Episode 3.06 : Dying of the Light

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 20, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At the Angry Skunk Bar, Knox demands that Hiro kill Ando as proof of his intentions. Hiro stops time and teleports to a magic shop, where he grabs a trick sword and a packet of fake blood. Then he teleports back to the bar two hours earlier to warn Ando that he will fake stab him later. Ando needs to trust Hiro, and pretend that he's dead.

In the present, Hiro "kills" Ando, impressing Knox and stunning Daphne. Hiro demands that Daphne take him to her leader, but she explains that he gets an assignment just like everyone else, and hands him Usutu's file. Hiro is to bag Usutu and bring him to Pinehearst. It's going to be a tough job; Usutu is a precog and will know that Hiro's coming.

Claire is determined to find Meredith and Sandra is determined to go with her. Meanwhile, Meredith languishes at Doyle's puppet theater, unable to move unless he directs her. Doyle is determined to make Meredith love him again, even if he has to cut her up to make it happen.

Knox escorts Adam down a long hallway at Pinehearst. Adam isn't afraid... until he spies Arthur. Knox drags Adam to Arthur's bedside, where Arthur grabs hold of Adam's arm. In the blink of an eye, "immortal" Adam ages to the point of decomposition, then crumbles into dust. Rejuvenated, Arthur rips out his tubes and sits up and smiles, happy to breathe on his own once again.

At JFK, Daphne is having second thoughts about the whole Pinehearst thing, looking at a file on Matt. Linderman appears to intimate that leaving her current job isn't an option, just as Matt descends the escalator with the tortoise. Linderman disappears as Maury is seen hanging up the phone. Matt is just asking the turtle to help him find Daphne when he spies her at the foot of the escalator.

Nathan and Tracy knock on Mohinder's door. Tracy explains that she's not Niki, but one of triplets, and she wants her ability to go away. Wide-eyed to discover that Nathan and Tracy weren't born with their abilities, Mohinder offers to help, injecting the couple with something that causes them to collapse. With the last of his strength, Nathan rips down a tarp, revealing several cocoons with people inside attached to the wall.

Daphne is amazed that Matt knows her name. He's saddened to learn that she's come to recruit him for Pinehearst, and knows that she's not buying her own pitch. He explains his dreams of their future together. When Daphne turns to go, Matt makes a last ditch effort, explaining that they name their baby girl after Daphne's grandmother, Daniella. Daphne asks Matt to wait for her, promising to return.

Alarms sound on Level 5 as Daphne releases its prisoners. She stops into Sylar's cell, claiming that her boss wants to work with him because he's a killer. Sylar tries to take Daphne down, but she zips out, taking Flint with her, and leaving a Pinehearst card behind. Sylar rushes to Peter's cell to wake him up, explaining their mother is in trouble and needs their help.

Ando isn't too happy to be in Africa. The goal was to retrieve Kaito's formula, and now the dynamic duo is kidnapping an innocent man. Hiro is delighted to spy Usutu's paintings, which remind him of Isaac. In one image, Hiro gets hit over the head with a shovel. Hiro turns, only to be hit over the head with a shovel... again and again. Finally, Hiro decides to go after Usutu the old fashioned way: hide and wait.

Sandra cooks up a plan. As Claire goes around the back, she enters Doyle's theater at the front, pretending that she wants to hire him for a birthday party. When Doyle hears rustling in the back room, he smells a rat and freezes Sandra. He runs to the back and finds Claire with her taser, and instantly takes control of her movements.

Daphne knocks on Mohinder's door, then rushes into the lab. She explains that the people who sent her already know how to do what Mohinder is trying to figure out. They just want access to his database and research, and they need his help to save the world. Disgusted to see Nathan, Tracy and the cocoons, Daphne zips out, leaving the Pinehearst card behind.

Realizing their familial connection, Doyle organizes the three women into a demented game of Russian roulette. Claire is forced to shoot first; luckily, the chamber is empty. Sandra is up next, and Doyle forces her to shoot Claire. Sandra pulls the trigger repeatedly until a bullet hits the chamber and Claire keels over. But as Doyle crows over this sick development, Claire quickly heals and knocks him out from behind.

Meanwhile, Sylar takes Peter to Angela, who's paralyzed and lying in bed. Sylar asks Peter to look inside her head to find out what's wrong, but all Peter can see is the helix that appears on Pinehearst's business cards. Disgusted with Sylar, who keeps calling Angela "Mom," Peter locks him into a coma in a Level 5 cell, and decides to proceed to Pinehearst by himself.

H.R.G. shows up at the Puppet Theater to finish off Doyle with a pneumatic needle gun. Everyone gives Claire kudos for saving the day, but she walks out. Claiming Claire has the wrong idea about him, H.R.G. decides to talk to her, but Meredith reminds him that Claire doesn't need their help. H.R.G. asks Meredith to help him catch the other Level 5 escapees.

Tracy wakes up and tries to lure Mohinder to her side. She knows that he didn't mean for any of this to happen; it just got out of control. Tracy grabs Mohinder's arm and freezes it, then freezes her restraints. After freeing herself, she frees Nathan, but Mohinder recovers to throw the furniture around. Their business has not yet concluded...

Late at night, Daphne returns to JFK. She's supposed to recruit Matt for Pinehearst, but he thinks that both of them should stay away. In the future, Pinehearst is going to get Daphne killed, and Matt has come to prevent that from happening. Daphne doesn't trust Pinehearst, but she doesn't trust Matt either. When he asks her what her heart tells her to do, she explains that she's got to keep moving and takes off.

When Usutu finally returns, he apologizes to Hiro and congratulates him for using his brain instead of relying on his powers. Now he's finally ready to see Usutu's new painting, depicting familiar villains along with the Pinehearst helix. Hiro is shocked to see a portrait of Peter hugging his father.

Peter teleports to Pinehearst, making himself invisible to infiltrate the conference room where Arthur meets with his "villains": Daphne, Knox, Flint, and Maury. He explains that they will lead the world, and soon will be able to control who's special and who isn't. Then they'll be able to save the world from everything that's wrong with it.

Peter materializes, shocked and amazed to see his father. How is Arthur not dead, and what did he do to Angela? A conciliatory Arthur explains that they need to talk, pulling Peter into a hug. Peter screams and drops to the floor, unable to access his powers. That's because Arthur now has Peter's abilities...






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