Episode 1.10 : Six Months Ago

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 27, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Six months ago, Hiro arrives at the Burnt Toast Diner from the present, just in time for Charlie's birthday; however, he thought he was only teleporting himself back one day. In Brooklyn, Chandra Suresh hands Gabriel Gray a copy of his book, telling him that he believes he has taken an evolutionary step forward.

Officer Matt Parkman asks a young woman named Eden for her license and registration. When he notices a bottle of alcohol in her car, he asks her to step out, but she refuses. Eden tells him that he really wants some donuts, which somehow compels him to leave her alone. As Matt drives away, the Haitian looks on with impassive eyes.

Destiny comes calling for Claire. A cheerleader has dropped out of the sqaud, opening a slot, as Jackie excitedly tells Claire. The two girls start a tug-of-war over the outfit causing Claire to slip and put her hand through a pane of glass. As her parents tend the wound, Chandra Suresh calls Mr. Bennett to speak to him about his daughter.

Niki Sanders announces a year of sobriety at a Las Vegas AA meeting. As she recounts her travails, her eyes alight on Hal, her estranged father. After the meeting, he begs to be a part of her life again, but she's resistant to give him another chance.

At a Manhattan party, Peter celebrates his graduation from nursing school and notices that Nathan is worried about something — the DA wants Nathan to prosecute Linderman, a reputed mobster who does business with their father. If Nathan brings Linderman down, their dad will go down, too.

With Eden tied to a chair, Mr. Bennett lays out a list of her criminal transgressions. In a strange voice, she commands him to let her go, but he doesn't give in as the Haitian looks on. He tells her that with her ability "no person in the world can say no to you... now there is."

Hiro gets a job bussing tables at the diner. One day, he presents Charlie with a birthday gift: a Japanese phrase book. She skims the book and instantly remembers everything she reads. She doesn't believe that he has an ability to stop time, but when she blinks, she suddenly has flowers in her hands and an order has been brought to a table full of customers.

D. L. finds Niki sitting in front of her sister Jessica's grave, a sister who died in 1987 at the age of 11. She tells D. L. that Hal is back, and she's struggling with whether or not to incorporate him back into her life.

Driving home from the party, Nathan tells Heidi that he finds Peter self-righteous and self-centered when a van rear ends them. With Heidi screaming for help, she looks over to see that Nathan is gone... he's hovering high above the car! With no driver, the car makes a crash landing.

Peter awakes from a dream about the accident with a phone call from Nathan: Heidi's in surgery. At the hospital, Nathan is reluctant to believe that Peter dreamed about the event, but then caves in and admits that Peter was right — there was another car involved, and it belonged to Linderman's men.

Charlie siill doesn't believe that Hiro has a special ability. He tells her of an old Japanese tradition that says a person who folds 1,000 origami cranes is granted one wish. He closes his eyes. When he opens them, 1,000 paper cranes hang from roof. He hands her a ticket to Japan and begs her to go. She agrees, and he reveals that he bought himself a ticket, too.

Chandra conducts a series of tests on Gabriel Gray, but the only thing he comes up with is the fact that Gray is healthy. When Chandra tells Gray that he may not have a special ability, Gray flies off the handle in a fit of rage. Gray takes a sticky note that bears the name of "Brian Davis," a man that Chandra believes is telekinetic.

After dinner, Hal presents Micah with a laptop. When Micah leaves the room, Hal offers to pay for Micah's education at a private school. Hal goes to check on Micah, discovering that he's opened up the computer. Hal goes off the deep end, screaming at his grandson. In an angered rage, Hal hands his daughter a check and heads for the door.

A steely-eyed Niki arrives at Hal's to tell him that she remembers his secret. "I'm not Niki. It's me, daddy, Jessica," she says, slamming her father against a cabinet. She begins to choke just as he "accidentally" choked Jessica to death when he was drunk and in one of his abusive rages. Niki returns his check and demands that he go away and never come back.

Mr. Bennett arrives home to find Claire practicing a cheerleader routine in her bedroom. Claire is conflicted over being a cheerleader, unsure of the whole thing because Jackie is such a "bitch." When he asks to see her wounded hand, she removes the bandages to reveal that it's perfectly healed.

Matt tells his wife that he failed the detective exam again. She tells him that he should just tell them the truth: he's dyslexic. She tries to comfort him with some affection, but he can't accept the gesture, feeling unworthy of her love and admiration.

Peter is ready to give a deposition against his own father, but Nathan stops him: "Dad's dead. He had a heart attack this morning. Take comfort in the fact that he didn't know his sons were about to stab him in the back."

Charlie tells Hiro how happy he makes her right before she delivers some terrible news: there's a blood clot in her brain and it's terminal. "I love you," she says in perfect Japanese as they lean in for a kiss. Hiro closes his eyes, but when he opens them, he's on the top of his old office building in Japan, doing exercises with the rest of the employees.

Gabriel repairs a watch when the door open and Brian Davis sheepishly enters the workshop. "Yes, I called you," Gabriel says, looking down at the watch and its brand name. "My name is... my name is Sylar." Brian amazes Gabriel with his telekinetic powers and asks Gabriel to make the ability go away. "Why would you want that?" Brian asks. "You're broken," Gabriel/Sylar says. "Don't worry... I can fix it. It's an evolutionary imperative." Sylar smacks Brian over the head, knocking him to the floor in a pool of blood.

Eden agrees to work with Mr. Bennett. Her first mission is to go to Chandra Suresh and get Claire's name off his list.

Chandra is amazed as Sylar demonstrates a newfound telekinetic ability by moving a glass across a table. The glass goes flying off, smashing against a wall. Sylar apologizes for getting angry the other day. "I'm different now. I feel like I've been given a chance to start over. New life. New identity. New purpose." Sylar tells Chandra that he can feel all the people out there waiting to unlock their true potential, "We'll find them together."

At last, Hiro arrives back at the Burnt Toast Diner. Ando is thrilled to see him, giving his long-lost friend a hug when he walks through the door. Hiro, however, isn't happy. He tried to save Charlie, but couldn't, and realized that the power is bigger than he is, that he can't change the past... that he failed.






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