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  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : April 23, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Claire pays a surprise visit to Mr. Bennet's prison cell at Primatech Paper, though he's quick to recognize that it's really Candice, the illusion caster. Thompson stops in and cautions Bennet that he's waiting for the kill order to come down from the top.

Linderman tells Nathan that he wants to heal and save the world. To demonstrate, Linderman waves his hands over some dying flowers and they return to health. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet's thoughts wake Parkman in his Primatech cell. Using his thoughts, Bennet gives Parkman instructions on how to escape.

Linderman reveals some of his past: he was young when he discovered his ability. He found others like him and they banded together to make a positive impact on the world, but some of them later turned bad. The upcoming explosion in New York will only kill of the earth's population, but it will serve to band all of humanity together in a common cause. It's Nathan's destiny to be the leader who will rally the city, the nation, and the world.

Peter uses his abilities to throw Sylar off him and against the wall. Suresh, no longer held by Sylar's telekinesis, crashes down from the ceiling. As Sylar regroups, Peter turns invisible. Sylar raises hundreds of shards of glass into the air. He flings them around the room and one of the finds its mark in the back of Peter's neck, instantly killing him. Suresh manages to knock Sylar out and flee the scene with Peter's body.

Angela Petrelli shows Claire some family photos and fills her in on her bio-father and uncle. She claims that she and her husband made "arrangements" for Claire and that she's aware of her special abilities. Angela informs her that they're going to Paris where Claire will remain in hiding until its safe.

When Sylar comes to, he finds that "the list" is missing, but he manages to locate Isaac's address. Across the country, D.L. argues with Niki/Jessica about her work for Linderman. He threatens to take Micah away just as Linderman's henchman arrives to summon her to the Corinthian Casino.

Matt continues his escape. Following Bennet's thoughts, he finds Ted and frees him from his cell. When Thompson realizes that Matt is gone, he hits a button and alarms sound throughout Primatech Paper. In New York, Suresh brings Peter's lifeless body home to Angela Petrelli.

Linderman tells Niki that his plan to control the election unraveled and he needs to "borrow" Micah. Niki refuses to involve Micah and leaves. Meanwhile, Matt and Ted continue their escape. Ted sends out an electromagnetic pulse that shuts down the alarm system and most of the facility. They grab Bennet and safely escape from Primatech.

"He's not supposed to die this way," Nathan sobs as he cradles Peter's body. Claire then comes downstairs to see her dead uncle. She removes the shard of glass from Peter's neck and he gasps back to life.

After Peter has a heart-to-heart with Nathan, their mom enters the room to tell them that she's known about their abilities all along. Meanwhile, Matt, Ted, and Mr. Bennet plan their next move. Matt mentions Linderman and Bennet then realizes that Linderman is in charge of the Company. Bennet says they'll travel to New York to take down the equipment used by the Company to track those with abilities.

Niki picks Micah up from school and takes him to see Linderman, only it's really Candice in disguise. In New York, Suresh talks with Thompson about trying to stop Sylar. Thompson offers Suresh a research position with the Company. Across town, Isaac turns around to find Sylar standing in his loft. Isaac knows what he's there for and soon enough, Sylar kills the painter.

Nathan has a few words with his daughter, Claire. He apologizes for not being there for her, but tells her that she must go to Paris until after the election. Meanwhile, Sylar paints a picture of Nathan as President of the United States as Isaac's dead body lies beside him.

Five years in the future, Hiro and Ando stand before a partially destroyed New York. Hiro resolves to discover what they did wrong so they can go back to the past and stop the city from exploding. They head to Isaac's loft and discover a complicated series of strings hanging from the ceiling with pictures of people who have special abilities. Also inside the apartment...Hiro from another time! And he's less than thrilled to see his ?other' self.






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