Episode 3.12 : Our Father

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : December 08, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Hiro teleports with Claire to Manhattan, 16 years ago. They hide, watching Kaito hand over baby Claire to a reluctant H.R.G. Claire peppers Hiro with questions, but since he still has the brain of his ten-year-old self, his English is very limited. When Hiro hears his mother Ishi's voice, he can't wait to see her. Not knowing what else to do, Claire runs after him.

Very ill, Ishi tells Kaito that they have to face the inevitable: she is going to die tonight. They switch to English so neither iteration of Hiro can understand them. The Nakamuras have to make arrangements to transfer the catalyst, before it is lost with Ishi. Kaito wants to call H.R.G. to transfer the catalyst to baby Claire, but Ishi wants to give it to Hiro. When young Hiro notices his pet dove is sick, Ishi heals it with a kiss.

Both Claire and Hiro exclaim that they know what they have to do to be heroes. Hiro will get his mother to heal his memory, while Claire runs off to prevent baby Claire from being given the catalyst, promising to return later that night. When Kaito runs into Hiro, he mistakes him for the chef, and sends him off to the kitchen to cook tamagoyaki for Ishi's breakfast.

Sylar calls Arthur from a beach in Costa Verde. Arthur demands to know why Sylar hasn't returned with Claire. Sylar doesn't care; he's not helping Arthur anymore, or anyone else for that matter. It's high time Sylar knew the truth, and he knows where he's going to find it. Promising to visit Arthur soon, Sylar douses Elle's corpse in lighter fluid and uses her own ability to spark her burial pyre.

Claiming there's no other way to stop Arthur, Angela gives Peter a gun, and sends him off to Pinehearst with the Haitian. Meanwhile, Nathan returns to Arthur's office, surprised to find Tracy already there. Nathan agrees with what Arthur's trying to do, but the world needs a leader with vision, and Arthur's not it. Nathan insists he's taking over Pinehearst, and with a prompt from Tracy, Arthur yields.

Arthur may have crossed some lines, but his vision for the future includes Nathan as president, and Tracy is hell bent on the Oval Office. As Flint and Knox stand aside, Tracy briefs Nathan on her work with Arthur. Until now, good and bad people have manifested abilities, whether they deserved them or not. Once the formula is perfected, they'll be able to choose who gets what. Tracy assures Nathan that they've got the best, introducing him to 48 cherry-picked Marines -- the test subjects.

Sixteen years ago, Sandra juggles packages and baby Claire, whom H.R.G. just dropped off. Claiming she's the neighbors' niece Bonnie, Claire appears to offer her help, quickly winning Sandra's trust with her baby skills. Meanwhile, Sue Landers is surprised on her birthday when she finds a creepy guy with a special delivery waiting in her office - Sylar!

Sue instantly knows that Sylar isn't a delivery man, because she's a human lie detector. Sylar wants to know how Sue's ability works, and it's not long before he has her pinned to a wall. Sylar draws his mighty line and absorbs Sue's ability, remembering how good it feels to give in to his hunger. When some co-workers appear in Sue's office with birthday cake, a bloody Sylar slams the door shut to feast.

Nathan questions Scott, a Marine -- what does he know about the program? Scott only knows that some kind of drug will make him a better Marine. After serving two tours in Iraq, he can't help but think that if he was a better soldier, he could have prevented the deaths of his fellow soldiers. Meanwhile, Daphne speeds Matt and Ando to Ditko Bike Delivery in Manhattan, in search of Isaac's lost sketchbook.

The Ditko dispatcher claims he knows nothing about the sketchbook, then escapes by bicycle out the back door. Daphne quickly stuns the dispatcher by speeding up in traffic, causing him to hit a cab. Sixteen years ago, both Hiros eavesdrop as Kaito tells Ishi that Hiro is too irresponsible to receive her light. Despite Ishi's protests, Kaito insists that Hiro will never amount to anything.

H.R.G. returns home, irate to find that Sandra has trusted baby Claire with "Bonnie," demanding to know Claire's true identity. Claire explains that she's come to protect the family; the baby will be his life for the next 16 years at least, and he's going to need to protect her from so many terrible things. She knows the baby is his assignment, and that he's scared the Company could take her away at any moment.

When the phone rings, Claire tells H.R.G. not to answer -- it's the Company, and they're going to ask to take baby Claire back for a moment. They want to do something to the baby that will change everything, and Claire Bear is fine just the way she is. Deciding to trust, H.R.G. puts down the phone and thanks Claire.

Hiro doesn't know how to cook tamagoyaki, so he brings Ishi waffles, his favorite dish. Ishi knows she knows Hiro, and he admits that he's her son -- all grown up, but with his ten-year-old brain. After a tearful reunion, Ishi kisses Hiro's forehead and restores his memory. Now he can remember how much he misses her every day.

Ishi begs Hiro to tell her about his life. Master of time and space, Hiro has already saved the world twice, and won his father's respect. Now Hiro has the chance to save the world again, but only if Ishi will give him the catalyst. Hiro promises to defend the light, so Ishi literally hands it over. Hiro thanks his mother for showing him what it means to be a hero as she dies, her energy spent.

Peter and the Haitian talk while stuck in a Manhattan traffic jam. Peter's sad that the eclipse had to end; the world is simpler without powers. The Haitian admits that the job of killing your father is terrible, and tells Peter to give him the gun. Peter refuses; just like Samedi was the Haitian's responsibility, Arthur is his.

Ando, Daphne and Matt are shocked to open Isaac's sketchbook -- the title page reads: "Hiro Nakamura, Lost in Time." Sixteen years ago, Claire returns to the Nakamura apartment to meet Hiro, shocked to hear him speaking English. Hiro is just explaining that the catalyst is in him when Arthur shows up to usurp Hiro's powers and the catalyst. Tossing Hiro off the roof, Arthur gives Claire a message for Angela -- he won -- and zaps her to who knows where.

Just like in Isaac's sketchbook, Hiro clings to a flag pole, stranded in time without his powers. Daphne theorizes that if Arthur took the catalyst, it's only a matter of time before he perfects his formula; then there could be another time traveler, who could ostensibly rescue Hiro. Ando volunteers for the job, but then it hits him -- how are they going to get the formula?

Back at Pinehearst, Arthur transfers the catalyst to a vat of fluid, completing the formula. Tracy wants to prepare 50 doses, but Nathan's in charge, and he wants to start with one test subject -- Scott. Sensing something in the air, Arthur leaves to find Peter in his office with gun drawn. Arthur tries to wave the gun away, but the Haitian holds Arthur's powers at bay.

After an invitation to return Peter's ability gets no play, Arthur trash talks, claiming Peter's too much thought and not enough action. The Haitian can't hold Arthur's powers back any longer, and Arthur manages to slash Peter's face, just as Peter pops off a shot. Sylar appears to stop the bullet, inches from Arthur's forehead.

Arthur claims he's family, but this time, Sylar knows for sure he's lying. Sylar flicks the gun out of Peter's hand, and sends the bullet on to its mark. Sylar explains -- he's the killer; Peter's not. And Peter needn't fear, because he no longer has anything Sylar needs. Anguished and relieved that it's finally over, Peter sends the Haitian after Sylar.

Restrained in a chair that's bolted to the floor in a glass cube in the lab, Scott freaks when he gets a load of Mohinder's scales. Nathan bids Mohinder to inject the formula, but isn't sure he did the right thing when Scott starts convulsing, popping his restraints. When the convulsions finally stop, Scott rips the chair out of the floor and smashes it through the glass wall. He smiles, reporting that he feels good...






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