Episode 1.11 : Fallout

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : December 04, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At the other end of a strange and violent night, Claire's father tells his bloodied daughter that he's known about her ability for years and admits to doing things he wasn't proud of to keep her safe. When she confesses that Lyle and Zach also know, he demands that she not tell anyone else, especially her mom.

In the local jail, another confession takes place. Peter admits to Nathan that he feels like he can't stop the nuclear blast that's coming. "That's because you can't," Sylar tells him. Peter looks up with a start to see that it's Sylar he's talking to and not Nathan. The young nurse panics... and awakes from this terrible vision.

Niki takes aim and fires, shooting D.L. through his shoulder. When she crosses the street to get her son, both D. L. and Micah are gone, having fled into the woods. Micah watches in stunned amazement as his dad puts a hand straight through a cabin door and unlocks it from the inside.

Mr. Bennett arrives at Primatech and lets Sylar know that his abilities won't work there. Bennett believes that so many alterations to Sylar's DNA has corrupted his mind, made him insane. In the halls, Eden is confused as to why they have orders to keep Sylar alive when she can force him to commit suicide right then and there.

Audrey and Matt question Peter, but he won't talk. When Matt tries to read his thoughts, Peter cries out in pain. When it passes, Peter can also read thoughts and lets the two cops know that the cheerleader that needs saving is not the one that Sylar killed.

Suresh returns to his father's New York apartment to find a note from Eden welcoming him back. His attempts to warn the authorities that someone is after the people on his father's list fail.

Hiro believes that he failed to save the cheerleader, but tells Ando that they most forge ahead to find Peter so they can prevent New York from destruction. They're interrupted by a phone call from Isaac, asking to meet.

With Mr. Bennett in the room, Audrey questions Claire about the homecoming events. She asks if Sylar exhibited any unusual traits, but she's cagey with her answers. From around the corner, Matt attempts to read her mind, but can't seem to get through - some kind of static interferes with his ability. Little does he know that the Haitian is just out of sight.

Niki is distraught to find D. L.'s bloodied jacket in the woods. She falls to the ground in anguish. When she gets up, Jessica lectures her about moving forward with the hunt. Micah's voice calls out for "mom." "I'm coming," Jessica replies as she gets out her gun.

After Mr. Bennett thanks Peter for saving his daughter's life, Claire asks her father to wait outside while she speaks with Peter alone. Claire tears up when she tells Peter how alone her ability has made her feel until now. "You're my hero," she tells a beaming Peter.

When she comes through the cabin door, D. L. pushes Jessica to the ground. She bounds back, grabs a hold of him, and flings him through the air, accidentally throwing Micah against some rocks in the process. Micah screams in pain, but reaches out to hug his mom when he's convinced that it's her and not Jessica.

Zach brings Claire the tapes of her healing, and she destroys them. The following day, Claire summons Zach for an emergency. She's freaked out that Lyle can't remember anything, "Like they made him forget." Zach feels like he's being played with, and Claire realizes that they've gotten to him, too.

Isaac can't believe that he's holding the "9th Wonders" comic in his hands since it hasn't even gone to the printer yet. Hiro tells him that in the future, he saw Isaac dead with his head cut off, but Isaac assures him that Sylar is now captured. Isaac shows Hiro some drawings he painted while sober a couple days ago, drawings of Hiro with Charlie at the diner. They believe it's their destiny to stop an "exploding man."

Niki worries that Jessica is stronger than she is, that Jessica is out of control, that she's not to be trusted. Niki walks over to the police swarming outside the Burnt Toast Diner and tells them to arrest her for murder.

While staking out Primatech, Matt admits to Audrey that he'd feel like a "chump" if he goes back to his wife. She tells him to grow up and forgive her. They spy Mr. Bennett emerging from the building to have a chat with the Haitian. Matt recognizes him as the man who was at the bar the night he was abducted. Matt tries to read a thought, but only gets one word - Sylar - before blood drips thickly from his nose.

Hiro tells Isaac to concentrate on a blank easel. Isaac doesn't think he can paint the future without drugs, but then his eyes glaze over and he begins to move his brush across the canvas. Later, Hiro and Ando watch as Isaac paints a picture of Hiro battling a dinosaur with a sword.

Claire calls her dad about Lyle and Zach's erased memories. He tells her to stay put, and he'll be right there. She hangs up the phone to see the Haitian coming into the room. He grabs her and tells her that her father sent him to make her forget, just like he's done to her mother, "so many times." He asks Claire if she can keep a secret, because it's very important that she not forget.

Eden calls Suresh to tell him that "I'm not who you think I am... I'm a bad person... I want to explain it all to you and soon." She tells him that she wants to make things right, "Starting by killing the man who killed your father." Eden faces Sylar with a gun and commands him to use it to blow his own brains out. It doesn't work. He smashes the glass, grabs the gun, and shoots her in the head.

Nathan arrives to get Peter out of jail, but doesn't want to listen to any of Peter's babble about saving the cheerleader. Peter topples over, passing out. When he comes to, he's standing on the streets of New York, streets that are filled with hundreds of stopped cars. Slowly, the other heroes emerge, circling Peter with terror on their faces. Peter is confused, but not for long. When he looks at his hands, he realizes that he is the exploding man.

Peter coughs, sputters, and awakens in his brother's arms. "It's all my fault. The explosion. It's me."






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