Episode 3.19 : Shades of Gray

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : March 09, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Claire is disgusted to behold Doyle in her kitchen. Sandra points out that agents are parked outside, but Doyle knows that Rebel sent them on a wild goose chase. He's already figured out that Claire has a free pass -- how can she turn her back on her own kind? Doyle pinches Claire and Sandra's mouths closed so he can explain what it's like to be on the run. Teary-eyed, Doyle releases the women and heads for the door. He's not going to force them to help -- that's not who he is anymore.

When Danko returns to Building 26, Nathan demands to know where he's been. Danko is just defending his decision not to release Matt and Daphne, when video of suicide bomber Matt comes over the wire. Nathan rushes off, and within seconds is pushing his way to Matt's side, convincing the SWAT team that he can talk him down within five minutes.

Nathan explains that Danko acted without sanction, inviting Matt to read his mind to confirm he had nothing to do with it. Drugged, Matt can't read Nathan's mind, and refuses to trust him. Meanwhile, Danko watches live news coverage of the crisis from Building 26. How did Nathan get there so fast? He orders an agent to activate the bomb strapped to Matt, intending to take both Matt and Nathan out in one blow.

Realizing the bomb has been activated, Matt panics, but access is blocked on Danko's side, infuriating him. While the agent struggles to re-route the signal through another server, Nathan advises Matt to get into the mind of a nearby bomb tech to figure out how to disarm. Matt is still unsure of what to do, so Nathan yanks a wire, just as Danko thinks he's back online. Matt throws off the vest as detonation is averted, only to have Nathan punch him unconscious and take him prisoner.

Sylar drives up to a seemingly deserted trailer in the Montana wilderness, which is filled with taxidermy. He finds his father, Mr. Gray out back, stuffing a critter and chain smoking while hooked up to an oxygen machine. When Sylar identifies himself, Gray assumes that he's come to kill him, but he doesn't really care. If Sylar doesn't kill him, the cancer will, and he hasn't got all day.

Danko orders the agent to find out who hacked the system, then lays into Nathan. Why does the safety of his friends and family trump national security? Nathan points out that Matt wasn't a threat until Danko strapped a bomb to him -- Danko is relieved of command. Realizing that Danko is building a case against him, Nathan rushes off to get the president's ear first, telling H.R.G. to get ready to take over.

Drugged and in chains, Tracy is transferred to Building 26. On the way in, she glimpses a message from Rebel -- help is coming, have hope. Learning that Danko went over his head, Nathan is furious. H.R.G. explains that Nathan didn't have to show Danko his hand -- now they're both at risk. Nathan leaves H.R.G. and enters Tracy's cell, moments before Danko will arrive to question her. Nathan asks Tracy to remember that he cares about her; he's been trying to help all along.

Tracy accuses Nathan of sacrificing her for his own personal gain. She doesn't have to trust him, but Nathan thinks she should know that he's her only hope. He leaves as Danko steps in, demanding to know everything about Nathan. While Nathan watches a remote feed, Tracy admits that Nathan was lousy in bed. But when Danko asks if Nathan has any abilities, Tracy pretends she has no idea what he's talking about. Danko huffs out, leaving Tracy staring into the camera.

Claire confides in Sandra, feeling guilty for not helping out Doyle. She has a free pass for a reason, and she should be using it to help out. If she were to fill Alex's job at Sam's Comics, then Rebel could send any surprise guests there, taking Sandra and Lyle out of the line of fire. With nothing but cheerleading on her resume, Claire assumes she flubbed her interview with Vic at Sam's Comics. Vic knows a hot ex-cheerleader can sell a lot of comic books and hires Claire on the spot.

Gray scoffs, assuming that Sylar came to kill him. He asks Sylar to give him a hand removing a rabbit from a trap, then deploys an ability through whistling which stops the rabbit in its tracks. Out of breath, Gray slaps on another oxygen mask, explaining that he's gathered lots of abilities, but he hasn't needed them in a long time. Sylar must be just like him -- they pick easy targets that don't stand a chance against them, like the rabbit. Nothing matters unless you find satisfaction in life.

Holding the rabbit, Gray holds out his knife, inviting Sylar to kill him -- or does he want to know more? Confused, Sylar takes the knife and asks what to do, then follows Gray's order to gut the rabbit. Meanwhile, Danko reviews footage of Nathan's rooftop rescue of Peter. He asks H.R.G. if he knows any flyers from Primatech days. H.R.G. claims Danko should be asking himself who would want to save Peter, and throws down Angela's file.

H.R.G. calls Angela, explaining that Nathan made a power play against Danko and stirred up a hornet's nest. Pleased that she can still influence her son, Angela relishes the inevitable prospect of meeting Danko. Happy after her first day at work, Claire spies a surveillance van watching Sam's Comics and calls H.R.G., who watches as a drugged, chained Matt is brought into Building 26. Claire asks how H.R.G. managed to preserve himself while leading two lives, but he has no answers.

When the van screeches off, Claire receives a text begging her to come to Doyle's aid. Rachel confronts Doyle at gunpoint, but he quickly turns the gun to her head. Surprisingly, Doyle relents to smashing her against the wall instead of pulling the trigger. He just wants his life back the way it was. When Rachel's partner comes at Doyle with a taser, Claire takes him out.

Danko finds Angela at a swank restaurant on the upper east side, supping on oysters and champagne. He's not interested in the Primatech files, preferring to talk about whether all Angela's children inherited abilities. Claiming that genetics is a complicated topic, Angela sees Danko for who he is, useful but expendable. She recalls a 1997 incident in Angola where many civilians were killed -- it's a miracle Danko survived -- and sends him on his way.

Sylar and Gray finish up stuffing the rabbit. When Sylar asks why Gray abandoned him and killed his mother, Gray claims he doesn't remember and it doesn't matter. Sylar cuts himself, and Gray's unquenchable hunger returns as he watches him heal. When Sylar turns his back, Gray shoots arrows into his shoulders, pinning him to a wall, and whistles, making Sylar woozy. Gray sharpens his knife, preparing to retrieve Sylar's healing power.

When Sylar asks why a fatalist like Gray cares about immortality, Gray claims he wants a second chance to get it right. This time, he'll take every challenge and fight hard to try to change the world, just to see if he can. Smirking, Sylar pulls out the arrows, and cuts off Gray's oxygen. Having found the answers he sought, Sylar grabs the stuffed rabbit and leaves Gray to die a slow, painful death. After all, he's just small game, and Sylar has bigger fish to fry.

Nathan returns to Building 26 with Danko's walking papers, signed by the president, then leaves with H.R.G. Danko overtakes them in the hallway and pulls out his gun, explaining that the rules of conduct don't apply in his world. He's seen what specials can do, and it scares him -- why isn't Nathan scared? Danko shoots out a window, then pushes Nathan through the opening, watching as he flies away. Danko turns to H.R.G. Did he know Nathan could fly?

Claire meets Doyle in the park to hand off everything he needs to start over. When she asks if he was being honest when he said he had changed, Doyle smirks and walks away. Meanwhile, Ando and Hiro enter a home in Los Angeles, where they're sure Matt is in mortal danger. Mistaking them for the new babysitters, teenager Beth hands off her charge -- a baby named Matt Parkman!

Danko returns home to spy a stuffed rabbit on his desk, unaware that Sylar lurks in the shadows. Claire is lying on her bed when she receives a text from Rebel -- her free pass is up, and the agents are coming. Downstairs, Sandra is jerked to her feet when agents storm the house. She screams for Claire, but the bedroom is empty. Outside in midair, Nathan treads air with Claire in his arms, watching as the agents come up empty.






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