Episode 1.20 : Five Years Gone

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : April 30, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

On the fifth anniversary of the New York explosion, past Hiro confronts his sword-wielding future self in Isaac's loft. Future Hiro realizes that since Claire was saved, past Hiro can now kill Sylar and stop this terrible future from ever happening. Matt bursts in with a team of Homeland Security agents and arrests past Hiro as future Hiro and Ando transport to Las Vegas to look for Peter.

At a Vegas strip club, Jessica dances on stage as Hiro and Ando arrive to look for Peter, her boyfriend. She won't say where he is and when asked about Bennet's location, she replies that he's "rustling cattle in Texas." When Hiro and Ando leave, a brooding Peter materializes at the bar. As he drinks, he looks troubled by the fifth anniversary of the bomb while Jessica prefers to forget about it.

Matt screams at past Hiro for killing "a lot of good men" at the National Science Center. When Hiro doesn't answer any of his questions, Matt calls President Petrelli at the White House to tell him that they finally have Hiro, but that he claims to have no memory of the past five years.

Nathan summons Professor Suresh to the Oval Office and delivers the news of Hiro's capture. Before Suresh leaves for New York, Nathan tells him that he's decided to exterminate everyone with special abilities before another Sylar happens.

Suresh arrives at Isaac's loft and finds the timeline web. At Primatech Paper, Bennet tests a young boy for special abilities. When he tests positive, he gives him a new identity and cautions the father to do whatever it takes to keep him away from authorities who are hunting down undocumented people with abilities. Future Hiro arrives and tells Bennet that he knows Claire is still alive.

Suresh theorizes that Hiro built the web so he could try and fix the past. Matt doesn't buy that Hiro can travel through time, and Suresh realizes that Peter met with Hiro on the subway car with the message to save the cheerleader.

Claire waits tables at the Burnt Toast Diner and goes over wedding details with her fiancé¬ Andy, who doesn't know that she has special abilities. Bennet arrives and tells Claire that people know of her existence and she has to go into hiding again.

Future Hiro tells Ando that he can't reveal what became of him. Once again, Matt comes crashing in with his team. He tasers future Hiro, but Peter materializes, stops time, and rescues future Hiro and Ando.

Back in New York, Bennet meets up with Matt, who he has a deal with: Bennet brings Matt dangerous refugees in exchange for protecting harmless ones, much like Matt's own child. Matt asks if he's heard anything from Janice, and Bennet shows him a picture drawn by his son. Matt's agents then come out of hiding and beat Bennet to the ground. "I'm ending our arrangement," Matt says.

Claire asks Andy to elope with her, promising to tell him everything if he'll agree, which he does. But their plans are stopped when a new customer turns out to be Matt. Meanwhile, Suresh confronts past Hiro and asks if he was trying to kill Sylar in order to change the past.

Peter is surprised to see Ando at the strip club. Peter explains why: Ando died in the explosion, and Hiro's hope and optimism died with him. When Jessica sees them, she gets angry and leaves.

Suresh informs Nathan that Hiro was trying to kill Sylar before he exploded, adding that it's possible for him to achieve this. Nathan tells Suresh that tonight he's going to announce that they've found a way to treat the abilities. When people start dying, he'll announce that Suresh made a mistake. This will unite the world in grief, and then they'll just be united, he says, echoing Linderman. Matt comes in to announce the capture of two "Hiros," and Nathan asks Suresh to put them down.

Nathan meets with Claire in the Petrelli townhouse. Claire, whom he thought was dead, is furious with him for making people afraid of those with abilities. He says that he's met a lot of special people, including Candice who allowed him to become president. He begins to remove her scalp, revealing that he's really Sylar! "I've waited a long time for this," he says.

Jessica argues with Peter to "let things go." He turns it around and yells at her for calling herself Jessica onstage because it's not true. Peter assures Niki that Jessica, DL and Micah are all gone and she has to accept her loss. He admits that he was the one who exploded and not Sylar - Nathan lied to protect him. "If there's a chance that Hiro can undo this, I have to help him."

At the site of the New York bomb explosion, President Petrelli delivers a speech about finally finding the cure to reverse the genetic code of those with abilities. Soon, they will begin lifting restrictions to restore their way of life, and we can finally live without fear. As five bells ring to signify five years of sorrow, Suresh prepares to kill past Hiro.

Future Hiro and Peter fight their way into the Homeland Security building while Matt and his team remains upstairs with the Haitian because his presence makes them powerless. As past Hiro begs for his life, Suresh apologizes and kills the Haitian instead!

Future Hiro comes crashing in and past Hiro tells him not to kill Suresh. Ando and past Hiro reunite. Future Hiro says he has to go back to the past just as Matt comes in and shoots him in the back. Matt calls Nathan at the ceremony to tell him they have future Hiro but that Peter is holding them off.

The New York crowd is aghast as Nathan flies away to confront Peter. Peter realizes that it's really Sylar. "When I killed Nathan, he had already turned against his own kind." "Liar," says Peter," as their hands start glowing for a fight to the finish.

As Suresh holds back the door, and light explodes into the room from Peter and Sylar's battle, past Hiro closes his eyes and manages to teleport himself and Ando back to their own time.






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