Episode 2.03 : Kindred

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 08, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ricky tells Peter that he can have the box containing his information if he helps with an armored-car robbery the rogues are planning. Peter hears Will's thoughts - he's going to take the cash and run. Peter expresses concern about this, but Ricky insists that he trusts Will like a brother.

Somewhere in Mexico, Maya and Alejandro continue for the American border. A policeman spots Alejandro trying to steal a car, and Alejandro is arrested while Maya barely manages to escape. At a cemetery in Las Vegas, Niki and Micah visit D.L.'s grave as they prepare to set off for New Orleans.

Sylar wakes up in the tropical paradise of Maui, lying on a comfortable chair next to a girl in a bikini named Michelle, who went by the name "Candice" until the police started looking for her after rescuing Sylar from Kirby Plaza. Sylar demands that Michelle remove the illusion. When she does, he sees that his chest is bandaged up from eight surgeries and he's in a dingy shack.

Claire tells West that she was just giving herself a pedicure the other night and that she wants him to stay away from her. In Brooklyn, Matt worries about Suresh doing his "spy work" in their own backyard, adding that Molly has been struggling with more nightmares.

Ando plays videos games in his office at Yamagato Industries when his boss walks in and catches him. With the boss gone, Ando opens a drawer and removes Hiro's (Kensei's) sword, noticing a new message at its base: Ando, open. Ando opens it and ancient scrolls fall from the sheath - messages from Hiro.

Caitlin walks into the back room to find Peter trying, and failing, to conjure some of his abilities. She assures him that she'll watch his back during the heist that night. When he asks why she's kept his abilities from the others, she responds, "A girl has to have her secrets."

In 1671, Hiro is awed by Kensei's ability to regenerate. Confused and afraid, Kensei leaps on his horse and rides off. Later, Hiro finds Kensei and demonstrates his own abilities. He then transports Kensei to White Beard's castle where he forces him to combat the 90 hungry Ronin who guard the fire scroll.

Claire runs out of her biology class when West asks one too many sarcastic questions about a "lizard girl." He catches up with her outside where she angrily admits to being a "freak," adding that she has to keep a low profile. He tells her to "shut up," takes her into his arms, and then flies them both away.

Outside Pinky's Sportsbook, Peter distracts armored car guards while Ricky and his crew spring into action. The robbery goes according to plan until another guard sounds the alarm. Guns are fired in the confusion and Peter uses telekinesis to swing the van around. He jumps in and escapes with Caitlin and the others.

Bob goes through Isaac's loft, which The Company has turned into a state-of-the-art laboratory for Suresh. Back in time, Yaeko worries that Kensei is dead, but Hiro assures her that he'll survive. She expresses that Kensei seems like two men in one. And then, tired and exhausted, Kensei returns with the fire scroll. Hiro watches sadly as Yaeko embraces and kisses the "great" samurai warrior.

Nikki tells Micah to hide his powers as she drops him off at a house in New Orleans where they have family living. She says she doesn't know how long she'll be gone, but when she gets back, they'll be together. Micah worries his mom is leaving to do something bad.

Maya comes to bail her brother out of prison, but she only has 14 American dollars. When Maya points out a wanted flyer with her and Alejandro pictured on it, the police pin her down to the desk. She gets angry and her eyes fill up with the black substance and the police fall sick. She gets the keys and frees her brother and an American prisoner named Derek who has a car they escape in - Claire's Nissan Rogue!

Ricky toasts to the success of their heist just as Will gets a gun on him, proving that Peter was right after all. Will shoots Peter several times, knocking him over. But Peter regenerates and uses his telekinetic powers to pin Will to the wall as everyone watches in astonishment. In a rage, he almost crushes Will to death if not for Kaitlin begging him not to.

Hiro prepares to return to the present, but Kensei begs him to stay. Hiro says he can't remain for fear of breaking the space/time continuum, but when he sees Yaeko beneath the cherry blossoms, he changes his mind. In the present, Sylar discovers that his abilities no longer work. Enraged, Sylar kills Michelle: his first victim in his quest to get his abilities back. But when he tries to use his newly acquired power of illusion, nothing happens.

Caitlin gives Peter a tattoo just as Ricky comes in to thank him for stopping Will. Ricky gives Peter the box containing the clues to his true identity and leaves. Peter is afraid to open the box and Caitlin tries to comfort him as she leans in and kisses him. Unknown to him, her own tattoo fades away and turns into the Godsend helix.

Claire and West giggle and laugh on the beach until they get closer and kiss. She notices marks on his neck. He tells her that he was abducted a couple years back by a man with horned-rimmed glasses. A horrified Claire instantly recognizes the description of her father, but does not tell West.

Niki arrives at Bob's office and speaks with him on the phone. He says he can cure her, but first she has to do something for him. At the same time, Suresh calls Bennet to tell him that they're moving Isaac's paintings. But Suresh takes a snapshot of the last one and emails it to Bennet. Noah is shocked to see a painting of himself lying dead from a gunshot wound as Claire and West kiss in the background.






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