Episode 2.02 : Lizards

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : October 01, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

A bucket of water thrown over his head, a few punches to the face, and Peter Petrelli comes to in the back room of the Wandering Rocks Pub in Cork, Ireland. When asked what he did with the missing iPods, Peter says he doesn't know, resulting in more punches to his face.

After sending Claire off to school, Noah shows his wife a newspaper article about Kaito Nakamura's death. He says he knew this would happen and shows her a painting Isaac made, explaining that it's one in a series of eight, and he plans on finding the other seven.

On the Deveaux rooftop, Detective Matt Parkman interviews Ando about what happened. Ando points out the red symbol scrawled over Kaito's picture: it's the crest of legendary samurai Takezo Kensei. Also on the photo is Angela Petrelli's fingerprint.

In Otsu, Japan, in the year 1671, Hiro sobers Kensei up in a horse trough and tries to convince him to go after Yaeko so she can become his princess, thus restoring the space/time continuum. When Kensei collapses, Hiro picks up Kensei's mask and armor, donning it himself.

In Hartsdale, New York Bob gives Suresh his first assignment: go to Port-au-Prince to investigate a man who may have the Shanti virus. Meanwhile, Maya and Alejandro seek refuge at the home of some old family friends who agree to help them across the border.

Caitlin tends to Peter's wounds at the Wandering Rocks pub in Ireland. She explains that her brother pulled the job for a man named McSorley and that delivery is due that day. Peter still can't remember anything except for the electrical shocks coming from his hands. Caitlin is then mystified that all of Peter's wounds have healed in an instant.

Suresh arrives in Port-au-Prince and finds the man he was sent to find... The Haitian! Meanwhile, a healer takes Maya's hands. She closes her eyes and goes to work. But soon she screams out and tells Maya that she carries a black death... enough to kill the devil. "No one can heal you. You are cursed."

Hiro, dressed as Kensei, comes to the rescue of Yaeko, who is fighting off a group of nefarious samurai. Hiro uses his abilities to disarm the warriors and frighten them away, which really impresses the beautiful Yaeko. Later, the two of them share a moment together beneath the flowering cherry blossoms where they begin to fall in love.

Peter manages to use an ability to phase out of the ropes that tie his hands together. As he's about to escape, a bunch of thugs come into the bar and attack Caitlin. Peter comes to the rescue and uses his telekinetic abilities to remove their weapons and beat them up.

West finds Claire after a biology class on how lizards regenerate limbs. He asks why she's hiding everything that's interesting about herself. He tells her that he's into genetics and found a book called "Activating Evolution." Claire ditches him, but when she gets to the parking lot she sees that her Nissan Rogue has been stolen.

Suresh gives The Haitian his blood and the virus begins to clear. Suresh fears that the virus is becoming more aggressive. When The Haitian realizes that Suresh works for the Company he wipes Suresh's mind. When Suresh comes to, Bob is standing before him, wondering why he's been out of contact for days.

Nidia, Maya and Alejandro's friend, helps them cross the border in the dead of night, but when the police arrive, Maya gets separated from her brother, freaks out, and accidentally poisons Nidia with the black tears. Alejandro finds Maya and takes the black poison from her eyes. Nidia heals, but is rightfully terrified of them and leaves the siblings to continue on their own.

Claire visits her dad at Copy Kingdom to tell him the Rogue was stolen. She also complains that she's not allowed to test the limits of her ability. Bennet reminds her again that the Company will turn her into a lab rat if they find their family. In New York, Matt questions Angela Petrelli about Kaito's murder. Matt reads her thoughts that someone killed Kaito out of revenge. When he asks her aloud if anyone would want revenge, she realizes he can read her thoughts and asks for her lawyer. Matt continues to press Angela but backs off when he reads her next thoughts, "Get out of my head!"Later, Nathan arrives at the police station to get his mom and finds her screaming in terror at some unseen force attacking her. Matt and Nathan break into the room only to find a sobbing Angela with her face covered in scratches.

Ricky returns to the Wandering Rocks Pub and yells at Peter for putting McSorley's son through the wall and for turning a solvable problem into a blood feud. Ricky says they'll make it right by pulling a job that will drop a fat stack of bills on McSorley's desk. Peter refuses to help until Ricky shows him a box that was found in the empty pallet. The box contains information about who Peter really is. Peter agrees to help pull off the robbery in exchange for the box.

Yaeko finds Kensei at a bar and returns the sword to him. She then leads the charge to go rescue her father. Kensei agrees to help. When Hiro and Kensei step outside, 11 samurai shoot arrows into Kensei, dropping him to the ground. When Hiro pulls the arrows out, the wounds mysteriously heal.

Over the phone, Suresh tells Bennet that everything went well and the Company isn't suspicious. When they hang up, Bennet turns around to welcome his old friend, The Haitian - The Haitian wiping Suresh's memory was just a ruse! At the Butler house, Claire decides to test her ability by cutting off a toe. As it grows back, she turns around and sees West looking in through the window. When Claire races outside, he's gone, but the book "Activating Evolution" remains behind as Mr. Muggles barks at the sky.






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