Episode 3.04 : I Am Become Death

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 06, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Mohinder continues to deteriorate; he fears what he may become. When screaming draws him to his wife-beating neighbor's door, Mohinder's uncontrollable aggression causes him to beat the guy up.

In California, Dr. Zimmerman tells Tracy that she's one of triplets, whose DNA he manipulated. She demands to know who made him do it, but he his memory has been wiped. Furious, Tracy stops short of freezing him.

As Matt dreams of his future, Future Peter takes Present Peter to New York City in 2012. Now everyone has abilities, and it's going to destroy the world, as Future Peter has dreamt and painted. Someone from 2008 is building the abilities formula, and Present Peter needs to stop them. In order to do that, he's got to find Sylar and take on his abilities.

Future Peter explains that Peter's fellow heroes are not necessarily who he thinks they are. Not everyone was born with abilities; some were made. Certain people think Future Peter is a villain and are looking to kill him. Claire appears with Daphne and Knox to pump Future Peter full of lead. With no abilities, Present Peter runs for it, managing to escape the Haitian and get away.

In a morgue, Claire, Daphne and Knox stand over Future Peter's corpse. Now Claire has to kill Present Peter, and she wants Daphne to ask Molly where he is.

Hiro and Ando, trapped in a Level Two holding room, ponder how they will escape and recover the all-important formula. Ando senses a change in Hiro's attitude toward him - no doubt because Hiro has seen Ando killing him in the future.

Nathan isn't happy with Tracy's absence, and he's sick of Linderman hanging around. Linderman announces his intention to help Nathan become President, the path to his salvation. Nathan can't imagine any route to salvation where Linderman is leading the way.

In 2012, Peter visits Mohinder's lab, surprised to find Mohinder living in the shadows like a crazy animal. Peter asks for help finding Sylar, but has to read Mohinder's mind to learn that Sylar is currently living the suburban dream in Claire's old Costa Verde house with his young son Noah and Mr. Muggles.

Peter is shocked to discover that Sylar is his brother Gabriel. Sylar refuses to give Peter his abilities, claiming the price of the hunger that comes with them is too high. He battles it every day for the sake of his son. Peter explains that he is being hunted, and he needs to save the world. Offering Sylar a brush, Peter tells him to paint the terrible future and see it for himself. As Sylar begins to paint, his eyes turn white.

Daphne returns home to husband Matt, baby Daniella and Molly. Matt refuses to let Daphne use Molly to find Peter, pleading with her to slow down. Daphne promises to settle in once Peter is caught, so Matt calls Molly, who locates Peter in Costa Verde. Knox is surprised to sense that stone-cold Claire is actually afraid of Peter. He tells her to get her head straight; even though she's immortal, both he and Daphne aren't.

After painting a picture of the earth exploding, Sylar gives Peter his broken watch. If he can fix it, he will have Sylar's abilities. Peter succeeds and Sylar apologizes, just as Claire, Knox and Daphne show up to take Noah hostage. Sylar tells Peter to teleport away, but he refuses. The fighting starts, but Sylar refuses to take part... until Noah is killed. Enraged, the full fury of Sylar's anger surfaces and the whole town of Costa Verde is incinerated in a nuclear explosion.

In their Level 5 cell, Hiro and Ando continue to bicker. Ando manages to open a vent cover with Hiro's belt, then tells him to escape alone. It's clear Hiro doesn't want him around. Hiro finally apologizes and the dynamic duo are finally friends again. Ando manages to boost Hiro into the vent, just as the Haitian appears in their cell.

Tracy is in her apartment, upset over her killing of the curious reporter. She tries to phone the police to help solve the killing, but her freezing touch renders the phone useless. She sinks into despair.

A dejected Mohinder makes another journal entry. He is unable to reverse the process and can't remove abilities from anyone. And what's the new sticky plasma all over his hands? When the wife-beating neighbor knocks on the door, Mohinder pulls him into the lab and slams the door - an unwilling test subject perhaps?

In his office, Nathan prays to God to show him his path. Tracy appears to tender her resignation. When she leaves, Linderman appears. Nathan's path involves trusting Linderman, and right now Nathan must save the suicidal Tracy as she jumps off the Connecticut Avenue bridge. Nathan flies in to catch her before she hits the water. Back in her apartment, Tracy shows Nathan her abilities, and they share a passionate kiss.

Four years in the future, Nathan, now president, stands in front of Pinehearst with first lady Tracy to address the nation about the loss of Costa Verde. Present Peter wakes up strapped to a slab, as the Haitian prevents him from teleporting. Promising to make him feel the pain of all the people who died in Costa Verde, Claire begins slicing him with a scalpel. President Nathan enters and asks everyone to leave so he can talk to his brother.

Nathan claims that one man can't save the world; it's everyone's responsibility, and he's just got clearance to create an army with abilities. He knows that Peter doesn't trust him and invites Peter to read his mind. Peter concludes that Nathan thinks he's doing the right thing, but he's wrong. The hunger grabs hold of Peter, causing him to throw Nathan against the wall and draw the bloody, telekinetic line across his forehead. Suddenly, Peter teleports away, leaving dead Nathan collapsed on the floor.

Peter teleports into Sylar's Level 5 cell in 2008. Even though Peter took Sylar's abilities to stop the world from ending, he insists he will never become like Sylar. Sylar laughs - Peter already is like him; they're brothers.

In 2012, Matt and Molly watch the TV news report on the annihilation of Costa Verde. Molly laments that it's all her fault. Matt is relieved when Daphne knocks on the door, but she's horribly burned, and has just made it home to take her last breath. Matt wakes up in Africa, refusing to believe that it was all just a dream.

Matt decides he must find Daphne. Usutu recommends that he find his totem, a spirit guide that usually comes in the form of an animal, to lead him on his journey. Matt spies a tortoise and follows it into the bush.

Angela meets with Hiro and Ando as the Haitian stands by to keep Hiro from teleporting away. Angela explains that if "they" have both halves of the formula, all is lost. Kaito was convinced that Hiro would grow up to become a great man; if he was wrong, it will be the downfall of them all. Hiro apologizes, but Ando sticks up for him, claiming that Hiro won't rest until the formula is safe.

Angela claims that someone hidden and very powerful is manipulating all of them. Hiro is the only one who can find them and stop them - he's the key to unlocking the entire mystery. Later that night, Hiro and Ando are back in Tokyo's Aoyama cemetery to dig up a coffin. Hiro opens the lid to reveal Adam, who's alive (!) and very, very mad at Hiro.






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