Episode 1.07 : Nothing to Hide

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : November 06, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Peter reads the stock page to Charles Devaux, but "in the end," Charles says, "all that matters is love." Peter lets Charles in on the secret that he can fly. As Charles watches, Peter leaps from the window and wakes up in his own apartment to the sound of Simone buzzing at the door: her father has passed away.

Zach brings Claire the news that he found the tape of her trying to hurt herself, though he can't understand how it just sort of re-materialized. Claire hides the tape, but her little brother Lyle sees where she put it and snares it when her back is turned.

For the sake of total honesty, Matt tells his wife that there's something they need to talk about, but he stops himself when he hears her thoughts: she's cheating on him.

Niki awakens with a start to find her son gone. She finds herself torn between her usual self and Jessica, who is chomping at the bit to take over. Niki visits a friend for support and tells her about her split personality but the friend doesn't believe her.

Peter and Simone arrive at Isaac's loft to find him and his paintings gone. Peter asks for one painting in particular. Simone caves in and tells him who bought it: a man named Linderman.

A newspaper wants to do a story on Nathan and his family, but he doesn't want to let it happen. His wife, Heidi, says that she's been hiding for months and is ready to put things behind her so she can help with Nathan's campaign. He agrees, and she rolls off in her wheelchair to get ready.

Claire discovers Lyle watching the tape. She tries to take it away, but he grabs it and runs. With Zach's help, she corners him in a car but he's afraid to come out. "You're a freak," he yells at her.

Sylar has struck again. Aubrey takes Matt to the morgue where she shows him a charred body that is emitting a massive amount of radiation. The only thing found on the body was a fingerprint seared to the bone. A match comes up for the fingerprint: Theodore Sprague of Los Angeles, California.

Driving away, Micah tells his dad that he's a "bad guy" for running away when they run into a car on fire. D.L. gets out to investigate, finding a woman trapped inside. Ando and Hiro also arrive on the scene as D. L. reaches through the glass to unlock the door and save the woman just as the car explodes. Hiro stops time and gets D.L. and the woman out of harm's way.

The reporter tries to find holes in Heidi's armor, reminding her that her husband was driving during the accident that cost her the use of her legs. But she stays strong and tells him that they've all made their peace. Peter, who wasn't invited, surprises them all with a visit. Nathan takes him aside, and Peter asks Nathan to get Linderman on the phone to retrieve the missing painting.

Hiro shows Micah the 9th Wonders comic book, and Micah points out that Ando visited his mom. When Ando tells D.L. that he's called the police about the accident, D.L. grabs his son and takes off.

Aubrey and Matt arrive at Sylar's house and smell something burning. Behind a charred door, they find a room that's been melted with heat and is filled with massive amounts of radiation. Matt finds chemotherapy drugs prescribed to Theodore's wife, Karen, making him suspect that Theodore isn't Sylar after all.

The reporter asks questions about Nathan's recent trip to Vegas and his connection with Linderman, a reputed mob boss. He also asks about the blond woman that Nathan was seen with. Peter bails his brother out by explaining that the woman was a psychiatrist helping him through his depression after his recent "suicide attempt."

Aubrey and Matt find Ted in his wife's hospital room. Ted says that he didn't mean to kill her doctor, but he can't control himself when his emotions flare. When Aubrey says they're taking him to the station, Ted grabs a nurse and threatens to explode and take out the whole city like an atomic bomb. Matt hears his wife's thoughts and repeats them aloud: "Don't do this, Ted... you never listen. You're too damn stubborn." Ted lets go of the nurse revealing terrible burns on her arms. As Aubrey moves in for Ted, Karen passes away with the thought that she will remember her time with Ted forever.

Heidi confronts Nathan and asks if he still loves her. "Of course I do," he says. She asks him if Peter was telling the truth about what happened in Vegas, and he says he was.

Matt calls his wife and leaves a message that they should be open and honest and that he doesn't want any regrets — if she needs to tell him something she needs to do so now. Back home, Janice listens as Matt leaves the message on their machine.

In his study, Nathan calls Mr. Linderman, who agrees to send Isaac's painting to a gallery. But at Peter's apartment, Nathan tells his brother that Linderman refused to give it up. However, Nathan does tell Peter about the two guys who pulled him out of his hotel room and that he flew to get away.

Back at the police station, Matt tells his partner that he's retaking the detective test and the officer thinks that this time he'll get it. Matt then overhears his thoughts: he's sleeping with Janice. Matt punches his partner, knocking him down, and other cops have to pull Matt off.

Outside a motel, Micah tries to call his mom on a payphone, but the phone is out of order. But mysteriously, when Micah touches it, the phone starts working. He gets through to his mom, but it's really Jessica that he's talking to. Micah senses that something is wrong, but gives up their location, anyway. As D.L. comes out to put a stop to the call, Jessica finishes loading a gun for the battle ahead.






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