Episode 3.05 : Angels and Monsters

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 13, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Unable to sleep, Nathan leaves Tracy in bed, only to run into Linderman. Nathan wants answers: how did Linderman know Tracy was about to take a header into the Potomac? Linderman claims that God resides within, along with the answers which will come. Tracy startles Nathan - who's he talking to? Nathan claims he was just clearing his head.

Mohinder cases a drug dealer in Central Park. He needs something to take the edge off, and it's not drugs - it's the dealer. Meanwhile, Claire stops by a pawn shop to buy a taser.

Peter teleports into Sylar's Level 5 cell to snap his neck in a fury. When Angela rushes in, Peter demands to know what other secrets she's keeping. Better yet, he'll open her head and discover them for himself. Angela screams as Peter draws a bloody line across her forehead, causing Sylar to revive and knock him out. As Angela tends to Peter, H.R.G. calls to Sylar. They have a new target.

Meredith finds Sandra looking through the files of the Level 5 escapees. Claire lied; there is no cheerleading retreat, so she's obviously going after one of the villains. Meredith tries to calm Sandra - Claire can't get hurt. Sandra points to a photo of Stephen Canfield. He creates vortexes which can make people disappear forever. Spotting Eric Doyle's file, Meredith is sufficiently scared to go looking for Claire.

In an empty house, Canfield paces frantically while on the phone, trying to locate his family, now in hiding from him. Furious that his sister won't divulge their whereabouts, he creates a tiny vortex, which vacuums up a teapot. Claire sneaks up behind him and fires her taser, throwing him to the ground.

Hiro and Ando negotiate with a tempestuous Adam, who thinks that Angela must be the villain behind the missing formula. Hiro reverses time to put Adam back into his coffin, until he promises that he has a plan. At Pinehearst, Linderman persuades Daphne to recruit other specials for a new world order where heroes are respected. He shows her files on Knox and Mohinder, claiming they've lost their way and need new purpose.

When Claire announces her intention to return Canfield to Level 5 where he belongs, he insists he's not a monster. He killed one person inadvertently, and the Company dragged him away in the middle of the night for two years of solitary incarceration. He just wants to see his family. Getting emotional, he creates a vortex which sucks up Claire's taser.

Mohinder drags the bloody drug dealer to the back area of his lab, which is undergoing an odd transformation. Maya shows up with a flyer. Mohinder's wife-beating neighbor Mark is missing. Mohinder tries to distract Maya with kisses, but when she sees the drug dealer's blood streaked across the floor, she rushes out. Meanwhile, Mark languishes in the back, encased high on the wall in a bizarre cocoon.

When Canfield realizes Claire doesn't work for the Company or Pinehearst, he explains the incident that landed him in Level 5, softening her heart. He's having trouble dealing with his abilities, just like her. He tells her she's free to go, so she offers the last phone number the Company had on his family. Thrilled, Canfield makes the call and arranges to meet his family at the Griffith Park Carousel.

Nathan asks Tracy what drove her to jump off the bridge, but she doesn't want to talk. Finally she admits to killing the reporter. Nathan thinks it was an accident, but Niki wants to turn herself in. Nathan claims no one will believe her. When he tried to tell the world he got shot, he realized that God gave him his powers for a purpose. Tracy is skeptical, since her powers were given to her by Dr. Zimmerman.

On the way to pick up their target, Sylar tells H.R.G. that he is trying to rehabilitate himself, and it won't happen overnight. They surprise Canfield, who immediately pulls Claire to his side, dismayed to learn that she's H.R.G.'s daughter - he's been set up! Claire apologizes; she had no idea. Telling Claire to hold on to something, Canfield opens a giant vortex and escapes. Sylar saves Claire from being sucked into the vortex.

When the vortex subsides, Claire tells her father to leave Canfield alone; he's not a killer. She's more concerned with Sylar - how could H.R.G. be working with him after what he did? H.R.G. promises to explain later; now he just needs to find Canfield. He promises that he'll just talk to him, so Claire leads him to the Carousel.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a dangerous bar, the go-to destination for specials looking for work. He figures they can find whoever hired Daphne there. When the bartender catches sight of Adam, he jumps over the bar to punch him, but Adam ducks and Hiro is knocked out. Ando tries to revive Hiro as Adam runs off.

Nathan and Tracy visit Angela, who has put Peter in a medically induced coma, since he tried to kill her and now has Sylar's abilities. Tracy wants to know more about Dr. Zimmerman, but Angela insists his work is classified. Tracy threatens to go public, so Angela explains that he was instrumental in developing synthetic abilities, including Nathan's.

Maya sneaks back into the empty lab to find Mark. She tries to peel him out of his cocoon, but hides when she hears Mohinder entering. When Mohinder's eyes start turning black, he finds Maya. She manages to control herself, but calls Mohinder a monster. What has he done? Mohinder descends upon Maya, encasing her in a cocoon of her very own.

Tracy and Nathan come down hard on Angela for using them as lab rats - it wasn't God after all. Angela explains that they now know what they did was wrong; that's why the formula was divided and hidden. But someone has stolen the formula in an attempt to restart the project, which will destroy everything. She begs for their help, but Nathan and Tracy storm out. Nathan decides it's time to consult Mohinder - he's trustworthy and harmless.

Claire finds Canfield crying on the Carousel; his family never showed up. She claims that H.R.G. just wants to talk, but he puts his gun to the back of Canfield's head and demands that he kill Sylar. Claire defends Canfield - he's not a killer. Refusing to be a monster, Canfield opens up a vortex and throws himself inside.

Hiro and Ando search the alley behind the bar for Adam. Adam runs in the opposite direction, straight into the arms of Knox, who knocks him out and loads him into a van. Later, the two friends are drowning their sorrows when Daphne shows up with Knox. If Hiro wants a job with their employer he's going to have to prove himself... by killing Ando. Hiro apologizes to Ando, and then runs him through with a sword.

Sylar points out that Claire sees H.R.G. for what he is - a user. He used her to find Canfield, and used Canfield to try to kill Sylar. H.R.G. fires back. Sylar is a sociopath, and H.R.G. is only trying to protect his family. When Claire gets home, Sandra thinks Meredith must have found her... but Meredith is languishing somewhere under the control of creepy Doyle.

Angela nods off in her office. In her dream, Tracy, Nathan and Peter are brutally slaughtered. Their unseen killer greets Angela familiarly, placing his bloody hand on her shoulder. He knows that she can see the future, and it's too dangerous. He promises that she won't succeed, because she won't be able to move - and when Angela wakes up, she can't move.

Daphne returns to Pinehearst for a meeting with Linderman. Everyone's on board, even the Japanese guy, but she's not happy. She didn't sign up to be a killer. Linderman claims it's all a part of making the world a better place, and sends her off to recruit Matt. After figuring out that Linderman's not really there, Daphne speeds off, unaware that Matt's father Maury is in the vicinity.

Maury enters a large room containing an ornate bed, which holds a patient on life support. Maury converses telepathically: everything's going according to plan. Maury has given Nathan visions of Linderman, Daphne is building an army, and Adam will be there by tomorrow. We spy the ring on the patient's hand - he's the killer from Angela's dream - and he's her husband, Arthur Petrelli!






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