Episode 2.11 : Powerless

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : December 03, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Mohinder returns home to find Sylar waiting for him, Molly fast asleep, and Maya cooking in the kitchen. Maya asks for help with her power while Sylar asks if the Shanti virus takes abilities away. Sylar puts a gun on Suresh and demands some of Suresh's and Claire's blood, which makes Maya see Sylar's true colors.

Back in New York Angela explains to Matt and Nathan that 30 years ago, Adam decided the world needed to be wiped clean, and so the founders locked him away. She tells them they need to put a bullet through Adam's head to stop him; she also sends a thought to Matt: kill Peter, too, if you must.

Peter stops time once he and Adam arrive at Primatech, only to find Hiro there as well. Peter explains that he and Adam are trying to stop the virus before zapping Hiro with electricity, which knocks him out. Adam reaches down and retrieves his old sword.

Sandra begs Claire not to come forward and expose the Company. Meanwhile, Bob yells at Elle for provoking Claire and issues an order for no more field assignments. Elle visits Noah in his cell to ask what her father did to her when she was a child. Bob shows up and cuts their conversation short with a threat to quiet Claire should she come forward.

Micah tries to convince Niki to use her super strength to rescue Monica, but Niki tells him she doesn't have her strength anymore because of the virus. They leave anyway to go help her. Back at Primatech, Peter and Adam fight their way through the halls to find the virus. When they reach a locked vault, Peter expresses concern over Adam's reliability, but then he opens it anyway.

Mohinder takes Sylar, Molly, and Maya to his lab in Isaac's loft. In Bob's office, Elle witnesses what's happening in the loft from a hidden CISCO surveillance camera. In New Orleans, a thug prepares to burn down the house with Monica in it! Micah uses his powers to ask a GPS system to locate his cousin.

Nathan and Matt arrive outside of Primatech in Texas. Hiro comes out excited to see them, while in California, Claire finishes packing as West tries to stop her from coming forward. Angered, Claire gives him all his files and sends him on his way with tears forming in her eyes. When she turns around again, she's shocked to see her dad walking through the door.

In Isaac's loft, Molly looks at Alejandro's picture and tells Maya that he's "not anywhere." As Suresh tells Sylar that the Company gave him the virus, Maya accuses Sylar of killing her brother. Sylar's response... he shoots Maya dead and demands the healing blood from Suresh.

Noah explains that the Company injected him with Claire's blood, which healed him. He demands that Claire stop her plans to expose the Company: he made a deal to keep everyone alive if he goes back to them. Noah apologizes and steps outside where Bob is waiting for him.

Peter gets the vault open, but Hiro appears just as Adam is about to step inside. Peter knocks Hiro out and Adam retrieves the vial. Matt arrives and projects a thought into Peter's mind: let Hiro go and go after Adam. Peter knocks Matt away, but Nathan shows up and convinces Peter that he's been wrong all along. In the vault, Adam has the vial in one hand, and a sword at Hiro's throat in the other.

Peter rushes toward the vault just as Adam drops the deadly vial from his hand. Peter uses his powers to stop the vial from hitting the ground. Matt and Nathan arrive to see that Hiro and Adam have vanished. Peter takes the vial in his hand and uses his nuclear ability to destroy it once and for all.

Suresh injects Maya with Claire's blood and she slowly begins to heal just as Elle shows up. She and Sylar battle it out, but he manages to escape with some of Claire's blood. Back in New Orleans, the thug lights the building on fire, leaving Monica to die. Outside, Niki stops the thug and wails on him. She then rushes into the building and rescues Monica, but she gets trapped inside as the building explodes.

At Yamagato Industries, Hiro tells Ando that Adam Monroe can never hurt anyone again. Why? Because Hiro buried him alive. In Odessa, Nathan is about to tell a large gathering of press that he can fly when an assassin shoots him in the chest. Volume III, "Pandora's Box," begins as Sylar injects himself with Claire's blood and his powers return.






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