Episode 3.08 : Villains

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 10, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Hiro eats a disgusting hallucinatory paste prepared by Usutu. His purpose? A spirit walk through the past to discover the history of today's villains. Hiro travels back in time 18 months to New York City, where Arthur and Angela Petrelli's 41st wedding anniversary party is underway.

Disturbed by rumors that Assistant DA Nathan is mounting an investigation against him, Linderman asks Arthur to get him to back off. If he digs too deep, Nathan will see Arthur's hand behind everything. Arthur knows his son is like a bulldog, but as in a Shakespeare play, when a son challenges his father, only one man is left standing. If Arthur can't fix it, he'll kill Nathan.

One year ago, Flint and Meredith knock over a Memphis liquor store. Thompson interrupts, spraying Flint with a fire extinguisher. Meredith throws flames at Thompson, giving Flint the chance to escape, but she's captured. Meanwhile, in his Brooklyn watch shop, Sylar hangs himself. Elle rushes in to fry his noose in the nick of time. Sylar asks for forgiveness and cries in her arms.

Elle tries to comfort Sylar. Everyone does bad things, and the broken rope is surely a sign that he deserves to live. Sylar's not so sure, but he does think Elle is an angel. Afterwards Elle returns to a Primatech van, where H.R.G. watches Sylar's apartment. She's curious - why isn't this a simple bag and tag? H.R.G. explains that they need to record Sylar's extraordinary ability to absorb power.

In a Level 5 cell, Thompson reviews Meredith's case history. Why does she hate the Company so much? Meredith prefers to keep her reasons to herself, and tries to negotiate for her brother Flint's safety. Claiming that Meredith isn't in a position to negotiate, Thompson offers a deal: agent or prisoner?

Arthur asks Nathan to hand off Linderman's case to someone else, but he refuses. Later that evening, Nathan is yanked out of his car just as truck smashes into it, leaving his wife Heidi to bear the impact of the crash alone.

In the hospital, Peter tries to comfort an irate Nathan, who lays into Arthur, blaming Linderman for crippling Heidi. Nathan swears revenge on Linderman, and if Arthur is standing next to him, he goes down too. It's time for Arthur to choose: his client or his family. Later that night, Angela confronts Arthur, demanding to hear him say that he didn't order Linderman to kill Nathan.

Thompson takes Meredith to a shanty town in Austin, Texas for a training mission, to take down special Danny Pine. When Pine smells a rat, his fist turns to iron, and he quickly smashes Thompson. Meredith turns the iron fist molten red, grabs Thompson's taser, and takes Pine down, smiling at how easy it all seems.

As H.R.G. watches from the van, Sylar takes down a map and list of names given to him by Dr. Suresh. Elle knocks on the door with a peach pie. She asks about the list, but Sylar throws it away, admitting that he has an unusual ability. When he demonstrates by moving a dish rack, Elle snags the list out of the trash.

Back at Primatech, Thompson congratulates Meredith on her good work, claiming her real test is one of loyalty. Agents follow orders with no questions asked. Thompson gives Meredith his card, ordering her to put Pine in a cell. She falters, passing Flint locked in another cell. Flint is on top of the world - he's going to be an agent, too!

Sylar confesses that his ability involves a sort of addiction, an overwhelming hunger that causes him to covet the powers of others. Elle sticks her finger in his wound, suggesting he's "special" just the way he is. H.R.G. wants to kick the plan into high gear, since he needs to see Sylar kill. Elle balks, but H.R.G. insists that they will introduce Sylar to another guy on his list, Trevor Zeitlan.

Arthur and Linderman discuss the botched attempt on Nathan's life. A second attempt will look suspicious and who knows how Angela will react? They decide to postpone killing Nathan in favor of keeping their New York plan on schedule. They turn to see Angela, who's heard everything. She grabs a kitchen knife, but Arthur quickly enters her brain, forcing her to repeat, "Nathan has to die."

Hiro bolts upright and begins whispering in tongues. Ando wants to wake him, but Usutu explains that he's stuck between this world and the next. If Hiro wakes, he could get stuck forever. Usutu mixes up another concoction, and the fumes cause Hiro to collapse into his dreams once again.

Realizing that the Company is trying to trick Flint because he's dumb, Meredith orchestrates their escape by train. Thompson appears to do battle. Meredith tackles him, allowing Flint to get away. Thompson asks why Meredith had to screw this up; now Flint's their sworn enemy. Claiming that she's an enemy as well, Meredith flames up the train car. The ensuing explosion propels Meredith and Thompson out the door.

Linderman visits Angela, who's cooking soup for dinner. Claiming that he still has a shred of morality, Linderman can't stand by and watch Arthur hurt Angela again. Each time Arthur forces her thoughts, he leaves damaged tissue behind. Linderman can heal these scars. Angela can't believe that Arthur would betray her, but when Linderman takes hold of her head, it all comes flooding back.

In the aftermath of the massive train accident, Thompson again asks handcuffed Meredith why she hates the Company. She explains that her baby girl Claire was killed in a fire 14 years ago, and it's all the Company's fault. Spying Claire on the scene, Thompson cuts Meredith loose, claiming it's payback for the death of her child.

Elle makes dinner for Sylar, and then introduces a "special" guest. Trevor demonstrates his ability, pointing his finger at a glass and shattering it. Elle crows -Trevor is so special. Flying into a rage, Sylar smashes Trevor against a bookcase. Elle tries to break it up, but Sylar throws her across the room and orders her to leave. H.R.G. watches transfixed as Sylar exposes Trevor's brain.

Angela serves Arthur soup for dinner, as the Haitian stands by silently. Arthur knows there's something on Angela's mind, but he can't see inside it. Angela wonders if Arthur knows her at all anymore. He was a great man, a visionary, but somewhere along the line, he lost his soul. Arthur makes no apology and falls over, victim to Angela's soup.

Angela is just instructing the Haitian how to dispose of Arthur's body when Nathan shows up. They rush Arthur to the emergency room, where a doctor informs them that Arthur has died from a massive coronary. As Angela hugs Nathan, the doctor returns to Arthur's bedside for telepathic communication. The poison soup has caused irreversible damage and Arthur's paralysis is probably permanent.

Elle cries after bloody Sylar runs out of his apartment. Now they have created a monster and let him loose on the world. H.R.G. isn't worried; they'll get Sylar soon. Besides, their job isn't to save the world. H.R.G. and Elle are agents, and agents follow orders. H.R.G. runs across the street to catch a cab, vacated by Peter and driven by Mohinder.

Nathan and Peter comfort each other at Arthur's funeral. Looking at Arthur's urn, Angela comments that he was not a god, but a man, deeply flawed in ways his sons will never know. Back in Africa, Ando is delighted when Hiro finally wakes up. When the guys hear a scream, they run off to find Usutu... decapitated. Arthur materializes, brought by Hiro's dreams. He clamps his hands around Hiro's head, eliciting terrified shrieks.






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