over his head and ducks into the limo, remarking that it's coming down in all sorts of ways. Angela agrees; this should be their last conversation. There's a lot riding on the man who was too distracted to pack his umbrella on a cloudy day. Handing H.R.G. her umbrella, Angela sends him off into the deluge, as he warns her not to go home.

Danko leads Mohinder through a door marked "Human Resources" to behold a room full of unconscious bodies. It's Danko's way of stopping people with abilities. Mohinder examines Daphne, who's dying; there's nothing Mohinder can do to help her. Danko confesses that he doesn't want Mohinder to help. Furthermore, the only reason he let Mohinder walk through the door? Much easier than carrying him. Mohinder is tasered to the ground as Danko orders another bed prepared for Tracy. Little does he know, she's been honing her ability while in captivity.

Danko brings H.R.G. to Human Resources to give him a "present" -- Doyle. He thought H.R.G. might derive some satisfaction from seeing him strung up. H.R.G. wants to return the favor with a plan to catch Rebel. He thinks Rebel will try to rescue Tracy, and they should let him. When Danko balks, H.R.G. explains they'll just let the rabbit out of the cage, and let her lead them to Rebel. If he fails, H.R.G. pledges to put a bullet in Tracy himself and chalk it up to self-defense.

In Los Angeles, Hiro promises Baby Matt Parkman that they'll figure out how to make him big again. But Ando has another theory. Maybe this baby isn't really Matt Parkman, but his son. And why is Hiro afraid of the baby? As Hiro and Ando bicker, Baby Matt touches the TV and video of Matt's suicide bombing debacle plays. Hiro unplugs the TV as Ando settles the argument, vowing to play warm mommy to Hiro's cold daddy. When the baby touches the TV and the video resumes, Hiro and Ando realize he has powers, too -- they have to save Baby Matt Parkman!

Just as agents pull her driver out of the limo, Angela wakes up to confront the same scene in reality. As her driver is slammed onto the hood, Angela has already blended in to pedestrian traffic. Back at Building 26, Danko lays into H.R.G. Did someone tip Angela off? H.R.G. points out that Angela probably saw them coming as the lights flick off and the doors slam shut. Generators bring the auxiliary power online, but neither Danko nor H.R.G.'s codes can access the system. Rebel's taken control of the building.

When the power flicks off, the door to Tracy's cell opens. She freezes off her shackles and runs for Human Resources, where she yanks Mohinder's nasal shunt and shakes him awake. Tracy wakes Matt, who insists on waking Daphne to learn that she needs a hospital immediately. Claiming Daphne will just slow them down, Tracy runs ahead, only to be met in the hall by a phalanx of agents, armed to the gills. Carrying Daphne, Matt and Mohinder catch up to Tracy in time to make them invisible to the agents, who pronounce the hallway all clear.

Tracy outfits herself in the dressing room of a department store. When a saleswoman knocks, Tracy opens the door to behold H.R.G., who pushes his way inside. Here's one time where being out for only herself has hurt Tracy -- she should have stuck with Matt. H.R.G. offers her a deal: if she leads him to Rebel, he'll let her go. When Tracy asks what happens if she runs, H.R.G. promises it will be a big, fat cut to black.

Carrying Daphne, Matt and Mohinder run into a hospital screaming for help. The doctor takes one look and realizes that Daphne's gunshot wound is septic, and orders her prepped for surgery. When the doctor asks Daphne's name, Matt scrambles for a back story. His wife Janice got shot while duck hunting with her family, a stupid accident, and her father, a doctor, patched her up. When the doctor informs them that all gunshot wounds must be reported to the police, Matt uses his powers to convince him otherwise.

Claiming that Baby Matt is like a baby genesis device, Hiro dubs him Toddler "Touch and Go." As Baby Matt sets all his toys in motion, Hiro finally tells Ando about time traveling to when he was 12 years old and his mother died in his arms. They both try not to cry so the baby won't cry. When they hear a noise, Hiro and Ando hide in the closet amidst Baby Matt's toys, but his mom Janice easily finds them.

Tracy is walking down the street when an ATM calls her name and spits out several hundred in cash. Tracy's receipt tells her to proceed to Union Station where an ID and boarding pass are waiting for her in locker 413. When Tracy hails a cab, a young man hails his own cab to follow her -- it's Micah!

Dripping wet, Angela meets her old friend Millie for lunch. Millie's in a bad mood, since her Pilates session was interrupted by several agents, who interrogated her for three hours. What kind of trouble is Angela in now? Angela explains that she dug her sons into a very deep hole, and now she has to dig them out. She needs to disappear. Can Millie lend a change of clothes and a car? Millie advises Angela to turn herself in, and offers the little cash that she has in her wallet. On her way out, Angela snags Millie's umbrella.

Janice claims that she's called police. Hiro and Ando struggle to explain. Baby Matt is special and he's in danger. And the government tried to make Matt look like a terrorist so they could justify arresting him. Suddenly several agents knock on the door, explaining they have a warrant for Janice and Baby Matt. Janice claims the baby isn't there, but the agents insist on searching the house.

Hiro and Ando hide with Baby Matt, but it's not long before they realize they're surrounded. Ando charges up his hands and floors some agents with a bolt of red lightening. Amazed by this newfound power, Ando doesn't see another agent, who cold cocks him with his rifle butt. Holding Baby Matt, Hiro squeezes his eyes shut, bracing for impact. When Hiro opens his eyes, he is overjoyed to find that he has frozen time. Baby Matt touched him and made his power go!

Sadly, Hiro is unable to teleport, so he piles frozen Ando into a wheel barrow, puts Baby Matt in a carrier and walks off. Daphne wakes up in the hospital, chuckling to find that Matt has convinced everyone she's Gwen Stefani. According to Matt, Daphne's been out for two days; still, she heard the Janice story, which sounded a bit too real. Matt admits that Janice was his ex-wife. Claiming that Matt's vision of love is not enough to hang a relationship on, Daphne says goodbye and speeds off.

Tracy removes a new ID and train ticket from a locker at Union Station, where Micah waits for her, to introduce himself as Rebel! He decided to help Tracy because he knows she has no one else. Tracy claims she had no idea that Micah was Rebel; otherwise she wouldn't have led H.R.G. right to him. Disgusted by Tracy's selfishness, Micah uses his handheld device to trigger an alarm, and chaos ensues as the station is evacuated.

When Angela finds herself surrounded by agents on the street, she ducks into a building and runs for the elevator. The agents quickly gain control of the elevator and bring it back to the ground floor. When the door opens, Angela can briefly be seen in Peter's arms, before he flies her up the elevator shaft to safety.

Running through a parking garage, Micah lays into Tracy. He's read her bio -- didn't she get into politics to protect the civil liberties of everyday Americans? Tracy admits maybe if she'd met Micah earlier in her political career, she'd be that person. When it's clear that agents are upon them, Tracy asks Micah to trigger the sprinklers, run, and above all, stay ahead of the ice. Tracy freezes everything and everyone in the parking garage, including herself. Danko enters to shoot Tracy, who shatters into thousands of pieces.

Time is still frozen at the bus station, so Hiro steals a bottle of formula and gives it to Baby Matt. Finally, time gets going again, and Ando wakes up screaming for Hiro. Hiro explains that Baby Matt touched him and his time-stopping power returned; sadly, he still can't teleport. Now they have to find big Matt and save his life. Luckily, time once again is on their side.

On a Paris rooftop, Daphne wistfully surveys the city. She's surprised when Matt appears, but he explains that he can now fly, and offers a ride Daphne will never forget. Realizing what's happening, Daphne asks Matt to let her go; she knows they're still in the hospital, and Matt's trying to give her a storybook ending. At peace, Daphne asks Matt for one last thing -- fly her to the moon. As he obliges, Daphne's heart monitor flatlines, and she dies peacefully.

Peter stands in a darkened room, asking his mother, "What do we do now?" Camera pulls back to reveal that mother and son are hiding out in the crown of the Statue of Liberty.






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