Episode 3.10 : The Eclipse : Part 1

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 24, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Eyes white, Arthur draws several images, but is most taken with a picture of H.R.G. holding a bloody Claire. Arthur proceeds to a storage room where Elle is training Sylar in the art of his new ability. Arthur tasks Sylar with retrieving Claire, and Elle insists on coming along to help. Meanwhile, Angela gets her own plan underway. Claire wants to fight, but Angela insists she's going underground with H.R.G.

Peter wants to go with Nathan to Haiti to retrieve the Haitian. Nathan's going to need help, since the Haitian is hunting Level 5 escapee Baron Samedi, a.k.a. the Voodoo God of Death. When Nathan balks, Peter explains. Now that his abilities are gone, he doesn't feel like he has a purpose. Nathan relents, and the brothers fly off to Haiti as the prophesied eclipse gets underway.

Mohinder's scales are getting worse. He barges into Arthur's office, demanding the catalyst he was promised. Arthur offers the drawing of H.R.G. and Claire as proof of what's going to happen; he needs Mohinder to tell him how Claire could possibly die. And what does the eclipse have to do with it? All Mohinder knows is if Claire dies, there's no hope of a cure. To wit, Arthur has drawn Mohinder in the throes of death.

Angela orders Matt to find Hiro. Nervous, Daphne confesses that she's scared of Arthur. She betrayed him, and he can take her abilities. Breaking down, Daphne claims she's a betrayer, liar and thief - why does Matt keep her around? Matt claims that Daphne is one of the good guys now and he trusts her... completely. He's not going to let anything happen to her.

Just as Matt and Daphne are puzzling on how to catch a teleporter, there's a knock at the door. Ando explains Hiro's plight, asking Matt to fix his brain. Matt doesn't think he can fix Hiro, especially since he's now thinking in Japanese. Matt claims that Hiro is still very powerful, but Daphne's had enough. Matt paused when he said that he trusted her completely, and a pause is like a lifetime for a speedster.

H.R.G. takes Claire to Canfield's house, claiming that it's safe because it's controllable. Peeved, Claire thinks that her dad will do whatever it takes to protect the catalyst, but he corrects her - he's only interested in protecting his Claire bear. Meanwhile, Daphne gets mad when Matt reads her mind and discovers that she hails from Lawrence, Kansas. She speeds off, amazing Hiro.

Elle returns to her trouble-making ways at a car rental agency. Claiming she's trying to help Sylar, she tells the clerk that he's a serial killer who has kidnapped her. It was wrong of the Company to hide their abilities; they are both powerful enough to do or take whatever they want. The clerk returns with a shotgun, determined to make himself a hero. When he hits Sylar, Elle smiles as Sylar's hunger is awakened - he hates heroes.

Mohinder's condition deteriorates as the eclipse waxes. Looking at the fibrous mucous on his hands, he knows that he's changing uncontrollably. Back at Canfield's, H.R.G. challenges Claire to hit him with a floorboard in lieu of training. Claire thinks she's fine; after all, she captured Doyle. H.R.G. explains that she just got lucky, and almost killed her mother to boot. Even if he's not around, Claire has no license to act like a stupid, careless brat. Angry, Claire whiffs a swing at H.R.G.

Tracy calls Arthur from the Primatech library to report that Nathan is veering off course, en route to Haiti. She wants Arthur to promise that he won't hurt Nathan, but Arthur explains that today, some things are out of his control, and Nathan needs to see things the way they really are. If Tracy wants to get herself and Nathan to the White House, she is to go to Parris Island, the marine training facility, to raise an army. Tracy hangs up the phone to find Angela standing nearby - did she hear?

Distraught, Matt begs Hiro to teleport him to Kansas to get Daphne. Ando doesn't like it, but when Hiro produces a panel from the comic book showing them all in a corn field, he takes them there. Daphne's father won't let Matt see her. When Matt tries to use his powers to force Millbrook into letting him in the house, he finds he can't. Hiro confirms - their powers are gone!

Back at Primatech, Mohinder slithers out of his cocoon to find that his scales have disappeared. Is he cured? Over Haiti, Nathan loses his power, causing him and Peter to plummet out of the sky into a river. They think the Haitian may have taken Nathan's powers away, and head off through the dense jungle to find him. Despite Peter's calculations with a map, Nathan insists on going in the opposite direction.

Daphne tells her father that "it's" happening again; does he still have "them"? Lost in the Haitian jungle, Nathan and Peter bicker. Nathan claims he only brought screw-up Peter to protect his fragile ego. If Peter wants his respect, he'll have to earn it. Peter doesn't know why he'd want respect from Nathan, who's always been Arthur's puppet. In the future, Peter saw Nathan choose Arthur. The argument only stops when the Haitian appears to shush the brothers.

Breathless and angry, Claire continues to spar with H.R.G. He challenges her to use her anger and tell him what she's thinking. Claire finally admits that she's angry at her dad for always abandoning her, and takes him to his knees. When Claire moves to the door to get some air, she's surprised by the arrival of Sylar and Elle, who are surprised to find that they no longer have their abilities.

H.R.G. picks up his gun, but it falls to the floor as he battles with Sylar, dislocating his shoulder. When Elle picks up the gun, Claire dives in front of H.R.G. to save him, taking a bullet in the shoulder. Realizing that Claire can't heal, H.R.G. scoops her up and runs for the door. Back at home, Sandra wants to call 911, but H.R.G. won't let her. Claire only has a surface wound, and they can deal with it.

Despite the loss of their powers, Hiro insists that Matt do what they came to Kansas to do - save Daphne. When Matt states that he can't, Hiro begins attacking him with an ear of corn, claiming that the corn will keep coming, and only Matt can stop it. His point proven, Hiro takes off to find a place where wise men gather, as Matt resolves to try talking to Daphne again.

In complete remission, Mohinder locates Maya. He's about to go after her when Arthur and Flint arrive. Even though Mohinder thinks the loss of abilities may be irreversible, Flint will make sure he stays put until he fixes everything. At the comic book store in Lawrence, Ando asks Sam and Frack for the latest issue of "9th Wonders." Sam and Frack are amazed to see that exact moment on the cover of the comic book.

Explaining that Arthur is alive, Nathan asks the Haitian to restore his powers so they can fly back to the States. The Haitian's powers are gone, too, and he refuses to go anywhere until he catches Samedi, his brother. The Haitian feels responsible for Samedi's evil. Samedi's skin is impenetrable. People revere him like a god, and he's used their fear to form an army.

Peter resolves to help the Haitian as bullets whizz through the jungle. The Haitian urges the brothers to run. In order to save Peter and the Haitian, Nathan gives himself up, introducing himself to Samedi as a U.S. Senator. Samedi is well aware of Nathan's identity, since Arthur warned he was coming. When Nathan asks what Arthur said, Samedi has him knocked out before answering, "He told me to be myself." Peter wants to follow Nathan, but the Haitian calls him back.

Claire wakes up with a low fever. She smiles, happy to feel pain at last. H.R.G. leaves her to rest and prepares to take off again, angering Sandra. Claire needs her father, but he's got unfinished business. Back in Kansas, Matt sweet talks his way into Daphne's house. After all, he's in love with her. Daphne admits that she didn't want Matt to see her in her current state, emerging from the shadows with leg braces and crutches.

Sandra enters Claire's bedroom to find Claire bleeding out as a massive infection takes hold. Meanwhile, Elle resets Sylar's shoulder, chiding him not to be a big baby. He's relieved to be merely human again; Sylar hasn't felt this way since he first met Elle. She's upset; without their powers they can't take what they want anymore. Sylar proves Elle wrong by pulling her in for a big kiss, unaware that H.R.G. is watching them through the scope of his rifle.






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