Episode 3.07 : Eris Quod Sum

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 27, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

In Africa, Ando tries to convince Hiro to go back in time to learn how to defeat the villains, but he adamantly refuses, claiming it will only make things worse. Usutu warns that time is running out; will Hiro choose his own path, or will it choose him?

Mohinder makes a last ditch attempt to get a sample from Tracy and Nathan, but no dice. Nathan insists they're done. Mohinder snatches Maya out of her cocoon, punches through the skylight and flies off.

After dreams of his father's funeral, Peter wakes up at Pinehearst, handcuffed to a bed. Arthur claims that Peter's abilities are gone forever, and he had no choice but to take them. He wants Peter to join forces with him. Furious, Peter resolves to shut Arthur down, and make him pay for everything he's done. Arthur tells Peter that until he changes his attitude, he's grounded.

Claire and Sandra return home. When the lights in the house flicker and pop, the women rush inside to find Lyle on the floor. Claire is stunned and angry to see Elle at the computer. Claire resolves to get rid of her and the girls fight. Finally, Lyle douses Elle with a bucket of water, and she shorts out, admitting that she needs help and didn't know where else to go.

Mohinder and Arthur observe Maya. She thinks Mohinder is a monster, but he would still do anything to keep his promise to remove her abilities. Telling Mohinder to watch, Arthur grabs hold of Maya's shoulders. She convulses violently. Finally the black in her eyes drains into Arthur. Maya is overjoyed to finally be rid of her ability, but she still wants nothing to do with Mohinder.

Arthur explains that he can drain people of their abilities and leave nothing behind. Mohinder admits that he wants to retain his abilities, but get rid of the crazy side effects. Arthur leads Mohinder to a state-of-the-art lab where both halves of the formula are on display. If Mohinder comes to work for Pinehearst, he could create a fresh version of the formula, which might be the exact medicine he needs.

Sylar languishes in a coma in his Level 5 cell. Angela comes to him in a vision to inform him that Peter needs help. When he protests, Angela claims that Sylar doesn't know the half of his capabilities. Now he needs to buck up and show everyone why he's mommy's favorite. Sylar awakens and tears the tube from his nose, resolving to save Peter.

Elle explains that she can't control her ability anymore. She keeps overloading, can't eat, can't sleep, and endures tremendous pain. She shows Claire a Pinehearst card. Daphne said they would cure her, but Elle hoped to consult H.R.G. Claire admits that there's something wrong with her, too - she can't feel pain. Thinking there's a chance they can both get help, Claire proposes they go to Pinehearst together, and Elle agrees.

In his office, Arthur confronts Daphne. Why was she unable to recruit Matt? Arthur orders Daphne to revisit Matt and kill him. Maury protests. The deal was his loyalty for Matt's safety. Without him Arthur would still be... Refusing to hear any more, Arthur snaps Maury's neck, killing him instantly. Still, Daphne insists she's not a killer. There must be another way to deal with Matt.

Daphne shows up at Matt's door with an enormous gun. Snapping into cop mode, he urges her to shoot, but she can't. Back at Pinehearst, Peter is strapped down and wheeled into Mohinder's lab as the perfect test case for the new formula. Just as Mohinder is about to inject Peter, Sylar busts in.

Seeing an opportunity to avenge his father's death, Mohinder attacks Sylar, allowing Peter to run off. Mohinder is about to deliver a death blow when Arthur stops him in the nick of time. He's been waiting to see his son Sylar for a long time...

Nathan and Tracy wait for Company operatives at Mohinder's lab. Tracy starts feeling bad for the people in the cocoons and tries to free someone, but the guy starts choking her. H.R.G. shows up to taser the cocoon guy with his new partner in tow - Meredith!

On the plane, Elle discharges all kinds of electricity, creating a very bumpy ride. Claire tells her to turn off the power or the plane will crash, but Elle doesn't know how. When things get desperate, Claire grabs Elle's hand and orders her to discharge. Once Claire has absorbed Elle's electricity, everything's okay. It seems that together, the girls make a powerful combo.

Matt reads Daphne's mind to learn of his father's death, surprised that Maury would protect him. Daphne claims Maury didn't do it so Matt could sit around and get killed; Pinehearst will send someone. Indeed, Knox shows up to break Daphne's neck and punch through Matt, leaving them both for dead.

When Knox leaves, Matt and Daphne rematerialize as if nothing happened, all due to Matt's "brain mojo thingie." Thrilled, Daphne plants a kiss on Matt, then asks, "Now what?" Matt calls Primatech. Back at Pinehearst, Arthur tells Sylar that Angela is just using him. In fact, she tried to drown him when he was a baby, and it was Arthur who saved his life.

Maya is leaving Pinehearst with plans to make amends for all her wrongs. Even though Mohinder loves her, she can never trust him. In the parking lot, Elle thanks Claire for helping. Claire insists that she should be thanking Elle. She was about to give up and hide at home because she was scared. Now she's going to find out who she really is. Elle confesses that it's kind of nice that Claire is as messed up as she is.

Peter finds Sylar in Arthur's office. He insists that Arthur can't be trusted, but Sylar believes that Arthur has finally told him the truth. Peter asks Sylar to kick Arthur's ass so they can leave, but Sylar tosses Peter through the window. He falls to the ground at Claire and Elle's feet, explaining that Arthur took his abilities so he can't heal. Claire drags Peter to the car, but Elle won't help. She's staying at Pinehearst.

Sylar tells Arthur that Peter will never give up. Arthur is nonplussed, promising to take the fight to the enemy. But how did Peter survive the fall without his abilities? Daphne calls Arthur. Their plan worked; Matt thinks she's on his side. Arthur warns Daphne to keep him apprised of her progress, or he'll put her back where he found her.

Peter realizes that Sylar used his ability to slow his fall, thus saving his life. When Nathan and Tracy arrive, Peter tells them all about Arthur taking his powers. Nathan can hardly believe that Arthur's alive, and wants to rush to Pinehearst. Tracy admits that she's been taking consultant fees from Pinehearst; she can open doors. Nathan doesn't need any door opening, because he's planning on kicking them down.

Back in Africa, Usutu mixes a batch of his inedible psychotropic paste for Hiro. Since Hiro refuses to go back in time to uncover his enemies' weakness, he'll have to learn this way. Hiro's eyes turn white and he passes out. Panicked, Ando accuses Usutu of trickery. Usutu claims he warned Hiro: since he didn't choose his own path, one was chosen for him.






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