Episode 1.14 : Distractions

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : February 05, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

For Peter's first lesson, the invisible man says that he must learn to hold onto his abilities when the person he absorbed it from isn't around. To test this, the invisible man steals a lady's purse, hands it to Peter, and leaves. The woman turns around and sees Peter in the broad daylight.

Tick-tock goes a metronome as Dr. Witherson asks a chained Niki to let her speak with Jessica. As Niki recounts her childhood, Jessica emerges and rips off the chains like that were made from paper and lunges at Witherson. Meanwhile, at Primatech, Sylar telekinetically throws Mr. Bennet against the wall, grabs his driver's license, locks Bennet inside the cell, and flees.

Simone asks Isaac about Peter's whereabouts, but he doesn't know. In Texas, Claire tells her mom that she and Zach are skipping school to talk to a marine biologist at an aquarium for their manatee paper. However, their real destination is the town of Kermit where her biological mom lives.

At Port Washington Harbor in Long Island, New York, Hiro confronts his austere father and sister. His father wants him to immediately return to Yamagato Industries and accept a job as a new executive vice president on his way to taking his father's place as CEO. Hiro rejects this offer and explains his true destiny. In response, Hiro's father rips the painting of Hiro fighting the T-Rex into pieces.

Niki comes to and finds Dr. Witherson badly beaten. Prison guards rush in, smack her with a nightstick, and drag her back to her cell.

The invisible man suggests to Peter that he can't use his abilities without help because he's still stuck in the mentality of being second fiddle and of serving others. The invisible man thinks that all people are rotten and out for themselves. Peter swears that Simone is "different," so to prove his point, the invisible man suggests they pay her a surprise visit.

As Hiro attempts to repair the painting, his sister Kimiko tells him that he has brought shame to their family. Kimiko informs him that there's problems at Yamagato Industries and shareholders are saying that if his father can't manage his own son, he can't manage the business.

Claire and Zach find that her bio-mom lives in a trailer park. As Claire meets Meredith face-to-face, little does she know that Sylar has arrived at her home in Odessa posing as a deliveryman from Primatech. Sandra graciously accepts him into her house and even invites him to stay for dinner.

Claire and her mom awkwardly get to know each other. Meredith fills her daughter in on her many travels through Mexico and how she just got back to Kermit a couple months before. Claire demonstrates how she survived the fire by cutting her arm and healing right before her mom's eyes. Her mom then holds up her palm and lights a fire with the power of her mind.

Sandra starts getting suspicious when Sylar continues to ask weird questions about Claire. When Sandra says she wants to check with her husband about dinner, Sylar responds by using his powers to knock the phone out of her hand. As he goes in for the kill, Mr. Bennet and The Haitian arrive to the rescue. Sylar goes running and Mr. Bennet gives the order for The Haitian to kill Sylar.

Sylar gets away and Mr. Bennet has The Haitian erase Sandra's memory again. In Kermit, Claire asks Meredith about her father. "That's complicated," Meredith tells her, holding out the information until "next time."

Simone finds Isaac on the rooftop of her father's building. Isaac believes this rooftop is somehow connected to what's happening. He doesn't think there's any hope for the future, but she tells him that "I believe in you," as she stands close to him, unaware that the invisible man and Peter are watching this intimate moment.

Hiro accepts the position of executive vice president. His first move is to consolidate management, but Kimiko thinks this is a bad idea and that they should expand. Hiro belittles her ideas; she defends herself by replying that she already runs three divisions of the company. But all that was a ruse to prove to his father that Kimiko should be his successor.

Niki is surprised by a visit from Aron Malsky, a lawyer for Linderman. Malsky tells her that she's going home because the charges against her have been dropped - the D.A. threw out the entire case when a man on death row confessed to the crimes.

The invisible man hammers away at Peter's idealism, which only makes the young man angry. When Peter reaches a boiling point, the invisible man tells him the only thing he has to do is fly. With that, the invisible man pushes Peter off the roof... only he doesn't fly. He smashes into a taxicab 30 stories below, but miraculously, Peter regenerates.

Peter realizes that the invisible man is wrong: he doesn't have to cut people out of his life; he has to remember how they made him feel as a way to control his abilities. But then Peter starts to phase through all the abilities. Fearing that he'll explode, the invisible man does the sensible thing and punches him out.

Isaac paints Peter sitting next to the cab, half his limbs invisible. He calls Mr. Bennet with the news that Peter may be invisible. He asks Mr. Bennet what this means. "It means an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was."

Hiro's father decides to make Kimiko his successor. Hiro says goodbye to his family and continues on with his quest. As Micah calls for his newly exonerated mother back at their house, it appears that Jessica is now firmly in control and now Niki is trapped inside her own mind.

When Claire finally gets home, her mom has no memory of the conversation they had about skipping school and going to the aquarium. Meanwhile, Meredith gets a hold of Claire's bio-dad... Nathan Petrelli.






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