Episode 2.10 : Truth & Consequences

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 26, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

In the Montreal warehouse, Peter tells Adam that the Shanti virus will kill of the population in the future. Adam tells Peter about Victoria Pratt, a biological engineer for the Company who originally recovered the virus from the ailing Shanti. Under Company orders, Pratt tried to weaponize the virus.

Sandra Bennet has a gun pointed on Bob as he stands in the Bennet's doorway, explaining that he had Noah's body cremated and that Claire will be left alone to "live a normal life." Once outside, Bob orders Elle to keep an eye on Claire. Meanwhile, Noah returns to life to find Suresh tending to his wounds. Noah yells at Suresh for betraying him; Suresh responds by stating that the Company saves lives.

Micah schools Monica and Damon in the ways of superheroes just as Niki surprises him with a visit. She tells him that Jessica is gone, but that she has a virus Dr. Suresh is trying to find a cure for. Micah goes for his backpack to give Niki his dad's medal only to find that his backpack is gone.

Sylar and Maya enjoy a picnic together in Lake Grand View, Virginia. Sylar suggests that it's time for Alejandro to go home because she could learn to control her own power. Sylar riles her up and her eyes begin to leak poison. As he gets sick and falls over, he assures her she can control her power if she just tries. With some deep breaths from Maya, Sylar is proven right.

Peter and Adam arrive in Searsmont, Maine and find Victoria. After some coaxing, Victoria tells Peter that the virus is in New Mexico. Peter relays this to a waiting Adam, who says the Company has no facility there. Victoria arrives outside; when she sees that Peter is working with Adam, she shoots them both. When they heal, Peter knocks her out and they take her back to the house.

Hiro and Ando review Kaito's files, learning that Kensei calls himself "Adam Monroe." When they discover that Kaito locked Adam up 30 years before, Hiro travels to that date to witness the event first hand, learning that Adam intended to wipe out the world with the Shanti virus in order to save it. Hiro takes up his samurai sword and teleports away to stop Adam and save the world.

Maya returns to her hotel room and tells her brother that she can now control her ability thanks to Sylar. He then shows her an article about Sylar being wanted for murdering his own mother. Sylar enters and confesses to killing her. Maya understands feeling like a "monster" and sides with Sylar over her brother in the ensuing argument.

Peter and Adam tie Victoria to a chair. She explains that 30 years ago, Adam broke into her lab to release the virus and that he is using Peter to try the same thing again. Peter doesn't believe her and reads her mind: the virus is in Odessa, Texas. Adam lets Victoria go... just before shooting her in the back.

Damon explains that Micah's backpack was stolen when he brought Micah's comic books to show someone interested in purchasing them. Micah wails on Damon before his mom pulls him off. Micah insists that he, Niki, and Monica can get the backpack back, but Niki says "no" to this plan.

Alejandro attempts to fight off Sylar so he can take his sister to safety, but it's no use. Sylar grabs a knife and stabs Alejandro to death. Maya arrives at the door. Sylar hides the murder from her as he leans in for a kiss.

West arrives at the Bennets' to find Claire packing her things. She says that saying goodbye to her father hurts more than anything that's come before. Later, after scattering her father's ashes, Claire sees Elle spying on them and threatens to expose her abilities to the public. That night, Monica slips into a shady building to retrieve Micah's stolen backpack; however, she's discovered and brutally beaten.

Suresh discovers that his own blood plus Claire's creates a powerful cure for the Shanti virus, but Suresh still worries that someone could still expose the world to it. As Suresh prepares to bring Niki the cure, he gets a call from Sylar, who is in Suresh's apartment with Maya... and Molly.






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