Episode 1.18 : Parasite

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : March 05, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Isaac blames Peter for Simone's death. The tortured painter picks up the gun and shoots at the youngest Petrelli brother, but Peter turns invisible and escapes. Meanwhile, Hiro attempts to enter the Corinthian Casino but security throws him out.

Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that he can't remember anything about the hostage taking or being shot by the Haitian. When he says he wants to go after Claire, Thompson refuses. In a hidden room, a captive Matt Parkman is forced to check if Bennet is lying. When Thompson enters that room, Parkman confirms that Bennet is telling the truth but is denied his freedom. Elsewhere, the Haitian pulls over along a dusty highway and makes a mysterious phone call while Claire waits in the car.

FBI Agents Alonzo and Quesada visit Nathan in his New York office and ask him to wear a wire during his upcoming meeting with Linderman as part of their plan to put Linderman behind bars. When they leave, Peter materializes and tells Nathan about Simone's death; Nathan says he'll handle it.

Mr. Bennet returns to the hotel where he's staying with his family. Sandra turns the volume up on the radio and whispers that he told her to pretend that the Haitian took her memory and that he also told her the truth about the Company — he doesn't remember any of this. Candice, another agent working for the company, shows up at the hotel and informs Bennet of his new assignment.

Suresh shows Sylar his dad's list and says that his DNA didn't help him decode anything. Suresh pours Sylar a cup of tea. Sylar takes a sip and begins to get woozy. Just before Sylar passes out, Mohinder reveals that he drugged the tea since he realized that Zane Taylor is really Sylar.

Hiro runs into Nathan outside the Corinthian Casino and Nathan helps Hiro get inside. Meanwhile, the Haitian gives Claire a new identity and passport so they can leave the country. But she evades him at the airport and takes off to New York City on her own.

Two detectives question Isaac about Simone. When Simone herself walks through the door, he is stunned speechless and the cops leave. But it's not really Simone. It's Candice — she's a shape shifter! Mr. Bennet arrives and tells Isaac that a crew will clean up the mess and that he should keep painting.

D. L. tells Jessica/Niki that he knows she's going after Nathan at Linderman's casino. She lies, and once he leaves the room she yells at Niki for leaving the photo out for him to find. Meanwhile, Sylar wakes up to discover that he's shackled and that his body is paralyzed. Suresh tortures him by ringing a tuning fork in his ear. He then jabs a needle into Sylar's spine to extract some fluid to study.

Hiro delivers the Mendez painting to Linderman's archive. The curator goes to get a receipt for delivery and Hiro gets the location of Kensei's sword. Hiro goes to steal it but is busted by the curator, who calls in security. Security comes racing in, and it's Ando! In another part of the hotel, Jessica kills Nathan's FBI agents in their room.

Suresh unlocks the secrets of his father's research. Four simple genes answer everything, and will enable him to make a new list and find more people with abilities. Suresh goes to take revenge and fires a bullet at Sylar, but Sylar telekinetically stops the bullet in mid-air and uses his powers to free himself.

A distraught Isaac goes back to his junkie ways and paints a picture of his own death. Niki accosts Nathan in his hotel room and pulls out the wire he's wearing. She tells him that Jessica killed the FBI agents and that Linderman knows that he turned on him.

Bennet returns to his family's hotel and tells Sandra that they have to stop the Company for good to ensure Claire's safety. But then Sandra reveals that she's really Candice as Thompson and other Company goons come into the room.

As Corinthian security bears down on Hiro and Ando, Hiro takes the sword and teleports them both to New York City. They arrive on the Deveaux rooftop to find that a massive blast has destroyed a large swath of the city. Hiro teleported himself and Ando to New York City after the nuclear explosion went off.

Claire arrives at Peter's apartment looking for him, but finds his mom instead — who reveals that she is her grandmother. The Haitian is also there as she tells Claire that she's been trying to protect her.

Nathan meets Mr. Linderman in the hotel kitchen where he finds the mob boss happily cooking, one of his favorite pastimes. Nathan threatens Linderman with a gun, but Linderman cautions that his security will kill him within moments. Instead, he reveals to Nathan that he knows about his flying ability and that others with abilities are out there. When Linderman tells Nathan that he will help him become president of the United States, Nathan lowers his gun and throws in his lot with this deadly gourmand.

Peter comes to Suresh's apartment looking for him and finds the bloodied geneticist pinned to the ceiling. Suresh gasps out a warning just before Sylar surprises Peter from behind and telekinetically slams him against the wall. Sylar then begins to slice Peter's scalp off...






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