Episode 3.18 : Exposed

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : March 02, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Claire brings a sandwich to Alex, who's still hiding in her bedroom. Claire has stolen Sandra's grocery money to buy Alex a ticket to Albuquerque, where he can start a new life. Alex is skeptical; Claire's not Harriet Tubman, and the government is probably watching right now. When Sandra knocks on the door looking for her missing grocery money, it doesn't take long for her to discover Alex in the closet.

H.R.G. keeps an eye on the exterior of his old home in Building 26. He tells Danko that Claire is a big girl, and can live with the consequences of her decisions. Danko orders his team to pursue Matt and Peter, priority one: shoot to kill. Nathan objects, but Danko reminds him that Peter made it personal by putting a gun to his head. Pointing out his recent kidnapping, H.R.G. backs Danko, as Peter and Matt's location comes in.

At Isaac's loft, Peter pulls Matt out of an all-night painting trance. Matt claims that the only thing that matters is getting Daphne back; they're going to fight this war one life at a time. So, where is she? A window pops up on a computer, as Rebel provides the address of Building 26 -- and the tip that agents are at the door. Peter and Matt argue over trusting Rebel, but rush off, as Rebel is quickly proven correct.

Claire tells Sandra that she's having sex with Alex, but he calls her out. When Sandra demands the truth, Claire admits that Alex has an ability. She knows it was dangerous to bring him to the house, but H.R.G. was chasing him, and she didn't know what else to do. Meanwhile, Sylar and Luke drive a stolen pick-up into the middle of nowhere -- they're finally off the grid. When they pass a boarded-up hot dog stand, Sylar slams on the brakes and pulls over to investigate.

Claire apologizes for lying, but like H.R.G., she does it for Sandra's protection. Sandra insists that she's stronger and smarter than Claire knows, pointing to a van parked on the street -- they're watching. Inside the van, agent Rachel tells her partner she's certain that Alex is in the house. When Sandra offers her help in crafting an escape plan for Alex, he gladly accepts.

Outside Building 26, Matt and Peter fine tune their hastily prepared plan. Peter sucks in Matt's ability so there will be two of them "pushing thoughts." They manipulate past guards and agents to the Operations room, where Peter accesses a computer. An analyst immediately brings up Matt and Peter on surveillance. Furious, Danko orders all computers shut down, but Peter has hacked the system. Danko grabs a gun and rushes into the hall, where two of his own agents turn on him, sending him running back to the bullpen. Matt smiles grimly into the surveillance camera.

Knowing Lyle flubbed his history test, Sandra grounds him and demands his driver's license, which she instantly begins doctoring for Alex. Claire is shocked to discover that her mother knows how to make fake IDs, and apologizes for not being normal. Maybe her parents would still be together if she was. Are they getting divorced? Sandra assures Claire that she was simply tired of being lied to, and what happened is strictly between her and H.R.G.

Sylar flashes on memories of being in the hot dog stand with his father when he was five years old. In 1980, Gabriel gives Sylar a matchbox car to play with, then leaves him to speak with a couple at another table. The matchbox car falls into a crack in a room divider. In the present, Sylar rips the room divider apart to find the car, confirming that he's on the right track.

Sandra advises Alex to lose his glasses and change up his look; Claire likes the results. When Alex claims that if things were different they might have dated, Claire shakes her head. She's not into the whole relationship thing right now. They all seem to end in divorce. Reminding her that only half the couples in America are divorced, Alex still thinks it's worth a try, and leans in for a kiss. Sandra interrupts -- the agents are heading towards the house.

Sandra stashes Alex in a secret cubbyhole in the pantry, then stands by a gun she has taped under the kitchen counter, stunning Claire. Rachel and her partner search the house. When they come up empty, Sandra demands they leave, then sets to crafting the next stage of the plan. Alex's train is leaving soon, so he and Claire can slip out the back while Sandra buys them a head start.

Peter discovers that Daphne has been transferred, just as Rebel pops open a window. Rebel points Peter to a file containing video footage of loading the hostages on the plane. Peter immediately copies the files onto a drive. This is leverage -- they can make a trade for Daphne! H.R.G. advises that Matt is susceptible -- an empath's nerves are raw. Danko sets off a klaxon, and Matt goes crazy, but the file is still copying. Rebel sends a final message -- they have 30 seconds -- and boom! The power goes out.

Nathan, H.R.G. and Danko run through the hallway, smack into Matt and Peter. Matt tells Peter to run, he'll hold them off. Sadly, the power and the klaxon come back on, and Matt is overwhelmed and taken prisoner. Back at the hot dog stand, Sylar relives the day his father sold him. When he realizes that his father is leaving, young Sylar follows, only to witness his father murdering his mother in the parking lot -- with a Sylar-style bloody line across the forehead!

Nathan demands to know if Angela is Rebel, but she tells him not to be ridiculous. She knows that she's only safe because of him, and besides, she knows nothing about computers. Nathan tries to explain that there are lots of people who want Peter dead, when Peter calls, offering to trade the footage for Matt and Daphne. If anything is to happen to them or Peter, the files will go to the nightly news. Nathan agrees to the deal and sets up a meet.

Sandra and Lyle drive to the surveillance van to inform that they're on their way to a movie, as Claire and Alex vault the back fence and run. The agents give chase, but Alex and Claire hide in a swimming pool, where a breath of oxygen turns into a romantic kiss. Meanwhile, Danko refuses to do Nathan and Peter's deal. When Nathan accuses him of disobeying a direct order, Danko claims he is following the president's orders -- no deals with terrorists -- and leaves with H.R.G. to kill Peter.

At the rooftop meet, H.R.G. climbs out of the car to greet Peter. When Peter can't sense Matt, he knows something's wrong. Danko is getting into position with a sniper's rifle as H.R.G.'s thoughts come through: Peter's being set up. Danko hits Peter in the shoulder, sending him off the rooftop. As Danko and H.R.G. peer over the side, Nathan whooshes past, flying Peter to safety.

Angela tells Peter he'll be fine; it's just a scratch. Peter demands to know why Nathan is sanctioning murder -- he's responsible. Nathan owns up, claiming he's the only one who can fix it, because he's the only one who cares if Peter lives. Offering a hug, Nathan asks Peter to come with him. Peter sucks in Nathan's ability and flies off. Angela tells Nathan not to follow. The game has changed, and she's seen it; Nathan needs to get ready.

A news anchor broadcasts Peter's purloined video, igniting a furor. While watching, Danko catches a glimpse of Matt's self-portrait as suicide bomber. Back at the hot dog stand, Sylar has finally had enough of Luke, and leaves him behind. Now that he's seen the truth, the only thing Sylar cares about is his father's imminent death.

In a moving van, Danko straps something onto a woozy Matt. There are consequences for what he's done, and Danko will make sure that the world realizes how dangerous Matt really is. They'll beg him to hunt and kill Matt and his kind. The enemy has a face, and it's Matt. Jabbing Matt with a needle, Danko shoves him out of the van and into the scene of his painting -- in front of the Capitol Building, strapped to a suicide bomb!

After seeing Alex onto the train, Claire reviews the day in her bedroom with Sandra -- they were incredible! They agree that they wouldn't trade their lives for anything, and decide to make popcorn and watch a movie. When the microwave dings, Claire opens the door -- huh? No popcorn. Claire turns to behold Doyle, holding up his phone with a message from Rebel. Doyle needs Claire's help to save his life.






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