Episode 3.03 : One of Us, One of Them

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : September 29, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Angela confesses that she should never have given Sylar up for adoption, and promises to take care of him. He's special, and needs to be strong for what's to come. She introduces Bridget, a special who can see the history of any person or object she touches. What's Bridget going to do? Feed Sylar. Angela smiles as she walks away from Sylar's cell, despite Bridget's screams.

Tracy Strauss ponders her new ability to freeze objects by touching them - and wonders about her mysterious look-alike, Niki Sanders. Meanwhile in Nathan's new Senate office, Future Peter appears looking for Peter/Jesse. Nathan plays a phone message he received from Peter (now trapped in Jesse's body) that he is sticking with the Level 5 escapees, afraid that they're going to hurt people.

Indeed, the villains are on the move. Peter/Jesse tries to talk them out of robbing a bank, causing Knox to sense his fear. The Villains terrorize a bank, clearly enjoying the chaos and pain.

Over breakfast, Claire informs Sandra that she's not going back to school. She needs to be stopping villains and helping people, and Sandra just doesn't understand. Meredith tries to defend Claire, but Sandra tells her to butt out, insisting that Claire get ready for school.

H.R.G. returns to Primatech to clarify his intentions. He lets Angela know that he's not going to re-enlist, but he will find the psychopaths and put them back in their cages. She explains that his old partner, The Haitian, is out on a job for Angela, so she introduces H.R.G. to his new partner - Sylar! H.R.G. is horrified by the prospect of partnering with a murdering psychopath, but Angela points out that H.R.G. has killed plenty of people himself. All Sylar needs is a little structure, and she's going to put him in play whether or not H.R.G. agrees to supervise him.

Ando and Hiro track Daphne to a movie theater, where the exchange for the other half of the formula is slated to go down. Both Hiro and Daphne are surprised to discover that their powers don't work. Daphne does her best to drive a wedge between the friends and claims she doesn't need her powers to beat them. Spying The Haitian, Hiro concludes that his briefcase must contain the other half of the formula.

Once the German cracks the bank safe, he's ready to leave with the money, but Knox insists that this isn't the plan. The German wants to leave anyway, so Knox punches through his chest, killing him instantly, and then lays out his plan. He's powering up from all the scared hostages, which will also serve to draw H.R.G. to them. Phase two of the plan entails beating H.R.G.'s glasses into his skull.

In a moment of insecurity, Sylar laments that he's nothing but a killer. Angela claims it's not his fault; his ability includes a powerful hunger that he hasn't been able to control, but she's going to fix that. Having concluded that some of the escapees are responsible for the stand-off at the bank, H.R.G. summons Sylar for his first mission. Angela says that Peter is in Jesse's body without knowing what Jesse's abilities are, and is thus unable to use them.

Meanwhile in Africa, Usutu leads Matt into a valley filled with paintings that depict his life. Matt is pleased to spy a painting of himself as a happy father, but Usutu claims that this is no longer the future. His eyes turn white, and he begins whitewashing the happy painting.

Peter/Jesse tries to talk Knox out of killing H.R.G., making him suspicious. After all, revenge was all Jesse talked about during their months together in the lock-up. Realizing that Jesse isn't Jesse, Knox violently demands to know what's going on, as Sylar and H.R.G. approach the scene. H.R.G. tells Sylar to stay close and do nothing, but Sylar immediately takes charge, ordering the cops on scene around.

The Haitian meets a courier behind the screen at the movie theater to receive Angela's half of the formula. Rather than adhere to Hiro's plan of dressing up like an usher, Ando rushes The Haitian, knocking him down the stairs, and the guys grab the briefcase. When Hiro starts an argument, Daphne whips in to steal the briefcase. Hiro is stunned to learn that his powers still don't work as The Haitian awakens.

Tracy shows Nathan the video from the Corinthian and asks him about Niki, but he stays mum. The only thing Tracy's been able to find is an address in New Orleans, where she finds Niki's funeral underway. Micah immediately recognizes that Tracy's not his mother, and offers to help, cross referencing her and Niki on his computer. It turns out that they were both born in the same California hospital, on the same day, with the same doctor in attendance.

H.R.G. trades himself for the bank hostages. When Knox prepares to do away with him, Peter/Jesse discovers that his voice is his ability, as it literally blows the villains away. Future Peter appears to stop time, and pushes Present Peter out of Jesse's body. Present Peter demands to know what's going on, so Future Peter teleports them both out of there to show him. When time starts going again, H.R.G. isn't pleased to discover that Jesse is no longer Peter, and he's really mad.

Meredith offers to play hooky with Claire and teach her how to fight. She takes Claire into a shipping container and surrounds her with an inescapable wall of fire to show her that there are some things you just can't fight. Suffocating, Claire admits that the real reason she wants to stop bad guys is not to help people, but to hurt Sylar for what he did to her.

Sylar enters the bank to secure Jesse, allowing H.R.G. to shoot Flint while Knox escapes. Feeling like he's just a killer, Sylar can't fight the hunger, despite H.R.G.'s urging, and draws a line across Jesse's forehead. Back on Level 5, Flint and Sylar are returned to their cells, right next to Hiro and Ando, as H.R.G. and The Haitian look on. When The Haitian asks if he's being replaced, H.R.G. claims it's only for a little while - just until he discovers Sylar's weakness. Then he's going to kill him.

Back at home, Meredith apologizes for tricking Claire, but she did it for her own good. Claire has a nice family and a nice life, and there's nothing wrong with being 17 for a while. She's got to learn how to save herself before saving the world. Claire smiles and hugs Meredith, while looking over her shoulder at a box of Primatech files.

Usutu finally stops painting his picture of Matt holding an unconscious (or dead?) woman in his arms. Matt demands to know who she is, but Usutu claims he doesn't understand these things. Figuring the reason he's in Africa is to learn the future so he can change it, Matt asks Usutu to help him see. Usutu offers Matt his headphones; once he puts them on, Matt nods out and his eyes turn white.

Sandra confronts Meredith. The school called about Claire's absence. Meredith apologizes, explaining that Claire's been hurt, and now she wants to push back. There's nothing Sandra can do to stop that. Meredith did what she did to protect Claire. The doorbell rings, and Claire bounds down the stairs, claiming she forgot all about the cheerleader sleepover retreat. Sandra happily lets her go. Later, Claire drives through the night alone, with the box of Primatech files in the passenger seat.

Tracy knocks on Dr. Zimmerman's door in Reseda, California. He mistakes her for someone else, so she explains that she's Tracy. Oh yes, now he recognizes her, she's the one from Beverly Hills. Not only does he know Tracy, he created her.






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