Episode 3.15 : Trust and Blood

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 09, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Thirty-five hours after the cargo plane crashes, Nathan calls someone to explain what happened. Some of the prisoners escaped... Hiro runs for his life, falling off a short cliff where Mohinder and Matt are hiding from swarms of heavily armed agents. Hiro admits that he no longer has his powers; what's a hero to do? Mohinder thinks they should keep moving. Matt's eyes turn white and he runs off, so Hiro and Mohinder follow.

Claire and Peter are running away from the wreck. H.R.G. darts from the shadows, grabs Claire, and aims his gun at Peter. Claire demands to know how H.R.G. got involved -- it's real complicated. When Peter asks if H.R.G. intends to shoot him in front of Claire, H.R.G. puts down the gun, and Peter runs off. Claire insists her father won't get away with this, but she's proven wrong as the crash site is blown to smithereens -- no one will ever know what happened.

Nathan arrives on the scene at dawn, demanding to know why the Hunter authorized the air strike. The Hunter reminds them he's in charge and is operating per protocol --- now the prisoners are redesignated as terrorists. Nathan takes issue with the Hunter's shoot-to-kill tactics; the Hunter clarifies his point: Claire turned a transport flight into a national emergency. Nathan dismisses the Hunter, promising to deal with Claire himself.

Peter stumbles across Tracy sitting in the woods. She doesn't want to run -- her life is over -- why fight? Determined to stop Nathan, Peter insists that if Tracy sits, Nathan wins. Matt follows Usutu to a trailer in the woods, where he finds paper and pens, and immediately starts drawing. Back in Tokyo, Ando knows that Hiro is in Russellville, Arkansas, but can't figure out how to get there. Daphne speeds up, worried about Matt. Figuring that Hiro and Matt were kidnapped together, Daphne grabs Ando and heads for Arkansas.

Mohinder and Hiro talk while changing out of their prisoner jumpsuits. Since Hiro no longer has powers, Mohinder advises him to turn himself in, but Hiro refuses to surrender and leave his friends. Matt finally stops drawing, horrified to spy a picture of Daphne getting shot at the crash site. Mohinder wants to leave, but Matt runs off, heading back to the crash site.

In Newark, New Jersey, down the block from Gabriel Gray's home, Mary Campbell berates her son Luke, hoping a night in juvie taught him something. Why did he fight that kid at school? Luke claims he did it because the kid called Mary a whore, just as they enter their home to find Agent Simmons, attached to a chair with an ice pick and screw driver. Mary grabs a poker and tries to attack Sylar to no avail. Simmons has information that he wants, and the Campbells are going to help him retrieve it.

Daphne and Ando speed up to the crash site. Since Ando is supposed to kill Hiro in the future, Daphne insists Hiro must still be alive and rushes off, leaving Ando behind. Tracy and Peter ambush two agents in the woods, then take their uniforms. Peter explains that his powers have changed; now he only has one ability at a time, until he "takes" a new one. Peter wants to find Nathan, but Tracy scoffs at his lame plan. She knows how Nathan thinks, because they think the same way.

H.R.G. and Nathan want to send Claire back to Costa Verde to live a "normal" life, but she doesn't see how she's supposed to desert her friends -- who were chained up like animals! Having made arrangements with Nathan for Claire and the family's safety, H.R.G. pulls him aside, asking him to put a leash on the Hunter. Daphne swoops in and escapes with Claire. Nathan tells H.R.G. that Claire is running out of good will. H.R.G. asks what the Hunter would do if he knew about Nathan's abilities...

Matt, Mohinder and Hiro rush up to the spot where Daphne got shot in the drawing. Ando pokes his head up just as Daphne speeds in with Claire. The happy reunion is brief as several agents appear to open fire on Daphne and Claire. Devastated, Matt turns the agents against each other. They guys run off as Decker shoots his last man, then handcuffs Claire while she heals from her wounds. Hours later, Nathan describes the scene on the phone: the Hunter has turned this into a war.

Armed with a cup of coffee, Sylar prepares to torture Mary and Luke to withdraw his father's whereabouts from Simmons. Sylar senses familiar dysfunction in the household: mom's a drone, dad abandoned them, and Luke, full of rage, would just as soon see his mother dead. Telling Sylar to go to hell, Luke lets out a spurt of microwave-like energy, boiling up Sylar's coffee, burning his hand, and piquing his interest.

On the way back to the command tent, the Hunter lays into Claire. This is all her fault. He's read her file -- she's mortal, just like Sylar. The Hunter whips his gun to the back of Claire's head. Nathan and H.R.G. rush up to bundle Claire off to a waiting car bound for Costa Verde. H.R.G. reminds that once they target her, they'll stop at nothing. Claire is to go home, and lead the normal life she said she wanted. When Claire asks what will happen to Peter and the others, H.R.G. promises to do what he can.

Nathan and the Hunter argue tactics and principles. The Hunter refuses to take any more casualties and wants to mow down the "animals." Nathan may be the president's golden boy now, but if he fails... Nathan claims they're all replaceable and answers his phone, allowing Tracy to overhear his conversation with the Hunter. People with abilities aren't animals, they're people.

Nathan tells Tracy to give herself up, but she knows the kind of killers he's working with, and his word hasn't been worth much lately. Nathan insists that there's no negotiating, until Tracy admits that she has leverage -- Peter. She wants to go back to her old life, and have her record wiped. All Nathan has to do is meet her alone at an old historical site in three hours. Nathan promises to come alone, no tricks.

Luke melts an action figure, impressing Sylar, who knows Luke lied about why he got into the fight at school The other kid is only alive because of Luke's kindness, and that must scare him. Could the fact that Luke lives on the same block as Sylar's father be a coincidence? When Luke spies Simmons sneaking up on Sylar, he microwaves him to death. Devastated that her son killed the man who was going to save them, Mary demands to know what happened. Sylar smiles.

Luke follows Sylar down the street, begging to leave with him. Sylar is the only one who understands him. Luke knows why Sylar is looking for his father -- maybe dad can explain why they are the way they are. Promising to lead Sylar to his father, Luke dangles the keys to Mary's car, and the guys drive off.

Peter gives Tracy a pep talk as Nathan approaches. All she has to do is disable Nathan so Peter can capture him. Nathan claims Tracy can trust him -- they think alike, and Peter is delusional, believing he can save the world. Peter jumps out to hold a gun to Nathan's head, as a team pulls up. From the shadows, H.R.G. and the Hunter aim their rifles at Peter and Tracy.

Peter orders Nathan to call off his dogs as the Hunter orders H.R.G. to shoot Peter. H.R.G. claims he doesn't have a clear shot, and Peter poaches Nathan's ability and flies off. Nathan orders the agents to take an incredulous Tracy away, then acknowledges that he saw -- H.R.G. had a clear shot at Peter. When H.R.G. confirms that he did, Nathan thanks him. Later on the phone, Nathan claims that his goal was containment, but now both sides have tasted blood. It's on.

Matt, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder and Peter meet up to check out Matt's drawings. Mohinder recognizes a picture of Hiro saving a traditional bride in India. Another drawing shows Matt and Mohinder buying guns on the street. Mohinder thinks their mission is justice, but Matt wants to revenge Daphne's murder. They've got to bring the fight with everything they've got. Peter warns that it won't be easy. Their old lives are over, and they'll need to get ready for the fight.

Sandra finds a quiet Claire in her bedroom. Did Claire decide where she wants to go to college? Claire admits that she's thinking of sticking close to home. Claire's phone rings with a text from someone named Rebel, who offers hope. Claire can still fight back. Claire texts back -- she's scared. Rebel's scared too, and advises Claire to get ready.

Still on the phone with Angela, Nathan knows that Peter will check in with her. Can he count on her to do the right thing? Looking at the Hunter's file, Angela reminds Nathan that he pushed her aside in favor of the president because he thought that was the better move. Now he needs to stick to his guns. Nathan proceeds to a secret location where Tracy is being held. Claiming abilities only lead to disaster, Nathan leaves, as a shunt is shoved up Tracy's nose and a hood pulled over her head.






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