Episode 2.08 : Four Months Ago...

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 12, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

In a Montreal warehouse, Adam Monroe realizes that the Haitian has taken Peter's memories. Adam tells Peter that he can reverse this process and heal his mind. The way to do this is by thinking about what matters most to him; Peter flashes back to four months ago when Nathan flew him to safety over New York. High over New York, Peter's nuclear energy detonation severely burns Nathan's face and body. Peter drops away and Nathan freefalls, but Peter swoops in at the last moment and saves Nathan from certain death.

Niki and Micah wait for word on D.L. at a Manhattan hospital where D.L. is being treated for his bullet wounds - he's going to be OK. In the Dominican Republic, Alejandro's wedding reception is underway. Maya doesn't like her brother's new wife, and when Maya catches her new sister-in-law sleeping with an ex, Maya's poison is released for the first time, killing everyone at the wedding party except Alejandro.

Peter brings Nathan to the hospital and turns invisible to escape. However, Elle appears and jolts Peter with an electrical bolt, knocking him out. Peter comes to at a Company facility where Bob and Elle tell him that they are close to finding a permanent cure that will stop his abilities. At the hospital, Angela tells a horribly burned Nathan that Peter is missing.

While Micah visits his dad at the hospital, a doctor tells Niki that all the bills have been taken care of. Bob shows up and tells Niki he wants to help her overcome Jessica; some people discovering abilities develop split personalities as a way to cope with their newfound power. There's one caveat to Bob's offer: Niki will have to leave her family to enter the program.

Adam talks to Peter through the prison walls and tries to befriend him. Two months later, Peter is still locked up. His only contact is with Elle, who he doesn't know a thing about other than she's kind of sadistic. She recounts her past and being diagnosed as a sociopath and how she's 24 and has never gone on a date. When she leaves, Adam tells Peter that the Company has been only days away from perfecting the cure for 30 years... since Adam arrived.

Niki doesn't take the pills that Bob gives her. D.L. comes into the living room, catching her practicing for her new job as a Nissan saleswoman. But when D.L. leaves the room, a new personality named Gina talks to Niki from behind a mirror. When she was 19, Niki ran away to LA under the name Gina.

Peter asks Bob if he can leave, and Bob says that he's not ready. Bob closes the door and locks it. Through the wall, Adam tells Peter that years ago he tried to take his abilities public because his blood has curing powers; in fact, it can even cure Nathan. But instead, the Company locked him up and threw away the key.

Rookie firefighter D.L. uses his ability to save a girl from a terrible blaze and earns a medal in the process. Micah sees the story on TV and is so proud that his dad really is a hero. D.L. notices a note from the missing Niki: Gone to L.A., C Ya! Meanwhile, Elle brings Peter his food and they start making out. He takes his pills in her presence and then spits them out in the toilet. He then phases through the wall, coming face to face with Adam for the first time.

In Zulia, Venezuela, Maya is praying in a church when Alejandro finds her. She's been hiding there and he says it's time for her to come home. When a policeman shows up, Maya accidentally kills him and Alejandro discovers that he can take away the poison from her eyes.

Gina does a line of coke at an L.A. nightclub just as D.L. shows up and finds her. A scummy clubgoer is unhappy when D.L. shows Gina a picture of her family, which causes Niki to return. When they leave the club, the coked up clubgoer chases after them and shoots D.L. in the chest, killing him with a single bullet.

Peter and Adam arrive at the burn ward where Adam gives Nathan some of his blood, causing Nathan's burns to heal. Adam gives Peter a ticket to Montreal and passport, but Elle and the Haitian catch up to them. Elle zaps Peter and Adam escapes. Peter dashes out of the hospital and runs for his life. The Haitian catches up to him at the docks where he chains Peter into a shipping container and erases his memory to give him a real chance at escaping and an opportunity for a new life.






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