Hell's Kitchen

Episode 8.05 : 11 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : October 06, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Louis is out, and since Boris has made it clear that he wants to be team leader, his teammates decide to give him another chance to step up and lead. The ladies, meanwhile, still can't believe that Sabrina is still there.

The next morning, Chef Ramsay has a big announcement. Tomorrow night, for the first time ever, Hell's Kitchen will host a prom. He then introduces the Beverly Hills High School prom committee via satellite. The teens explain their prom's theme is "old Hollywood," and they want something elegant, classy, and memorable. They also like fusion cuisine, seafood, steak, and chicken.

Today's challenge requires both teams to prepare a tasting menu with one appetizer and two entrees in 30 minutes. Boris struggles to get his team to pay attention to his suggestions, while the women put their differences aside and start communicating. During confessional, Sabrina explains that she hates her team, but she hates them even more when they lose.

When they're done cooking, Chef Ramsay asks Boris if he's confident in his team's dishes. Though he says he supports his team 100 percent, he admits that there's "no signature" from him in these dishes. An angry Russell says that he didn't create a dish either, but he's proud and isn't going to be a "worm."

The prom committee arrives to judge. First up, Sabrina presents her team's Dungeness crab cake with sautéed shrimp, and the teens love it. Vinny hands over his team's sesame-and-spice-crusted tuna with lemon créme fraiche. Only one judge likes the guys' dish, so the ladies get the point.

Next, Nona introduces her team's rib eye steak with tuna ceviche, a dish Chef Ramsay seems wary of. The judges like it but aren't sure that the two things go together well.

Rob presents a pan-seared halibut over a seafood broth, which Chef Ramsay calls creative. All three judges think the fish is dry. The point goes to the Red Team, which means the ladies win the challenge. Still, Chef Ramsay insists that both teams present their third item to the committee.

The Red Team's pot stickers beat out the Blue Team's pan-seared rib eye, which means that the women end up with the first-ever shut-out in Hell's Kitchen history. As a reward, they get to spend the day at an amusement park, while the guys must set up and decorate the dining room for the prom . . . under the direction of the prom committee. After one too many instructions from the kids, Russell starts to lose his cool and gets a talking-to from maitre d' James for being disrespectful. The guys' frustrations grow when the women come back giddy from a day of fun.

The next morning, the teams start preparing for the prom, but right away Nona is exasperated by Sabrina's lack of effort during prep. Just prior to opening, Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a pep talk: He wants them running like machines tonight. The special menu features the Red Team's pot stickers and crab cakes and the Blue Team's halibut, and Chef Ramsay has asked Vinny and Nona to assist him in plating the dishes for their respective teams.

It appears that the women are coming out of the gate strong when Emily, on the fish station, gets her first order of crab cakes to the pass as the guys are just starting to cook. Once Chef Ramsay touches them, however he scolds her for sending up soggy cakes. Boris runs into trouble when he cooks ten, instead of the two that have been ordered. Melissa's a little ahead of herself and cooked (or actually overcooked) a whopping 23 filet mignons even before her team's appetizers are all out. Chef Ramsay is so angry that he flies into a yelling fit, saying, "I can't do it anymore with you!"

He doesn't have much more luck with the Blue Team, when Boris' crab cakes arrive at the pass cold. Boris continues to slowly melt down after they move on to entrees, as his delayed halibut holds up an entire order.

Thanks to Sabrina's good work on appetizers, the women's kitchen moves on to entrees, but Emily sends up raw halibut, prompting Chef Ramsay to yell at the entire team. The Blue Team recovers when Boris cooks up some perfect steaks, but Chef Ramsay becomes even more displeased with the women when Nona interrupts him. But despite the setbacks, Jillian and Sabrina manage to lead the team to service completion. And, most importantly, the students in both dining rooms truly enjoy their meals and their prom.

Later, Chef Ramsay says that the ladies' team did best on appetizers, but they deflated on entrees, which means the men have won it. He commends Russell on emerging as a great leader, while he names Sabrina "the best of the worst." She must come up with two nominees for elimination.

Nona, of course, completely disagrees with Chef Ramsay's choice. Upstairs, Sabrina says that she thinks Emily and Melissa should be nominated, though the guys later try to talk her out of putting Emily on the chopping block, explaining that she's so bad, she'll eventually go home anyway. Jillian secretly suggests Gail, since she's such a threat.

Downstairs, Sabrina nominates Melissa, since she draws negative attention to the team, and then Emily, saying it's obvious that she's in over her head. Melissa says that she should stay because she's a fighter and she's going to prove herself. Emily explains that she has the drive to make it through the competition and she's been improving at every service.

Chef Ramsay says Emily has only been giving 60 percent and then shocks everyone when he asks Nona who she thinks should go home. Nona says Emily, since she's in way over her head. Chef Ramsay agrees, and Melissa lives to see another day. He then asks the remaining ten chefs to show him their passion and commitment, and he tells Russell "the only way is up."






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