Episode 1.22 : Landslide

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : May 14, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Peter's hands glow, signaling the beginning of the end, but he gets his newly acquired ability under control and calms down. Bennet decides to send him, Ted, and Claire to Windy Fork, Nebraska while he continues on with Matt. Meanwhile, Ando calls a shop that specializes in repairing samurai swords.

The polls have Nathan down by five points, but Linderman, stepping into Nathan's den, assures him victory. He also informs Nathan that his father had "great power," but when he couldn't make a difference in the world, he gave up. Heidi wheels in, surprised to find Linderman there. Linderman then touches her and she gets up and walks.

At the repair shop, Hiro and Ando are in for a surprise when Ando notices the "Godsend" symbol on the wall and Hiro's father, Kaito, emerges from the backroom. Kaito says he remained in the U.S. to observe his son's progress and then takes him into the back room to speak further.

Candice brings Micah some valuable comic books; he doesn't understand why she's working for a bad man when she can use her power to be a hero. She says the world is an awful place and people can be mean just because of the way you are born or look, but Linderman is going to change all that.

Thanks to a tip from Sylar, FBI agent Audrey Hanson nabs Ted on the street, but Peter and Claire manage to escape.

Kaito tells Hiro that he has waited a long time for a Nakamura with power to ascend, and is surprised to find that it was Hiro. Hiro admits that he failed in killing the villain, but Kaito says next time he will not. He takes out a sword and teaches Hiro how to fight with a sword and teaches an important lesson: you must cut out your heart to be a hero.

Disguised as an African American woman, Candice takes Micah to a voting booth where he touches a computer and creates a landslide victory for Nathan. Later, D.L. and Jessica surprise Nathan in his den and tell him about Linderman kidnapping Micah. They want him to lead them to Linderman so they can kill him.

Bennet asks Matt to use his ability to get them through building security so they can stop the tracking system. Matt gets them scanned in as D.L. and Jessica phase through on their way to kill Linderman.

Molly is responding well to Suresh's treatment and her ability is coming back. She says that Matt is nearby, but when Suresh asks her to find Sylar, Thompson enters the room to say that they're taking her to an ultra-safe location.

Thompson and Suresh watch Matt and Bennet approach on a surveillance monitor. Thompson tells Suresh they want Molly. Matt hears this thought and pulls Bennet aside just as Thompson fires at them. Bennet runs off, leaving Matt weaponless. Thompson sneaks up behind Parkman, but Bennet gets the drop on him and shoots Thompson in the head as Suresh watches in horror.

Before using Thompson's access card to get in, Bennet tells Matt that, "whatever happens in here you have to know, it's the only way our families are ever going to be safe." They go into Molly's room where they find her cowering by the bed. Suresh comes out of hiding and holds a gun at Bennet's head. "Shoot me, and she dies," Bennet says as they face off in a stalemate.

Outside, Sylar uses his powers to flip over the FBI vehicle carting Ted away. He opens the door and slices off Ted's scalp, taking his ability. Meanwhile, Kaito is happy with his son's progress. They leave the backroom to discover that Ando has purchased a sword and has gone after Sylar on his own.

Jessica and D.L. phase through Linderman's room. She throws him against the wall, demanding to know where Micah is. Linderman tries to buy off Jessica, and she admits she wants the money. Niki takes control just as Linderman fires at her. D.L. jumps in the way and takes the bullet... but he isn't dead. He sneaks up behind Linderman and phases his hand through his brain, pulling out a handful of bloody tissue before collapsing in Niki's arms.

Nathan wheels Heidi onto the stage for his big acceptance speech. As he talks, Hiro leaves his father to continue his quest, Peter and Claire return to the city, Ando goes after Sylar with a sword of his own, Niki cradles DL, Suresh and Bennet standoff, and Micah waits to return home. On a rooftop, Sylar practices controlling his new ability. "Boom," he says, with the city spread before him.






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