Episode 1.23 : How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : May 21, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

As Linderman's guards fight their way into his office, Niki helps D.L. to his feet and they phase through the wall. In another part of the building, Molly recognizes Matt as the officer who once saved her. The standoff ends and guns are lowered.

Outside of Claremont's store, Hiro receives a reluctant blessing from his father to go after Ando. Meanwhile, Sylar paints a picture of himself facing off against Peter in Kirby Plaza.

Angela tells Nathan that a helicopter is meeting them on the roof to take them to safety. Elsewhere, Niki leaves an injured D.L. in the halls to go hunt for Micah on her own. In another room, Bennet gets a call from a distraught Claire who tells him that Ted is dead by Sylar's hand.

Claire feels betrayed by Peter when he pulls into a garage for a secret meeting with Nathan. Peter assures Claire that Nathan won't let them down, but when Peter hears his brother's thoughts, he realizes that Claire was right and Nathan has betrayed them. Claire runs off, but Angela Petrelli is there to stop her. Peter turns invisible and flees the garage. But his newly acquired nuclear powers threaten to flare out of control again and he quickly passes out on the street above.

Suresh tends to an ailing Molly, who pinpoints Sylar's location as Isaac's loft. She cautions everyone that there's an even worse villain out there... someone she can't find, but who knows when she's thinking about him.

Bennet calls Peter to check on Claire, but Angela answers the phone. She tells him they're taking Claire out of harm's way, and he begs to speak with his daughter. Over the phone, he tells Claire to go with Nathan and Angela, but to flee once they are out of the city.

When Peter wakes up, he finds himself on the Deveaux rooftop, watching his first day as nurse to the ailing businessman. From his vantage, he watches his slightly younger self meet Simone for the first time and his mom conferring with Charles, who believes she is betting on the wrong brother. She assures him that Peter is an insecure weakling and the world will turn to Nathan for leadership. When everyone is gone, Charles looks over and says, "I know you're there, Peter."

Ando arrives at Isaac's loft, but he's no match for Sylar, who telekinetically pins him to the wall. And since Ando has no powers, Sylar decides to decapitate him instead. Hiro comes to the rescue in the nick of time, grabs Ando, and teleports away. They materialize in their old offices at Yamagato Industries where Hiro says goodbye to his friend and teleports back to New York City.

Niki opens a door and finds Jessica waiting for her. Jessica shows Niki Micah's dead body, and then she starts beating her weaker half from pillar to post. But Niki sees the real Jessica in a reflection of broken glass, warning that it's not really her... it's Candice! Niki finally finds a way to use Jessica's superstrength and knock Candice out cold. The illusion of Micah's body fades and Niki reunites with her frightened son, who is very much alive.

Molly warns Suresh that Sylar is already at Kirby Plaza. In Nathan's den, Claire begs him to do something to stop the impending destruction, but he remains cold and resolute. When Angela tells Claire that she'll soon have a family, Claire leaps out the window, regenerates, and rushes off toward Kirby Plaza.

Suresh discovers D.L. in the hall and goes to help, but with the guards rushing on, time is running out. Niki and Micah emerge, and Micah manages to start the stalled elevators. Suresh, Molly, Micah, Niki, and D.L. manage to get away just as the guards arrive.

Peter doesn't understand how he can talk to Charles, and Charles replies, "it doesn't matter. You came here because you needed to. You needed to hear the truth before you could save the world." Out on the New York streets, Bennet wakes Peter and agrees to put him down if he's about to explode. "Thanks, Mr. Bennet," Peter says. "Call me Noah," is the reply.

Peter arrives at Kirby Plaza for the final confrontation with Sylar. Matt fires at the villain, but Sylar flings the bullets back at Matt, shooting the policeman in the stomach. Sylar wails on Peter with a parking meter until Niki gets in a few punches.

Peter's hands start to glow just as Hiro materializes and rushes toward Sylar, running him through with a sword. As Sylar crumples into a pool of his own blood, he flings Hiro away and Hiro vanishes. Peter struggles against the imminent explosion, when Nathan flies down, grabs Peter, and whooshes into the night sky where Peter explodes in a glowing ball of orange and red to end volume one.

Volume Two, "Generations," begins. Hiro lands on a grassy plain in 17th century Japan, outside the city of Kyoto. Japanese warriors approach and prepare to fire arrows at him when a lone warrior on horseback emerges from the top of a hill. Swords are drawn. The Godsend symbol is barred. Hiro is caught in the middle. An eclipse passes over them. To be continued...






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