Episode 2.09 : Cautionary Tales

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 19, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The Bennets prepare to flee their California home, but Claire refuses to go, telling her father that she knows he abducted West. "I hate you," she says as she storms out the door. In Japan, Hiro and his sister say goodbye to their father at his funeral. Hiro refuses to accept this present and goes back in time to the moment before his dad was pushed off the Deveaux rooftop.

Molly wakes up and tells Matt she didn't have any nightmares. She sees Matt looking at the photos with the red helixes over them and offers to find the survivors. As they hug, he uses his powers to convince her to just be a normal girl who goes to school and has fun. Meanwhile, Suresh meets with Bob in Costa Verde, California. Bob tells Suresh that they're going to grab Claire and "take out" her father. At a hotel pool, Bob introduces Suresh to his daughter, Elle.

Claire meets up with West, but he refuses to believe that she's not some kind of spy even when she says she's staying in California because of him. At the NYPD, Matt's partner tells him to lay off the Nakamura case, but Matt uses his ability to "convince" his partner to give him an extra 24 hours.

After talking with his wife about abducting West under the pretense of "saving the world," Bennet calls Suresh and asks him to track down the flying teenager. Suresh tells Bob - and an extremely flirty Elle - of the phone call and suggests they don't have to kill Bennet.

After Angela leaves Kaito on the Deveaux rooftop, Hiro steps out of the shadows to warn his dad that he's about to die. Kaito, however, accepts his fate and tells Hiro not to play God. Hiro ignores him and transports them away.

When Bennet steps out of his house, West flies in and scoops him up, taking him for a terrifying ride over the city. West demands to know if Claire is working with Bennet, and Bennet assures that Claire is not. When they land, Bennet gets a call from Suresh, who says they've located West. Since the location is different than their current one, Bennet realizes that Suresh has turned and that Claire is in danger.

Claire is pulled out of cheerleading practice to talk to "Mr. Bishop" from the State Board of Education - otherwise known as Bob. Claire runs away when he uses her real last name. Later, Suresh rendezvous with Bennet, who accuses Suresh of going "native." Suresh insists that Claire can save lives with her regenerative blood. Back at the Butler residence, Claire tells her mom that someone is after them. They turn around to find Bob pointing a gun at them.

Suresh gets Bennet out of the car at gunpoint as Elle makes herself known. It is evident that she and Bennet know each other. West swoops in, knocking Elle out cold just before she blasts him with an electrical bolt. Bennet manages to get the gun from Suresh and points it at his head. But after seeing the shock on West's face, he decides not to kill Suresh.

Bennet races home to find his wife tied up and Claire gone. He insists he can get Claire back because he has collateral in the form of Elle, who Bennet tortures for information by putting her feet in water and tying her limbs with rubber. He recounts how her father tested her and had her memory wiped so she wouldn't remember the horror of it all, which is the very reason why he hid Claire from the Company for all this time. He didn't want her to become like Elle. Bennet calls Bob to arrange a trade, as Bob takes some of Claire's healing blood.

Hiro brings his father to his mother's funeral, 17 years before, but Kaito insists on being taken back. After talking to himself as a young boy, Hiro realizes his father is right and returns him to the time of his murder where he says a final goodbye. As the stranger tackles Kaito and sends them both flying off the rooftop, Hiro stops time to see that the murderer is none other than his old friend, Takezo Kensei.

Matt interrogates Angela Petrelli again. When he reads her mind, she tells him that she's even less impressed with him than she was with his father. He then hints that he has the power to put thoughts in peoples' minds; she admits that Adam Monroe is the killer and that he is 400 years old. And even though she tries to resist, Matt exerts more power and Angela reveals that Adam is after revenge against the founders for locking him up thirty years ago.

Noah brings West with him to make the exchange of Elle for Claire. Bob unlocks Claire and Noah sends Elle back to her father. West grabs Claire and flies her to safety, but Elle zaps them and they plummet to the ground with Claire taking the brunt of the fall. Noah shoots Elle in the arm and then takes aim at Bob. While Claire regenerates and West comes to, Suresh takes up arms and shoots Noah through the eye, killing him instantly.

As Hiro speaks elegantly at his father's funeral, Matt studies the woman standing next to his father in the picture of the Company's founders. Elle, Suresh, Claire, and West all reflect on their terrible afternoon while in a Company facility, a dead Noah Bennet returns to life with a few drops of his daughter's blood.






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