Hell's Kitchen

Episode 8.04 : 12 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : September 29, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The guys toast the elimination of their weak link, Raj, and decide their team is now "unbeatable." The ladies aren't quite as united, however, as Sabrina and Jillian talk trash about the rest of their team members.

The next morning, both teams head down to the kitchen, where Chef Ramsay poses a question: "How many of you smoke?" More than half of the remaining dozen contestants raise their hands. He encourages them not to smoke, because it affects their palates and damages the way they cook. He then presents today's challenge. The chefs must create a unique ravioli dish by making their own pasta, coming up with a creative filling and sauce, and then properly cooking the ravioli. After a short lesson from Chef Ramsay, they're given 30 minutes to cook. They'll then taste and rank one another's dishes and present both team's best ravioli first.

Shortly before it's time to present, Gail asks to move her dish's ranking to last place since she's clearly not all that confident about how it turned out.

First, Melissa, who the ladies have decided created the best ravioli on the team, presents her chicken and pancetta ravioli with a walnut cream sauce. Chef Ramsay really likes it and says that the flavors are nicely balanced. Vinny, whose dish has been chosen as the best of the Blue Team, explains his Swiss chard, bacon, and mushroom creation with fontina cream. Though Chef Ramsay thinks Vinny's is also delicious, a few of his raviolis have burst, which means the point goes to the Red Team.

Next up is Jillian's eggplant, spinach, and ricotta ravioli against Rob's shrimp mousse pasta dish. Chef Ramsay gives them both a point.

Russell's whipped ricotta and chili creation beats out Nona's prosciutto and quail egg ravioli, tying up the score. The ladies soon take the lead again, however, when Chef Ramsay spits out Louis' salmon mousse and pine nut ravioli, giving Emily's duck confit dish the point. Then, during round five, Chef Ramsay gives compliments to both Boris' feta-spinach ravioli and Sabrina's shrimp and oregano dish, but gives the point to the men.

With the challenge once again tied up, it comes down to both team's lowest-ranked dishes - Gail's short rib-stuffed ravioli and Trev's duck and arugula combination. Though he actually likes both, Chef Ramsay finds Gail's ravioli under-seasoned, which means that the Blue Team wins the challenge and gets rewarded with a trip to an oceanside resort via helicopter. Vinny gets another kind of reward: his ravioli will be added to the menu for tomorrow's "Italian night" dinner service. As for the ladies, they have to prep both kitchens and make pasta and mozzarella from scratch.

As the guys enjoy a round of golf at the resort, the ladies must milk cows as part of their mozzarella-making task, and they are annoyed with Sabrina for not joining in. Tensions are also running high over at the hotel, as Trev complains about not being taken seriously. Later that night at the dorm, Trev continues to vent, and then asks Gail if she wants to make out. She refuses.

The next day, Vinny is unhappy with how the women prepared his ravioli filling, but Italian night will still kick off as planned with additional menu items, including grilled pork chops, shrimp scampi, and chicken Parmesan.

As the orders start rolling in, Melissa realizes that she hasn't made enough ravioli dishes on the appetizer and then rushes one out undercooked. Chef Ramsay encourages her teammates to jump in to help her. In the Blue Kitchen, Russell has done a great job on the appetizer station, but entrees aren't going as well, as Louis undercooks his salmon on the grill station and must start over. He falls into a downward spiral when he burns a pork chop and miscounts how many dishes he needs to deliver, prompting a stern talking-to from Chef Ramsay.

Melissa bounces back on appetizers, but Sabrina has trouble figuring out how long her pork chop should cook, since she's never made one before. Melissa ends up coming to the aid of her enemy and helps get those entrees out. After Chef Ramsay kicks Rob out of the kitchen for burning a pizza, Louis messes up a pork chop, and Chef Ramsay sends Boris to wash dishes when he catches him doing just that instead of cooking. A raw chicken Parmesan is the last straw, and Chef Ramsay sends Louis up to the dorm too.

When the ladies bounce back and complete their service, they're sent across the kitchen to help the guys, but things only get worse, and Chef Ramsay kicks all of them out.

Later, he asks both teams to think about getting rid of "dead weight" and to come up with two members from each team for elimination. Upstairs, the ladies decide on Melissa and Gail, but Nona is frustrated because she believes that Sabrina is the weakest link, which leads to a screaming fit, courtesy of Sabrina. During elimination, Nona has trouble explaining why Melissa is the team's nominee and then says the second nominee isn't Gail, but Sabrina, because she's consistently behind on everything.

On the Blue Team side, Trev explains that his team chose Louis for messing up so many dishes and Boris since he was washing dishes instead of helping the team actually get food out. Then it's time to defend themselves. Louis says that he's a team player, Boris explains that he's one of the most experienced chefs there, Melissa feels that she carried Sabrina, and Sabrina says that Chef Ramsay shouldn't just choose someone to run a restaurant because they have an executive chef title. He doesn't like her answer.

Chef Ramsay decides that the person leaving "Hell's Kitchen" is Louis, saying he would only trust the camp cook to toast a marshmallow. Ouch.






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