Hell's Kitchen

Episode 8.09 : 8 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : November 10, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

When we last left "Hell's Kitchen," Boris, who had continued to frustrate his fellow teammates, had been eliminated. But Chef Ramsay wasn't quite finished and called the sole male member of the Red Team, Trev, to the front. Would he also be eliminated? It's finally time to find out.

Chef Ramsay tells Trev that while the ladies had a solid service, he fell apart. He sends Trev back to the men's team and warns him that this is his last chance. Yep, the teams are once again divided by gender. Upstairs, Trev tells the guys that the women hung him out to dry, while the girls share their excitement about getting Trev off their team.

The next morning Chef Ramsay reminds the contestants of this season's grand prize: head chef position at LA Market at the JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles, where the kitchen is also responsible for room service. Sous chef Scott rolls out a cart filled with room-service staples that the chefs must all taste.

What the contestants don't know is that Chef Ramsay only included one dish from a five-star hotel. The spaghetti is from a food truck, the egg rolls are from a Chinese takeout place, and the chicken salad sandwich was bought at a gas station! Only the chicken wings are actually from a high-end restaurant, Chef Ramsay's own London West Hollywood. Sabrina likes the egg rolls the best, while Nona enjoys the chicken salad. Only Rob says he prefers the wings. Chef Ramsay says he's learned something important: Their palettes need work, which leads them to their next challenge: the famous blind taste test.

Each team member must try to correctly identify four food items while wearing a blindfold. The team with the most correct answers wins. Russell beats out Gail in the first round, two points to one, after Gail stumbles on black truffles. Next up, Sabrina and Russell fail miserably and don't get any correct. When it's Jillian and Vinny's turn, they both get two right, which means that the Blue Team stays up by one point. It's now up to Trev and Nona. Nona manages to tie the score by correctly identifying scallops after Trev gets it wrong. After they both guess squash right, the deadlocked competition all comes down to one little bite of endive. Trev incorrectly guesses arugula, but Nona gets it right, clinching the win for the ladies!

As a reward, Chef Ramsay is taking the gals to Michael Mina's restaurant, XIV, and giving them each $2,000 for a shopping spree. As punishment, the guys must sort recycling out of the garbage and prep both kitchens for the night's dinner. After their retail therapy, the dolled-up ladies meet Chef Ramsay for lunch, where he gives them a pep talk about making sure they prove to him that they can become leaders.

The ladies return to "Hell's Kitchen" as the guys are putting the finishing touches on dinner prep. Trev's first day back with the men isn't going so well, as he continues to get on his teammates' nerves and admits that he feels like the "odd man out."

Chef Ramsay reminds the teams that it's now four-on-four and "there's nowhere to hide." As the orders start rolling in, Trev and Jillian's work on appetizers and Sabrina's scallops all earn praise from Chef Ramsay. While the ladies quickly move on to entrees, the Blue Team has stalled, thanks to Rob's multiple mess-ups on his scallop appetizers. As the Blue Team scrambles to catch up, Chef Ramsay becomes frustrated with Nona's delay on her chicken entrees.

Sabrina shines on the fish station, but her male counterpart, Rob, fails yet again by undercooking fish and sending out an awful-looking sauce. With his patience wearing thin, Chef Ramsay tells Rob that he's got five minutes to "wake up." Otherwise, "he's history." Rob takes the warning seriously and manages to turn things around. But Nona continues to slow things down. Unhappy with her combative response to his advice, Chef Ramsay kicks her out of the kitchen, and Nona ends up in tears.

Chef is so disappointed in Vinny's rock-hard egg with spinach and Russell's raw chicken that he sends them both upstairs too. Downstairs, the two-man Blue Team quickly dwindles to one after Rob sends up more undercooked fish and meets the same fate as Vinny and Russell. That means Trev's on his own to complete dinner service. With the help of sous chef Scott, he manages to rise from the rubble and get all the orders out on pace with the Red Team.

Later, Chef Ramsay tells the contestants that the night's service was a disaster, but two chefs stood out: Sabrina and Jillian. That means the Blue Team loses again. And since Trev was the best of the worst, he must come up with two nominees for elimination. After everyone heads out of the kitchen, Chef Ramsay asks Nona to stay behind. He tells her that he was impressed with her during the morning's challenge, but he doesn't think she should have argued with him after making a big mistake in the kitchen during service. Nona, in tears again, promises not to do it again.

After Trev hears pleas from the guys upstairs, everyone heads down to the dreaded elimination. Trev explains that Rob is his first nominee for being a "monkey wrench," while his second choice is Russell, since he let the team down. Russell says that he did everything right tonight before things went downhill. Rob explain that he fought until the end and doesn't think he was the worst chef in the kitchen, despite the fact that he was slow on a few things. After Chef Ramsay asks who the worst chef is, Rob can't give him a straight answer. Chef decides it's Rob who has to go. He simply can't put up with him anymore. He then implores the guys to get a grip and warns them that the final four contestants could be all female.






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