Episode 3.14 : A Clear and Present Danger

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 02, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Seven weeks after the destruction of Pinehearst and Primatech, Tracy takes a call from the governor, who tells her to turn on the TV. Nathan is being interviewed on a morning news show about his meteoric rise through the Senate to Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. Tracy assures the governor that she has no idea what's going on; she hasn't spoken to Nathan in two months.

Tracy notices that her bathroom window is open, just as the interviewer asks Nathan if he is impinging on civil liberties. Nathan claims he's following his directive from God now more than ever, as Tracy spies an Agent dressed head to toe in black. She tries to freeze him, but somehow his suit melts her ice away.

Tracy runs for it, but is suddenly surrounded by identically dressed Agents. They taser her to the ground and slip protective silver gloves over her hands. Their leader, let's call him the Hunter, takes off his mask to call into HQ, alerting Nathan that they've taken down their first target.

In Tokyo, Hiro brings Ando to a cool old firehouse he's bought for their lair, and presents him with a spandex superhero costume. Ando recognizes that Hiro wants to live through him now that he has no abilities, and isn't interested. After all, Ando's supercharger ability is worthless. Hoping to change Ando's mind, Hiro unveils the Ando-cycle.

The Ando-cycle is embedded with the latest in two-way communication, linked to a bank of computers in the firehouse. Hiro won't reveal the password, only that it's the name of someone who's important to him. Hiro pulls out a pneumatic syringe and implants a GPS chip in Ando, having already done the same to himself. Furious with Hiro's insanity, Ando tells him to find another superhero, hops on his cycle and roars off.

Now an EMT in New York City, Peter performs CPR on an accident victim who's already gone. His partner Hesam advises Peter that he can't save everyone; Peter wishes he were stronger. Meanwhile, Angela tries to push Claire toward an Ivy League education -- it's her best chance for a normal life. Claire knows she doesn't have a chance for anything normal while Sylar's still out there.

Angela insists that it's all over; they have Sylar's dental remains. In her gut, Claire knows that Sylar's killing again. Besides, she found an article in H.R.G.'s desk about a weird situation in Memphis. Claire wants to go back into the field to find Sylar. Unbeknownst to Claire, her instincts are proven correct, as Sylar enters a dusty watch shop in Baltimore. Sylar's birth father, Martin Gray, greets him with a gun.

Daphne speeds into the apartment. Even though she and Matt made a pact not to use their abilities, she can't help speeding on the job as bike messenger. Daphne wants to bankroll a detective agency for Matt, but he's determined to live a normal life without using his ability. Daphne relents, just as Matt catches a glimpse of Usutu.

Angela calls Nathan with news that Claire's suspicious. Claire picks up the phone to hear Nathan's plan to bag Peter and Matt today, and runs off to warn them. Back in Baltimore, Martin admits that he's not Sylar's birth father -- his brother Samson gave Sylar to him. On the street in New York City, Hesam is just warning Peter about Nathan's rhetoric when Claire calls to inform them that Nathan has plans for Matt. Peter hails a cab, and heads to Angela's to find out what's going on.

Peter climbs into Mohinder's cab. Mohinder has been trying to live under the radar, unlike Nathan, whose ideas Mohinder believes to be correct. Peter and Mohinder agree to disagree, as Peter climbs out of the cab, and the Hunter climbs in with a gun. The Hunter directs Mohinder to the roof of a parking garage, where several Agents lie in wait.

Surrounded, Mohinder rips off the door of the cab, using it to take down the Hunter, and bolts. H.R.G. screeches up and urges Mohinder to get in his car if he wants to live. H.R.G. pelts Mohinder with questions: has he had contact with Claire or Matt, and what did Peter say? The Hunter and his men are waiting at the entrance of the garage. Apologizing, H.R.G. takes Mohinder out with a taser.

Peter finds Nathan waiting for him at Angela's. Peter demands to know if Nathan is indeed rounding up people with abilities. Turning his back on his own kind makes Nathan a self-loathing hypocrite. Insisting that he's trying to extend the olive branch, Nathan asks Peter to meet him for dinner later that night.

Usutu confronts Matt. He's not really there and it's best not to make things more difficult than they have to be. After all, Usutu and Matt have taken the same journey, the calling to be a prophet. The world needs Matt to tell the future, and he's going to paint it. Matt protests -- he can't even draw -- but then his eyes turn white, and he picks up a pen.

Using his GPS software, Hiro locates Ando -- outside a strip club. Despite Hiro's insistence that Ando's sacred duty is to use his powers to fight injustice, Ando is only interested in the Ando-cycle, and the fact that it's a chick magnet. Suddenly, Hiro screams as black-clad agents drag him off. Stunned, Ando hops on his cycle to go save Hiro.

Matt is awakened from his reverie when Claire knocks on the door. She warns that someone's coming for Matt, but he's still amazed by his newfound talent. Claire recognizes a drawing of the scene they're in -- what's that thing in Matt's neck? A tranquilizer dart breaks the window and brings Matt to the floor. Claire puts her hands up as Agents descend.

Peter returns home to find Nathan in his apartment. Nathan admits that disowning Peter was selfish and arrogant, but he's doing something hugely important for the world. Locking the door, Peter claims he's just trying to live a normal life. Nathan wants Peter on his side; Peter promises to fight Nathan with his last breath. Nathan pulls his brother in for a hug, and H.R.G. tasers Peter in the back.

Sylar surveys the lair of Samson Gray, taxidermist. He has just spied a cigarette smoking in an ashtray when a phalanx of Agents descends, shooting Sylar with multiple darts and securing his neck and wrists. The darts pop out of Sylar's chest, and he makes quick work of the Agents. When one of the Agents refuses to answer Sylar's questions, he draws a bloody line across the guy's forehead...

Back at the lair, Ando struggles to find the password to Hiro's computer, finally realizing it's his own name. He locates Hiro, along with the other hostages in an airport hangar, where the Hunter presents his captives -- all hooded, shackled and drugged -- to Nathan. The Hunter admits that there are issues. They lost contact with the team that was picking up Sylar, and Claire has been bagged by mistake.

Nathan pulls off Claire's hood and nose tube, then carries her to a waiting town car. Someday she might or might not forgive him, but the important thing is to get her home so she can forget everything she's seen. Claire insists that Nathan won't get away with this, but he sends the car on its way, as the remaining drugged captives are loaded into a cargo plane and shackled to their seats.

Claire regains her strength in the back of the car and kicks the driver in the head. As Nathan watches the plane taxi down the runway, Claire sneaks into a wheel well. On board, she yanks out Peter's nose tube -- they need to break everyone's shackles. Peter doesn't have the strength, but Mohinder does. Peter grabs Mohinder's hand, amazed when he absorbs his strength. Peter breaks his shackles and takes on the guards while Claire rushes to take off everyone's hoods and nose tubes.

Peter yells for Claire to go to the cockpit, where she's stunned to find H.R.G. in the co-pilot's seat. Peter inadvertently grabs Tracy and sucks up her power. While fighting another guard, Peter freezes a hole into the side of the plane, which immediately begins to dive. Peter struggles to hold onto Mohinder as everything that isn't tied down gets sucked out of the plane...

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