Hell's Kitchen

Episode 8.06 : 10 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : October 06, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The morning after the men's first dinner service win and Emily's elimination, Chef Ramsay explains that something was torturing him last night and he wants to "put it right." He asks Melissa to step forward and tells her that although we all have bad nights, she didn't fight back. He asks for her jacket and tells her to say goodbye to her team. Everyone thinks she's going home, but it turns out that Chef Ramsay is simply sending her over to the Blue Team. Since the Red Team is lacking a motivator, Chef Ramsay adds Trev to the women's side. They're not thrilled.

Chef Ramsay shows the teams three famous salads - Nicoise, Cobb, and Waldorf. To see how imaginative the teams can be, he asks each team member to come up with a unique and creative entrée salad for today's challenge. The best one will appear in Bon Appetit magazine.

Once they get cooking, Trev quickly becomes irritated with his new team when Jillian continues to ask him silly questions. On the blue side, Rob burns his scallops with very little time left to remake them.

Bon Appetit's senior food editor Sarah Tenaglia arrives to help judge. Boris has a little problem when he presents his grilled fennel in key-lime dressing salad. He can't stop sweating! Chef Ramsay quietly encourages him to wipe his face. Sarah finds Boris' salad soggy but enjoys Gail's scallop salad, giving the Red Team a point.

It turns out that Rob was able to cook some new scallops in time, and Sarah compliments him on his salad, although she finds his grapefruit dressing a bit overwhelming. Both Chef Ramsay and Sarah think that the quail on top of Nona's salad looks like road kill, so the Blue Team gets the point.

Both Jillian's fruit and nut salad and Vinny's trio of meats dish disappoint, so neither team gets a point. Next up, Russell's prosciutto and burrata cheese salad beats out Sabrina's applesauce and pork salad, which puts the guys in the lead, 2 to 1.

Finally, the pressure is on the newest team members. Trev's pork salad with strawberry dressing impresses, but the duck in Melissa's salad is fatty and bland, giving the Red Team a point and tying the score. Chef Ramsay asks Sarah to break the tie by choosing the best salad of all. She goes with Rob's scallop salad, which means that the Blue Team wins.

As a reward, the guys get to tour and dine at Malibu's Getty Villa, where Rob participates in a Bon Appetit photo shoot. The Red Team, meanwhile, has to clean and prep both kitchens. Trev is upset that he's now a member of a losing team and gets frustrated with Sabrina during the punishment.

Later that night, just before dinner service begins, Chef Ramsay tells Melissa and Trev that they've got to confirm to their new teams why they deserve to still be here. Trev gets revved up after Rob says that he believes the Blue Team is stronger without Trev. Chef Ramsay then reveals both teams will have VIP guests at chef's tables in their kitchens tonight.

As both kitchens get going, Boris frustrates his team, especially Russell, by being late on the garnish and then turning out rubbery shrimp. Rob, who's on the salad station, must also tend to the VIP table, which includes actress Kelli Williams. On the red side, Jillian is put in charge of the VIP guests, including actresses Mo Gaffney and Nancy Grahn. While Gail churns out perfection on the appetizer station, on the blue side, Rob ends up taking the blame for the scallop salads he sends to the pass, thanks to Melissa's shoddy cooking. The same salad then causes trouble on the red side after Nona hands over raw scallops.

Chef Ramsay asks Trev to take over making the scallops for the Blue Team, but the scallop drama continues when Melissa explains that her team is now all out of scallops since she's cooked so many ahead of time. An angry Chef Ramsay orders rock shrimp as a replacement.

Two hours into dinner service, the diners are getting restless as they await their entrees. Boris begins to fall apart when his (very late) mashed potatoes come out completely bland and then he sets a plate on fire. On the red side, Trev rides Sabrina to communicate better about timing on her garnish. After she begins screaming back, Chef Ramsay tells her to shut her mouth and "just do it." With just one ticket left, Boris sends up more unacceptable garnish, and Chef Ramsay finally kicks him out of the kitchen.

Despite the night's stumbles, both teams complete their services, though Chef Ramsay says there will be no winner, since the night "was filled with more speed bumps than a church parking lot." He asks both teams to come up with a nominee for elimination.

Upstairs, the Blue Team members criticize both Melissa and Boris, while the Red Team considers both Nona and Sabrina as nominees. After they assemble in the dining room, Jillian explains to Chef Ramsay that her team has nominated Sabrina since she "freaked out on garnish." Vinny says that they've chosen Boris because he's done poorly on all of his stations.

Chef Ramsay calls up Nona and Melissa too and says that all four of them represent their kitchens' biggest problems. Boris says that he has the patience and the drive, Nona says she busts her butt, Melissa admits that she struggled a lot, and Sabrina explains that she never gives up and promises she'll drop her attitude.

Though it's a tough decision, Chef Ramsay reveals that Melissa will go home and then tells the remaining nine contestants that he hasn't given up on them yet.






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