Hell's Kitchen

Episode 8.08 : 9 Chefs Compete Part 2

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : October 13, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

With the nine remaining contestants still hanging in there, they receive an early morning wake-up call from sous chef Scott, who then shuttles them all off to a high-end grocery store where Chef Ramsay is waiting. He explains that for their next challenge, each team will have to create four dishes: a lamb, a chicken, a beef, and a pork. Each individual will be responsible for cooking one dish (except for Gail and Jillian, who will be paired up). Each team gets $60 and 20 minutes to shop.

Though the Blue Team stays on the budget, the Red Team goes over and blames Sabrina's expensive lentils for the misstep. They end up buying less chicken in order to bring the total down.

Back in "Hell's Kitchen," the chefs get 45 minutes to transform their meats and other ingredients into entrees worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Jillian expresses concern that Sabrina's lentils may take too long, while Russell rides his team members, ruffling some feathers.

Chef Ramsay and a panel of guest judges will give each entrée a price and the team with the highest combined total will win the challenge.

First up is Nona's pan-seared rib-eye with parsnip puree against Rob's grilled New York strip with cipollini onions. Food critic Sophie Gayot says that she'd pay $32 for Nona's and only $26 for Rob's. Next, chef Mark Peel judges Boris' marinated pork tenderloin and Gail's pan-seared pork. He doesn't rave about either but would pay $2 more for the Red Team's dish.

Yelp reviewer Libby Rego judges the battle of the chickens, which includes Russell's chicken cacciatore and Trev's lemon-roasted chicken breast. The guys win the round when she gives Russell's dish a price tag $4 higher than Trev's.With the Blue Team trailing by just $4, it's time for Sabrina and Vinny to hand over their lamb dishes to Nobu West Hollywood general manager Justin Wyborn. He decides that Sabrina's talked-about lamb with lentils is worth $28, while he'd only pay $23 for Vinny's lamb chop. That means the Red Team has won the challenge by $9.

They're rewarded with a sailboat ride, a meal at a waterfront restaurant, and salsa lessons, while the guys must spend all day and night cleaning the dining room and then fumigating both kitchens.

The next morning, after the reward and punishment are over, both teams report for prep duty, where Boris gets frustrated with Russell for bossing him around and Trev refuses to take any help from his teammates.

For the first time, Chef Ramsay decides to give his pre-dinner pep talk outside, where he explains that tonight's dinner will be an invitation-only, black-tie event because it's the 100th dinner service for "Hell's Kitchen." Then he introduces the VIPs who will be dining at the chef's tables in each kitchen tonight: previous winners Rock, Christina, Danny, and Holly. They'll be both customers and inspiration!

In the Red Kitchen, Nona says that she's ready to have a perfect service on the appetizer station, but it doesn't quite start out that way when she serves up a "recycled" risotto, which angers Chef Ramsay. Her refire, however, is a success.

Boris stumbles on appetizers as well when he falls behind, prompting Rob to step in and help get his dishes out of the kitchen. The Blue Kitchen runs into more trouble when a few of Vinny's lobster dishes get sent back for being chewy.

When the kitchens move on to entrees, Jillian finds herself assisting on garnish a frazzled Trev, who has trouble keeping track of which garnish goes with which dish. Eventually, Chef Ramsay catches wind of Trev's mistake and loses his cool, shouting at him to "slow down!" But he grows even more frustrated when he realizes that nearly every Red Team member is carrying Trev on garnish.

Rob brings his kitchen to a standstill when he forgets a chicken order, but his issues are nothing compared to Trev's continued garnish mistakes, which prompts Chef Ramsay to make him take a mandatory break. With Trev gone, however, entrees start flying out of the Red Kitchen.

Things continue to take a negative turn for the Blue Team, when Chef Ramsay becomes unhappy with just about all of their final entrees, including a dangerous raw chicken dish. He then kicks out the entire Blue team.

Trev returns to the kitchen just as his team is completing their service. They then move on to salvage the Blue Team's remaining tickets.

After dinner service, Chef Ramsay compliments the winning Red Team, except for Trev, who he calls an "absolute disaster." He then tells the Blue Team to come up with two nominees for elimination. While the guys debate, Trev says that the women hung him out to dry and then he gets into a shouting match with Sabrina.

Downstairs, Rob announces that Boris is their first nominee, since he crashed and burned so fast. Then Rob admits that the vote is tied between himself and Vinny for the second nominee. Boris says that he got off to a slow start, but no food was sent back, while Rob says that he did his best. Meanwhile, Vinny tells Chef Ramsay that he doesn't think his station's mistakes were all his fault.

Chef Ramsay eliminates Boris, but then he's not finished yet; he calls Trev to the front. We'll have to wait until next week to find out if Trev gets kicked to the curb or winds up with another chance . . .






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