Episode 2.07 : Out of Time

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 05, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Kensei has Hiro's face forced into a haze of opium smoke. White Beard offered Kensei anything he wanted to capture Hiro and lead his army. Kensei will soon rule half of Japan and Yaeko will be his bride. In the Ukraine, Noah snaps photos of Isaac Mendez's paintings and sends them to Suresh before lighting them all on fire. Suresh hangs up the phone with Bennet as alarms blare. Nathan and Matt arrive with details on their encounter with Matt's father, which causes the facility to begin evacuation procedures.

Peter and Caitlin wander the streets of New York City, but there isn't a soul in sight: they've all been evacuated by Homeland Security. An armored car speeds toward them and men in hazmat suits grab them, asking if they're sick or infected.

Claire wakes up to find West in her kitchen preparing waffles for breakfast. When Mrs. "Butler" leaves the room, Claire scolds West for stopping in. He shows her a newspaper article about the drunk cheerleader claiming she saw a flying boy, and Claire tells West they have to be more careful.

Bob yells at Suresh to bait Maury to them so he can inject the Nightmare Man with the virus. Suresh worries that this might put the entire population at risk. Bob tells Matt he has the same abilities as Maury: anything one's brain controls, Matt can control as well.

Yaeko gets herself free and takes the opium away from Hiro. As the guards return, Hiro teleports himself, Yaeko, and Yaeko's father to safety. In future New York, Peter and Caitlin are hosed down by men in hazmat suits. Later, under questioning, Peter is asked how a dead man can be found wandering around New York uninfected â�" on March 20, 2007 the first case of the Shanti virus was reported. To date, it's killed of the world's population while the rest live in quarantine.

Matt apologizes to an unconscious Molly, adding that he doesn't have his father's abilities like Bob said. When Matt says, "I love you, Molly," there's a blip on her monitor. When he thinks that thought to himself, there are several more. In the hall, Suresh frets to Niki that it's morally unacceptable to give Maury the virus. Niki says no one will die, that the Company is good - they saved her. When Suresh leaves, she turns around to come face to face with D.L., who tells her she is a killer and by the end of the day, she will kill everyone. When she leaves the hall, Maury Parkman emerges from a door.

Nathan asks Bob about "Adam Monroe," one of the founding Company fathers. Adam convinced them they all belonged together to make the world a better place. Bob says that the "visionary" Adam is the one trying to kill them and he's using Maury as his "blunt weapon." Years before, Adam talked about holocausts, plagues, punishing humanity to save the world - Linderman was Adam's disciple. They locked Adam up and threw away the key, but he escaped two weeks before. Bob tells Nathan that Peter is alive and somehow involved with Adam Monroe.

Peter is reunited with his mother, but he doesn't recognize her. She tells him of his abilities and that Nathan died in the first outbreak. She also says he can travel in time and change history to prevent all this from happening. Peter starts to flash through his life and he suddenly remembers everything. Peter leaves the facility with his mom as Caitlin is taken away, but without warning, Peter finds himself in another room, completely alone.

Claire and West canoodle on the couch, but she can't stop looking at his tracking marks. They get up to go to the kitchen. When West turns around, he sees Mr. Bennet arrive home. He grabs Claire and flees the house, and she tells him that it was her father who abducted him. Scared and confused, West flies away before Bennet notices him.

Suresh catches Niki talking to D.L., who isn't really there - an unseen Maury is manipulating her mind. Suresh tries to help, but she punches him in the face. Meanwhile, Hiro begins his solo attack on White Beard's camp. He materializes in White Beard's armory where he plans on destroying the guns, only to find Kensei waiting for him. Though Hiro still has faith in him, sword clashes against sword as they fight it out in mortal combat. In the fight, a fire is set and Hiro teleports away just before the tent explodes.

Bob shows Nathan a video of Peter taken at the Company facility. As they talk, Niki punches the door open as Matt goes to find his father, only to walk into a dream world where Maury keeps Molly imprisoned. Matt calls for his father, and Maury appears - Matt somehow brought him here. In the other room, Niki can't fight off Maury's parasitic attachment to her mind, and she stabs herself with the virus. Matt summons all his strength, grabs Molly, and walks out of the nightmare, leaving Maury trapped behind. Matt comes to in Molly's room where she wakes up to find Maury collapsed on the ground.

Hiro finds Kensei's mask in the smoldering ruins from the fire and returns to Yaeko's side to tell her that White Beard's army has scattered. She convinces him that he is the real Kensei of history, and her true husband. He cautions that in the final trial of Kensei, he has to cut out his own heart to save her life and all of Japan. Hiro realizes he must return to his own time, and with a final kiss, he is gone.

Suresh gives Niki an infusion of his own blood to eradicate the virus in her system. But when it doesn't work, Suresh realizes that there's a new strain of the virus immune from his blood's antibodies. Meanwhile, Ando sees Kensei's mask on his desk. He turns around to see Hiro smiling at him. Their happy reunion, however, is dampened when Ando tells Hiro of his father's murder.

Suresh tells Bob that the new strain has no cure. Bob says they'll keep Maury sedated and destroy every last vial. Bob shows Suresh Claire's file and says that Claire may be the only way to save Niki. He also tells Suresh that Bennet killed Company operative Ivan. Suresh confesses that he has been working with Bennet to take down the Company. Bob says there's a storm coming and that Claire's ability could cure the virus.

Bennet comes home and slaps the newspaper story about the drunk cheerleader in front of Claire, yelling at her for risking exposure. Claire screams back, but it's no use. "It's not safe here, anymore," Bennet says. "Pack your bags... we're leaving." Meanwhile, a strange man approaches Peter in the room. It's Adam... formerly known as Takezo Kensei.






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