Episode 1.21 : The Hard Part

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : May 07, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Hiro and Ando are thankful to be back in their own time, but there's little pause for reflection: it's time to save the word. In another part of the city, Claire jealously watches as Nathan arrives home to the warm embrace of his wife and two sons.

With Ted's help, Matt and Mr. Bennet repair their car and continue their journey to New York. In Isaac's loft, Sylar paints a future depicting Ted's glowing hands. In Brooklyn, Suresh receives an unlikely phone call: Sylar begging for help. But when Sylar hears Suresh dialing 911 on his other phone, he angrily hangs up.

D.L. decides to go after Micah, and his wife insists that she come, too. As they prepare to leave, Micah plays video games in a large suite while Candice, disguised as his mom, watches over him.

Thompson offers Suresh a job with the Company by enticing him with the story of Molly Walker, a girl with a special ability who is dying from the same rare disease that killed Shanti, Suresh's sister. Suresh's father invented a cure, but it came too late and no one can figure out where it is. Time is running out for Molly, and she is the only one who can stop Sylar, according to Thompson.

Hiro and Ando arrive at Isaac's loft to find his dead body on the ground. When they overhear Sylar on the phone begging someone to allow him to visit, they quickly hide behind a painting. Sylar hears their hearts beating and they teleport from the loft before he can discover them. Hiro and Ando then start following him out on the street.

D.L. and Niki phase into Linderman's archive where they discover a painting of Micah on the ledge of a burning building along with reams of files about all three of them. When they spy a note about the New York election, they decide to head to the city that never sleeps to find their son.

Suresh takes a blood sample from Molly as she explains her ability to find any person in the world just by thinking of him or her. Suresh realizes she can help find Sylar, but she cautions that her ability hasn't been working for some reason.

Claire tells Nathan about Ted's power, and Nathan says he'll try and find him since he may be the one who blows up New York. Nathan commends Claire for being so brave, but when she leaves, he picks up the phone and calls Linderman with the message, "We have a problem."

Ando and Hiro lurk outside an apartment where Sylar reunites with his estranged mother. He brings her a snowglobe for her collection and asks if it's OK for him not to be special - he just wants to be a watchmaker. But his mother adamantly insists, "Why would I tell you that when I know you could be so much more. If you wanted, you could be president."

Claire and Peter visit Petrelli campaign headquarters where they see Nathan conversing with Thompson, who reiterates how committed he is to blowing up New York. Elsewhere, Micah escapes from the suite, but soon discovers that his "mom" is really Candice and there is no way out!

Sylar demonstrates his abilities to his horrified mom. When a floating snowglobe hits her, she runs off in fear. He tries to coax her back into the room, and Ando encourages Hiro to make his move. Inside the apartment, Sylar's mom comes out and tearfully asks what happened to her son.

She grabs a pair of scissors for protection and he wrestles her into a hug and accidentally kills her. Hiro stops time, barges into the room and swings his sword at Sylar's head. But Sylar somehow manages to break free of Hiro's power, catch the sword and snap it in two with his freezing power. Hiro and Ando teleport away before Sylar can attack again.

The search for a cure to Molly's illness leads Suresh inward, and he discovers that his blood contains the necessary anti-bodies — he was born too late to save Shanti. In Isaac's loft, Hiro feels that he failed in his mission by not killing Sylar and wonders over how Sylar snapped his sword in half.

Worried that he still may be the one to explode New York, Peter gives Claire a gun and asks her to shoot him if he's about to go off. Meanwhile, Nathan's mom makes sure that he's still prepared to step up and lead the free world after New York explodes.

As Sylar smears his dead mom's blood into a depiction of the bomb exploding, Claire looks up from a conversation with Peter to see her father, Ted, and Matt approaching. She tearfully reunites with her dad, but their reunion is short-lived when Peter begins to absorb Ted's ability, his hands begin to glow, and he prepares to...






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