Episode 1.13 : The Fix

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : January 29, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Peter encounters the invisible man and asks for his help, but he warns Peter to stay away. Meanwhile, Matt proves to Janice that he really can read her thoughts. At Primatech work continues on understanding Sylar's abilities even though he is close to death.

Hiro tries to stop time to get out of a parking jam but finds that his powers no longer work - he believes that only the sword will get them back. When he and Ando reach their car, they find a suspicious man waiting for them with a gun. They turn to flee, but find themselves boxed in by a black van.

Nathan comes to Suresh looking for Peter. Suresh tells Nathan about his father's research and the list of those with special abilities. Suresh believes that Peter's ability to absorb powers like a sponge could become dangerous, but that he can help if he studies the young man.

Peter finds the invisible man on the roof of the building that was once home to his patient Charles Deveaux. Peter once again asks for help and once again the invisible man refuses.

Zach attempts to crack into Mr. Bennet's home computer but comes up empty. He quickly shuts everything down when Mr. Bennet makes a surprise return home. Zach explains that he and Claire are lab partners working on a project about manatees. Later, Claire hangs some wind chimes in her window to signal The Haitian.

Janice is incredulous when Matt tells her that he was abducted, especially when he says that he's going to take down all the people who did this to him. He cuts their conversation short when he has to leave for a review board hearing.

Hiro manages to escape from his pursuers, but they grab Ando. Hiro offers himself in trade and they simply take him, too. Across the country, Niki wakes up in her padded cell to find Dr. Witherson, a psychiatrist, waiting to speak with her. Witherson thinks this a classic case of multiple personality disorder, and Niki asks for more drugs to help keep Jessica sedated.

D.L. struggles to be a good father. Micah snaps at him when his lunchbox goes missing and unfavorably compares him to his mom. In Odessa, Claire asks The Haitian who her real parents are. He doesn't know anything about her father, but says that her mom died 14 years ago in an explosion.

Mrs. Bennet tells her husband that Lyle has been very absent-minded lately. As he takes this in, he gets a call from Primatech notifying him that Sylar is dead. Bennet orders that the body be prepared for shipping. When the doctor un-straps Sylar from the gurney, Sylar's eyes snap open.

Zach unearths a newspaper article about an apartment fire in Kermit, Texas that happened 14 years before. A woman named Meredith Gordon and her 18-month-old daughter were killed. Zach suggests that the 18-month-old girl was Claire and that she may have family living in the area.

The review board hears Matt Parkman's case and double-checks that he really wants a statement entered into his record about a Texas paper salesman harboring a super-villain. When Matt hears one of the member's negative thoughts, he decides to recant, and the board suspends him for six months.

Inside the black van, Hiro and Ando's abductor tells them that his powerful boss is aware of their mission and wants them to stop. He offers them two first-class tickets back to Tokyo, but Hiro refuses.

As Peter packs a bag, he is interrupted by a visit from Nathan and Suresh, who offers his help. Nathan threatens to have his "mentally ill brother detained" if Peter continues on. When Nathan's back is turned, Peter runs out of the room and vanishes into the waiting capture of the invisible man, who tells Peter that he is an "empath" and that training will be more difficult than he thinks.

Matt tells Janice about the suspension and she gives him "one more freebie." He listens to her thoughts and learns that she's pregnant.

D.L. walks through the walls of Niki's padded cell to visit his wife. He tells her that he can't raise Micah on his own and needs to find a way to get her out of there. She gives him some advice on handling their son and then sends him on his way. In another location, Micah touches an ATM machine and piles of cash spill out.

Mr. Bennet checks up on his daughter and notices the wind chimes in the window. Meanwhile, Niki decides to work with Dr. Witherson to help assure a future between her and her son. Dr. Witherson asks to speak with Jessica. When Niki refuses, the doctor threatens that she won't see Micah for a long time if she doesn't cooperate.

D.L. admits to his son that he's having a hard time dealing with everything, but that he wants to be a good dad. Micah says he'll try harder and hugs his father. To help even more, Micah shows a shocked D.L. the mound of cash he collected from ATM machines. Micah admits that, "I have a secret, too."

Hiro and Ando's captors stop the van and take them to meet their inscrutable boss - Hiro's father!

Claire skims through a phone book and calls someone who may be related to Meredith Gordon, and the woman is surprised that someone knows that name. To Claire's shock, the woman she's reached is actually Meredith Gordon, but what Claire doesn't see is that her mom has an ability, too... the ability to create fire.

Mr. Bennet enters Sylar's cell and pulls the sheet off the body, revealing that it's not Sylar at all. It's the doctor. He looks over to see Sylar standing by with a single question on his mind... "How's Claire?"






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