Episode 3.16 : Building 26

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 16, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sandra is happy that her family is finally together under one roof for breakfast, but the mood is tense. Claire glares at H.R.G. as Sandra and Lyle ask about his new job, which they hope will keep him home more. Claire receives a text from Rebel: a local target named Alex is in danger. Will Claire warn him? Claire texts no, then leaves the table in disgust as her father lies to Sandra about their so-called father-daughter Ivy League college tour. Maybe community college is a better fit for now...

H.R.G. follows Claire to her bedroom to have it out. Claire refuses to lie to Sandra, despite H.R.G.'s insistence that they can't risk her knowing what's going on. Claire brought a plane down; if either one of them stray from the script, they'll disappear -- forever. H.R.G. tells Claire exactly what she's going to do next: start community college, Monday morning. She's already enrolled. Claire gets another text, ordering her to get up and go to a local comic book store. Now.

Back in D.C. the Hunter briefs a team of analysts gathered in Building 26. Photos of their targets are on display, wires are up, accounts have been frozen, and traffic cam feeds are in place. Nathan arrives just in time to hear the Hunter criticize him for freezing Claire's status as eyes only. Nathan takes over the briefing, honoring the deaths of fallen team members -- he knows everyone has payback on their minds.

Nathan warns the team: now that the specials know they're being pursued, they'll be harder to catch. That's why he put in a request with the White House to double their funding. They need to show progress, which means they need to bring the targets in alive. Sylar pops up on someone's screen. On the road with Sylar, Luke wants to stop at a diner, but Sylar refuses. Where's his father, anyway?

Sylar pulls the car over and gets serious. He knows that Luke lies, and the reason he knows the truth is that he saws it out of people's brains. In awe, Luke concludes that Sylar's a serial killer, momentarily wounding his pride. Sylar needs one good reason why he shouldn't rip Luke's head open, now. Luke claims that Sylar will never find his father without him. Sylar starts the car, passing a camera, which sets off an alarm in building 26.

Claire rushes into the comic book store to warn Alex, but he thinks he's getting punked. Insisting that she's not joking, Claire rips open her hand with a box cutter, so Alex can watch her heal. People are coming to take him away. When Claire spies H.R.G. entering the shop, she pulls Alex down behind a rack of comic books, telling him to run for his car out back.

Alex fumbles, running smack into H.R.G., who claims he's from the county clerk's office, and has come to talk about parking tickets. Claire calls H.R.G., giving Alex the opportunity to run. Claire meets him at his car and they escape. Hiro and Ando arrive at the scene of the wedding in New Delhi from Matt's drawing. Excited, Hiro runs off to find out what time the wedding starts, so he can be sure to stop it. Left behind, Ando spies the bride crying, and introduces himself.

Sad bride Annapoora admits that she asked the heavens for a sign -- should she get married? With some effort, Ando makes sparks fly from his hands, just as Hiro rushes up. Anna recognizes the sign she was looking for -- the wedding is off! Hiro pouts; he was supposed to stop the wedding, not Ando.

Expecting the President, Nathan is put off when Abby Collins appears instead. The White House has transferred oversight of the operation to Homeland Security, and she's come to kick the tires. Disgusted by the sight of another bureaucrat, the Hunter leaves Nathan to explain that he needs funds to upgrade a prison to hold special prisoners.

In a state of total disbelief, Abby explains that people close to the President are concerned about his exposure to the "magical" nature of Nathan's project. Nathan closes the door. He's dealing with an enemy unlike any the country has ever seen; he can barely control the one prisoner that he has. Outraged, Abby maintains that the President isn't coming. She's the boss and she wants to see the prisoner now.

Tracy is chained to the floor and surrounded by heat lamps -- and Abby instantly recognizes her! Furious, Abby promises to file civil rights violations against Nathan with the Attorney General and shut him down today. Tracy screams for Abby to help her as she's locked back in her cell. Meanwhile, Sylar and Luke stop at a diner. Did Sylar know that his father was a bird lover? Or that he sold Sylar for money?

Alex stops the car beneath a surveillance camera. Alex admits he can breathe underwater like a fish, something he's never told anyone. He didn't know there were others like him. Claire warns Alex not to use his cell phone, credit card, or go home. When a suspicious vehicle approaches, Claire pulls Alex into an alley, where they spy agents going through his car.

Annapoora takes Ando and Hiro to the bakery she owns with her friend Shaila. Annapoora's grandfather believes in traditional marriage, and so arranged for her to wed Deepak, a dangerous man she doesn't love. Hiro and Ando bicker as Deepak enters to yell at Annapoora. Ando runs up to check on them. When Hiro catches up, Deepak has hit Ando over the head with a pot, and dragged him off.

The Hunter calls H.R.G. to berate him for losing Alex. And why is Claire's car parked nearby? Back at the diner, Sylar gives Luke a lesson on how to be like him -- stay cool, and always remember the end game. In exchange, Luke writes down Sylar's father's address. When Sylar notices an agent entering, he tells Luke to walk out calmly. Suddenly the place is packed with agents, one of whom puts a gun to Sylar's head. Luke freaks, begging Sylar not to let them hurt him anymore.

Sylar blows out the agents and the windows, grabs Luke and jumps out of the diner. Sylar locks Luke out of the car and thanks him for the address, leaving him to be tasered to the ground. Deepak agrees to let Ando go if Annapoora will agree to marry him, so the wedding begins. Hiro interrupts the ceremony, telling everyone that Deepak has Ando hostage. When Annapoora tells her grandfather the truth, he releases her from the marriage contract.

Deepak won't take no for an answer, and tries to run off with Annapoora. Hiro threatens Deepak with a cake knife until he backs down. Hiro is elated -- the hero in him is back! Back in Costa Verde, H.R.G. catches up with Claire at her car. He knows she's up to something; does she have any idea what happens if they think he can't control her anymore? According to Claire, that's just the thing -- he can't control her.

The Hunter briefs Nathan. Luke, and not Sylar, is being brought in. Abby arrives with an order to shut down Building 26, effective immediately. Nathan asks for five minutes to change her mind, just as Tracy busts loose from her chains and holds an analyst hostage. Abby watches, terrified to behold the analyst freeze and shatter into ice cubes. Tracy is tasered to the ground, and locked up once again. Abby assures Nathan he'll have all the funding he needs.

Sandra and Claire have a heart-to-heart. Didn't Claire have any fun on her college trip? Claire admits that H.R.G. was busy capturing innocent people, confessing the whole story; she can't lie to Sandra anymore. When H.R.G. arrives with take-out, Sandra sends Claire to her room and lays into her husband with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Sylar returns to the diner to retrieve Luke and a laptop in a bloody spree.

Nathan promises Tracy that she'll never escape again. Tracy accuses Nathan of breaking her chains on purpose, so Abby could see her power. He wanted her to escape, and the next time, she will. Back in India, Hiro celebrates with Ando at Annapoora's bakery. Now Hiro knows that he doesn't need his abilities to be a hero. Annapoora hands over a fax from Rebel: Matt Parkman is in Los Angeles and needs to be saved.

H.R.G. visits Claire's bedroom. Sandra wants him to move out, and she's right -- there are too many secrets. He's going to try to be a better person and not tell lies. If they all work hard to be honest, maybe the family can heal their wounds. Claire hugs her father goodbye with tears in her eyes, then hands off a sleeping bag to Alex, who's hiding in her closet. Newly single, H.R.G. goes off to drown his sorrows at a local bar. It's only when he falls to the floor that he realizes Matt, Mohinder and Peter have drugged his scotch.

Luke thanks Sylar for returning for him, but Sylar admits what he really wanted was the laptop. He needs to know how he's being tracked. At the end of the day, Nathan has two words for the Hunter -- Mark Leggett, the analyst killed by Tracy. Nathan knows the Hunter let Tracy out and is responsible for Mark's death. The Hunter insists he saved the project and Nathan's ass -- it needed to be done.






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