Episode 1.15 : Run!

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 12, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

After fourteen years apart, Nathan is shocked to receive a call from Meredith Gordon. He's even more shocked to discover that their daughter is still alive. With only two weeks until the election, he assumes she wants money to keep quiet and offers her $100,000. She hesitantly accepts.

Mr. Bennet brings his wife home after an appointment with a neurologist. Apparently she is starting to experience huge gaps in her memory. In Las Vegas, Jessica covers up the helix tattoo on her shoulder with some makeup and opens a waiting package: plane tickets. She makes a phone call and receives final instructions to kill someone who has stolen Linderman's money.

Matt prepares for his first day working in private security. Janice is scared that he's taking a gun, but he tells her not to worry. He leaves to meet his first assignment at the airport: Aron Malsky, the target Jessica is supposed to eliminate.

Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas and walk through a hotel kitchen where they find a girl named Hope crying. The next state over, Matt drives Malsky to the diamond district in downtown Los Angeles. As they drive, Matt picks up Malsky's thoughts, "I hope this loser knows how to use his gun; otherwise, we're both dead."

Suresh fails to contact any of the people on his father's list, but then he receives a frantic message from Zane Taylor, a man who claims to have some uncontrollable ability. Meanwhile, Hope cries her eyes out to Ando about her abusive boyfriend. She offers to introduce them to someone who can take them to Linderman if they get her bag from her boyfriend's room. At first Hiro wants to focus only on the mission. But Ando guilt trips him into helping since they are always doing what Hiro wants and never what Ando wants.

Dressed as a room service valet, Ando enters the boyfriend's room, but fails to retrieve the bag. However, Hiro is hiding in the room service cart. When Hiro opens the closet, he sees a shotgun and gets scared. Ando convinces him that it's OK and gets the bag himself, but he gets trapped under the bed in the process as Hiro flees the room.

Zane Taylor nervously awaits Suresh's arrival in his home in Virginia Beach. The doorbell rings and he opens the door, only it's not Suresh... it's Sylar! An unsuspecting Zane assumes that he is Dr. Suresh and ushers him in. Zane is extremely nervous, but is still able to demonstrate his ability by putting a pot on the floor and...

Nathan's mom tries to talk him out of going to Texas to see Meredith and Claire. He tells her that he used to care about Meredith and owes them more than a phone call. In Texas, Mr. Bennet grounds Claire for lying about her aquarium visit. Claire gets on the phone to her real mom, who says that her father is coming down from New York but they probably won't be able to meet.

Malsky looks over some diamonds he's about to buy when Matt overhears the seller's thoughts, "You won't get out of here alive." Matt tells Malsky it's a setup. Malsky grabs the diamonds, dumps stacks of money on the counter, and runs. They race down the hall and Matt hears that Malsky stole $2 million from Linderman. In the hall, Matt hears Jessica's thoughts coming from the elevator. With her gun at the ready, she's prepared to kill them both.

Hiro overhears Hope boasting to someone on the phone about how she got "two Chinese guys" to help her out by turning on the waterworks. Hiro accuses her of being a bad person but she drops him with one punch.

When Malsky gets an asthma attack, Matt sends him to the elevator as Jessica hunts down her prey. Matt overhears a heated conversation between Niki and Jessica about a deal with Linderman to get out of jail. Matt calls in the police as Jessica starts firing. Matt hears Malsky's thoughts and finds him hiding in a room, but Jessica sneaks up on Matt and throws him out a window.

Matt comes to on a building ledge and manages to crawl away as cops swarm over the building below. He climbs back through the window to find Malsky's dead body ripped in half.

Claire pays a surprise visit to her mom, demanding to see her father. Meredith tells Claire that her bio-father is not dependable and will just disappoint her. Meredith tells Claire that her dad is giving them $50,000 and that she's entitled to half. She then further crushes Claire by telling her she's returning to Mexico.

Suresh arrives at Zane Taylor's house where Sylar opens the door for him, posing as Zane. Sylar demonstrates his ability to liquefy objects.

Nathan arrives at the trailer park to see Meredith. He apologizes for the way things turned out and hands over the money to help make up for things. When he asks to see Claire, she tells him that he just missed her, unaware that Claire is eavesdropping from outside. Meredith shows Nathan a picture of Claire on her cell phone and offers to call Claire to have her come back. He declines.

Suresh hands Sylar a swab to get a DNA sample from the inside of his mouth. Sylar takes it and goes into the kitchen. He swabs out the inside of Zane's dead mouth. Suresh tells him that there are others with abilities and Sylar offers to help find them.

Ando brings the bag to Hope. When he starts asking questions about the missing Hiro, she says she took him to meet the man who will introduce him to Linderman. This doesn't satisfy Ando and he wonders why Hiro didn't wait. To pacify him, she gives him a kiss, adding, "Three's a crowd, baby."

Hiro attempts to escape from a locked storage closet. The door finally opens and the man from the hotel room faces him with a gun. He just happens to be an official from the state gaming commission.

Matt explains what happened to the cops, but he doesn't know where the diamonds are. However, something that Malsky said leads him to the briefcase full of diamonds hidden in the ceiling. Matt's about to hand them over, but then he hears the cop's disparaging thoughts about him being a joke even as a bodyguard. Matt pockets the diamonds and leaves.

Claire arrives home, shocked to find that her mom tossing objects at a frantic Mr. Muggles. Apparently she doesn't know who Mr. Muggles is. Even worse, she doesn't recognize Claire. Meanwhile, Jessica gets another package from Linderman: kill Nathan Petrelli.






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