Episode 1.09 : Homecoming

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The entire cheerleading squad is shocked and disgusted when Claire wins homecoming queen even after she sent the team's star quarterback to the hospital. Claire has won this honor because the school's geeks and outcasts voted for her.

Nathan confirms with Simone that she didn't tell Peter about the painting recovered from Linderman. Simone watches helplessly as Nathan destroys the painting, worried that Peter is going to get himself killed if he travels to Texas to "save the cheerleader."

Niki prepares for the battle ahead by purchasing a Blaser R93 sniper rifle. "We're going hunting" she tells her reflection in a car's side view mirror.

Somewhere in Utah along highway 12, Micah pester D.L. about returning to his mother. D. L. gets out of the car to use the bathroom at a rest stop. When he returns, Micah is gone.

Mohinder wonders how he could possibly dream about a sister he never knew had or how he dreamed of a boy who actually exists? According to the file, the boy's name is Sanjob Iyer, and he has the ability to enter one's dreams and change one's perceptions... a kind of spirit guide.

Simone is convinced to show Peter a digital image of the painting, which shows Peter's own death at 8:12 that very night. Peter knows that he has to go. With a hug and kiss, he says goodbye to Simone to find his destiny.

Isaac's painting doesn't help Mr. Bennett track down Sylar. He demands that Eden have him paint another when the artist wakes up and instructs Eden to go to the high school, find Sylar, and take him out.

Zach impresses Claire when he tells her that he campaigned for her to win homecoming queen. He also hands her a copy of Chandra Suresh's book, which includes a chapter on spontaneous regeneration. Jackie interrupts their moment with some callous statements about Zach's sexual orientation. Claire responds by knocking her block off.

D. L. finds Micah at a bus stop. Micah tells his dad about Jessica and how sick his mom is. " She can't help herself. She can't control it." His boy's words get through, and D. L. agrees to turn around to help Nikki.

Mohinder finds Sanjob Iyer in a crowded marketplace. "You came to me in my dream last night," Mohinder tells the boy. "I don't come to anyone," he replies. "They come to me... they have questions that need answers." Mohinder asks which path he should take and the boy tells him, "You already have the answer you seek."

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Ando waits for Hiro to return from the past when he notices a snapshot on a memorial wall for Charlie the waitress: it's Hiro with Charlie on her birthday. Ando asks another waitress if she knows Hiro, and she says, "Of course... he and Charlie were tight... but he popped out of her life weeks ago."

Claire is infuriated when her father refuses to let her leave the house for homecoming, but Zach shows up and rescues her from her bedroom window. She invites him to homecoming as her date.

A cab pulls up to the Burnt Toast Diner, and Peter Petrelli gets out. Ando tells him that Hiro has traveled back in time, and Peter admits that he has no abilities of his own, but when he's with others who do, he can absorb their powers. With an hour before Claire's murder, Peter leaves the diner to save the cheerleader.

Sanjob Iyer gives Mohinder another vision: he sees his colleague yelling at his father about the boy and his father's theories. He sees himself telling his father that he just read his book on evolution. He sees his father casting him out, refusing his aid in his quest to find those who have taken the next evolutionary step. When Mohinder snaps out of his vision, he knows what path he must go down. He cracks his father's computer password - Shanti — and a list of everyone with special abilities appears on the screen.

At the high school, Peter runs into Claire and asks her where he can find Jackie, the girl who rushed into fire — Peter is looking to save the wrong girl! Outside the school, Peter stands before the homecoming banner... the scene of his impending death.

While Claire argues with Jackie in the locker room, the lights go out and a black shadow streaks across the wall. Claire senses that something isn't right. She turns around to see Sylar choking Jackie to death. Her screams bring Mr. Bennett and Peter running as Claire is thrown against the wall. Her arm breaks, but she regenerates as Jackie takes her last breath.

Peter faces off against Sylar in the halls, as Sylar sends locker doors flying off their hinges. Two minutes before she's to die, Claire runs from the school in terror and up the steps that Isaac had painted. Peter grabs her, helping her flee from Sylar's calm advance. Peter yells at her to run into the bright lights of the crowded stadium, and then turns to battle Sylar. The two men tumble off the building in a heap. Blood pools around Peter as he and Sylar lay motionless.

Claire finds Peter's bloodied body on the ground. She leans over him, and he sputters back to life, his broken bones and smashed body regenerating before her eyes. Ambulance and police sirens scream in the distance as Claire runs to get help, but her father stops her and pulls her into his arms.

Sylar limps off into a grove of trees where Eden is hiding. "You don't want to hurt me," she says in a strange and eerie voice, "We just need to talk... but first, you need to sleep." The mysterious Haitian emerges from the shadows and wipes his hand across Sylar's face, causing him to crumple to the ground.

As Peter gets to his feet, the police arrive and take him into custody.

Mohinder tells his mom that he turned down Mira's job offer and is returning to New York.

Outside the Burnt Toast Diner, Jessica gets D. L. into her rifle's sight and fires.

Six months earlier, Hiro materializes in the diner and tells Charlie that he is there to save her life.






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