Episode 3.17 : Cold Wars

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 23, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Mohinder doesn't like Matt's plan to drug H.R.G. and plow through his memories, but Matt insists there's no other way to get the information they need. After dragging H.R.G. out of the bar, the guys bring him back to a motel room, tape him to a chair, and administer painkillers. Matt is instantly able to access woozy H.R.G.'s memories, which play in black and white.

Five weeks ago, H.R.G. meets with Angela on a park bench. H.R.G. wants to investigate a spontaneous fire, but Angela insists it's over. She hands him a check and a watch for his many years of service. Angela is tired and she's told too many lies. Maybe it's not too late to cobble her family back together. Even if the Company is all H.R.G. has ever known, it's time to go home and take care of his family.

The Hunter calls Nathan out of a state dinner to Building 26. H.R.G. has been off the grid for three hours, and didn't check in per protocol after going off duty. When Nathan wonders if he's being watched too, the Hunter admits that no one's above scrutiny -- both Nathan and H.R.G. are compromised -- and Nathan barely touched his prime rib at the state dinner.

Matt and Mohinder argue. Matt doesn't want to rush the interrogation, but Mohinder feels the process is more like torture. Who knows how much pain H.R.G. is in, or whether time has tainted his perception? Siding with Matt, Peter urges him to continue. Four weeks ago, H.R.G. is just wondering if he's going to be able to hack his new life as a straight man when Nathan knocks on his door.

Nathan tells H.R.G. that everything's going to change, but Claire will be safe. People with abilities are a threat and Primatech never solved the problem. Now the U.S. government will. Incarceration is the only way to ensure everyone's safety, and it's only the first step. H.R.G. warns that Claire will never forgive Nathan, but he's determined to take his shot to make everything right. H.R.G. spent 20 years tracking people with abilities -- will he help?

H.R.G. takes Nathan to his storage locker, filled with weapons and ammunition. He realizes that Nathan doesn't need weapons -- what he needs is perspective, to control information. Matt pulls out of H.R.G.'s head. Edgy, Mohinder begins arguing with Matt, who insists that none of this is about Daphne. Peter reminds them that they're all supposed to be on the same side. Matt writes down the address of the storage locker, and Peter flies off to collect H.R.G.'s cache of weapons.

An alarm goes off in Building 26, as a surveillance camera catches Peter in H.R.G.'s storage locker. Nathan insists that Peter be taken alive. The team opens the door to the storage unit. Peter chucks a grenade at the agents and flies off with a duffle bag full of weapons. Meanwhile, H.R.G. tells Matt that his storage unit is under surveillance. Matt and Mohinder should escape now while they can -- a team will surely find them all soon.

Despite H.R.G.'s protests, Matt goes back into his head to three weeks ago, when Nathan brings H.R.G. to Building 26 to meet the Hunter. Thinking he's in charge, H.R.G. tries to lay down some rules, like the old "one of us, one of them" system from Primatech days. The Hunter refuses to work this way, preferring to keep things us vs. them. Nathan admits that the Hunter is running this show -- H.R.G. is back in middle management.

H.R.G. climbs into Mohinder's cab to ask for his help. Mohinder has a unique perspective because he's been both ordinary and extraordinary, and can thus help H.R.G. save lives. The government's program is going to blow up in Nathan's face. Furious, Matt pulls out of H.R.G.'s head. Mohinder admits that H.R.G. approached him, but he said no. He didn't mention it because he was sure that no one would believe him.

Matt slams Mohinder into a mirror and a fight ensues. Mohinder insists that he couldn't have done anything, let alone save Daphne. When the guys settle down, they realize H.R.G. has escaped. H.R.G. hot wires a car in the parking lot and is about to take off, when Peter lands on the roof the car. Back in the hotel room, Mohinder explains himself to Peter. Matt goes back into H.R.G.'s head, determined to learn the identity of the Hunter.

One week ago, H.R.G. knocks on the door of the Hunter's apartment with a bottle of scotch, in an effort to get to know him. The Hunter has read H.R.G.'s file, and insists that he knows all about family men -- they're a dime a dozen and unfocused. H.R.G. reminds him that people with abilities aren't terrorists; the key to tracking them is understanding their humanity, not their ability. Nevertheless, H.R.G. agrees to take orders from the Hunter.

Blood is trickling from H.R.G.'s nose when Matt pulls out of his head. Matt writes down the Hunter's address and hands it to Peter. H.R.G. claims that they're making a fatal mistake, but Peter flies off, as a team of agents pulls into the motel parking lot. The Hunter enters his apartment while talking on the phone. He wants to see what's happening at the motel before he gives the order. Lying in wait, Peter aims his gun at the Hunter.

The Hunter immediately recognizes Peter as the "good" brother, and presses his head to the barrel of Peter's gun, daring him to shoot. If Peter pulls the trigger the Hunter will get exactly what he wants. Nathan appears to confirm that the Hunter speaks the truth. If Peter kills him, there will be a shoot on sight order for everyone with abilities. Peter shoots the Hunter in the arm.

Nathan tells Peter that a team is moving in on Mohinder and Matt as he speaks; if Peter kills the Hunter, he's signing their death warrant. Peter flies off, leaving a shocked Hunter to demand why Nathan spilled the beans. Nathan reminds the Hunter that he just saved his life, as the Hunter picks up his phone and gives his team the order to move in on Matt and Mohinder.

The agents begin searching the motel, room by room. Mohinder wants to make a break for it, but Matt aims his gun at H.R.G.'s head. Claiming the Hunter will never stop, H.R.G. tells Matt that Daphne is still alive -- he can look in his head and see for himself. Mohinder tells Matt to go ahead, promising to hold off the agents as long as he can.

Two days ago, H.R.G. is in a corridor full of body bags at Building 26, when he recognizes someone on a stretcher -- it's Daphne. She's been shot in the shoulder and is fighting off her sedative. As the Hunter watches, H.R.G. ups Daphne's dosage, knocking her out. Meanwhile, Mohinder fights the good fight, but is finally surrounded and taken down in the parking lot.

Matt aims his gun at H.R.G., who knows Matt will never shoot -- he's not a killer. When agents swarm into the room, Matt drops his gun. The agents shove a tube up Matt's nose, but H.R.G. insists on walking him outside. Peter flies in to detonate a flash grenade, grab Matt, and fly off.

A groggy Mohinder is chained to the ground in a cell in Building 26. A cold bucket of water to the face signifies the arrival of Nathan, who divulges his master plan. Although there are hard liners within the government who want to exterminate people with abilities, Nathan thinks containment is the key -- then they have to find a way to eliminate the abilities. If Mohinder doesn't help Nathan, then Daphne, Matt, Peter -- everyone will die.

H.R.G. and the Hunter walk through the park. H.R.G. admits that his wife kicked him out -- the job is all he has left, and he's completely dedicated. Admitting that he underestimated his targets, the Hunter claims that Peter and Matt got away because Nathan let his personal interests cloud his judgment. H.R.G. and the Hunter agree: they're going to change Nathan's kid glove policy.

After the Hunter leaves, H.R.G. proceeds to a park bench where Angela sits. All things considered, the day went well. Angela warns H.R.G. that the Hunter trusts no one, and will continue to test him. H.R.G. will have to make tough choices to prove his loyalty. Claiming he's comfortable with being morally gray, H.R.G. walks off, leaving his retirement watch behind.

Peter returns to Isaac's loft, where a white-eyed Matt is surrounded by his new paintings. Returning to the present, Matt is dismayed to realize that all the paintings depict him with a bomb strapped to his chest. Peter assures Matt that he's not a suicide bomber, but the painting on the floor, of Washington D.C. in flames, suggests otherwise.






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