Episode 1.17 : Company Man

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 26, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Mr. Muggles runs down the stairs when he hears Matt and Ted breaking into the house. When they see the Bennets arriving home, Ted insists they kidnap Mr. Bennet then and there. The family comes through the door, and Ted and Matt spring into action.

15 years ago, Mr. Bennet is recruited into a secret organization that keeps people "safe," keeps them unaware of what's happening to the human race. Bennet is given a partner for his mission: Claude, the invisible man.

In the present, Matt tells the shocked Bennet family that Mr. Bennet abducts people, drugs them, and makes them forget. Mrs. Bennet asks how he does this and Matt hears Claire's thoughts, "The Haitian."

In a private interview with Claire, Matt hears her thoughts and learns that she has the power of regeneration. As she wonders if her dad made her this way...

14 years before, Mr. Bennet and Claude meet with Hiro's father on the Deveaux rooftop after "bagging a bloody firestarter" who they believed died in a fire. Hiro's father demands that Mr. Bennet adopt her baby but cautions, "She belongs to us. If she manifests; we'll take her."

In the present, Ted gets a second gun on Mrs. Bennet and Matt hears Mr. Bennet and Claire's thoughts telling him to shoot her because she can heal. Matt fires and shoots Claire to diffuse the situation.

Matt and Mr. Bennet bring Claire's body to her bedroom before she heals. Matt tells him that Ted was about to shoot his wife and Mr. Bennet thanks Matt for shooting first. Mr. Bennet explains that the people he works for don't know that she has an ability and will take her if they find out.

Ted insists that he stay with the family while Matt and Mr. Bennet go to Primatech. At Primatech, Mr. Bennet prepares a tranquilizer for Ted while telling Matt they need to trust each other.

Matt and Mr. Bennet run into The Haitian; Bennet yells at him for not erasing Claire's memory. The Haitian responds that he answers to someone whose authority supersedes Mr. Bennet's and that someone else will soon know about Claire's ability.

Seven years ago, Claude catches Bennet in a lie. Bennet confesses that he's supposed to kill Claude, who admits that he's hiding someone with an ability. Bennet stops the car on a lonely bridge and shoots Claude. He fires again and Claude turns invisible.

With Ted out of the room, Claire grabs a knife and frees her mom. Ted goes into Claire's room and sees that her body is gone. He runs down stairs just in time to stop the others from fleeing. Ted grabs Claire and burns her neck, which heals right before her mom's startled eyes.

Claire tells her mom that her husband has lied to her their entire marriage and that he's the reason she lost her memory. Mrs. Bennet, however, has faith that her husband is doing right.

Mr. Bennet and Matt arrive back at the house; Mr. Bennet hands Ted a folder full of files. Ted calms down as The Haitian comes in to free Claire and her mom. As Ted looks over the files, Mr. Bennet tells him that they can't make him normal, "We can't change the way you are."

As they quietly converse, Mr. Bennet's boss arrives and shoot's Ted in the shoulder. Ted loses control of his ability and begins to contort violently as fire spreads through the Bennet household. Claire rescues her father and sends him outside as an explosion tears through the house. Moments later, Claire emerges alive as her father's boss looks on and the firefighters arrive.

Mr. Bennet throws The Haitian under the bus by telling his boss that he's the one who had been hiding Claire and her abilities. The Haitian can't be found, but he'll be killed once he is. Meanwhile, Ted will be kept sedated until he's no longer useful.

Bennet and his boss check in on Matt who is hooked up to monitoring equipment. The boss suggests that Matt may make a good new partner for Bennet. He adds that the woman running the lab has an ability that will help them clean up "the mess you made." Lastly, the boss asks Bennet, "When can we be expecting Claire?" "I'll bring her in now," Bennet replies.

Mr. Bennet drives a crying Claire to the same bridge where he shot Claude. As they drive, he tells her he tried to protect her and to be the best dad he could. They arrive and find The Haitian waiting to take Claire out of his life. To make it look like a kidnapping, The Haitian shoots Mr. Bennet in his side. "Go deep. Don't take anything that will lead them to her." With a final hug from Claire, The Haitian erases Bennet's mind before fleeing into the unknown.






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