Hell's Kitchen

Episode 7.13 : 4 Chefs Complete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : July 27, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

No matter what happens, Autumn, Benjamin, Holli, and Jay can all proudly say they made it to the "Hell's Kitchen" final four. Now that Jason has been eliminated, Jay and Benjamin head up to the dorms and conspire to "take over" and make the girls "look silly." During confessional, Ben says he's the only one who can compete with Jay, and he has no doubt he can beat him.

The next morning, the finalists head downstairs where Chef Ramsay declares that he's going to cook for them for a change. The four of them watch intently as their mentor shows them how to properly filet and prepare a monkfish and serve it over potatoes. After they taste the delicious dish and all four say they're confident they can re-create it, Chef Ramsay announces that for today's challenge he's testing their teaching abilities.

They'll each be instructing four bachelors who know absolutely nothing about cooking. The chef who helps his or her student to best re-create the monkfish dish will win. Jay admits that he's a bit worried about Benjamin having an advantage since he makes a living as a culinary teacher. As Holli flirts with her student, Autumn leaves hers alone at the stove, and Benjamin deals with question overload.

When Autumn and her student present their work, Chef Ramsay notices that there's very little fish on the dish. Autumn admits that her student shredded it during the slicing process and they left it behind. Next, Jay's student gets accolades from Chef Ramsay for both presentation and taste. Chef Ramsay criticizes Benjamin's student's dish for its raw peppers and burnt prosciutto. Finally, it's time for Holli's student to present his dish, and Chef Ramsay says he's the only one to have perfectly cooked the potatoes. Despite Holli's student's success, Chef Ramsay gives the win to Jay.

The losers will be forced to participate in "Hell's Kitchen Maintenance Day," which means they'll be sprucing up the dining room and doing plenty cleaning. Then they'll have to get in the kitchen for prep.

As for Jay, before he learns what his reward is, he must choose a partner to join him. Surprise, surprise, he picks Holli (who brought him along during her reward last week before the two got close in the hot tub later that night). Still, Jay admits that he feels bad leaving Benjamin behind with Autumn for a day of hard work. Jay and Holli arrive at their reward and discover they're going up, up, and away for a blimp ride where they get a sky-high view of Southern California and even get to rub it in Autumn and Benjamin's faces when they fly over "Hell's Kitchen."

Holli and Jay arrive back in the kitchen at 5:30 p.m., and Chef Ramsay tells the four finalists that, for the first time ever, he's going to let the contestants choose their own stations. It's a relatively painless process, as Holli chooses fish, Autumn selects garnish, Jay wants appetizers, and Benjamin puts himself on roast.

After the doors open and Chef Ramsay rattles off the first several tickets, he expresses disappointment that not one cook responded and implores them to amp up their energy. Autumn causes trouble right away when she pulls three pieces of John Dory out of the pan on Holli's fish station before they were ready. Chef Ramsay promptly sends them back and wonders if Autumn is trying to sabotage her teammate. Holli fights back and ends up with a compliment from Chef Ramsay on her perfectly cooked scallops, but soon sends out more raw John Dory, frustrating Chef Ramsay who tells her, "You may be down, but you're not out."

Jay ends up getting ahead of himself and begins sending a few apps out before they're needed, Autumn serves up cold spinach, and Benjamin is slowing things down by, once again, not communicating, even when his teammates are asking him specific questions. Benjamin's silence doesn't go unnoticed by Chef Ramsay who threatens him with, "Time is running out for you!" He ends up staying on Chef Ramsay's bad side when he mangles a beef Wellington and then sends up a raw one. As Chef Ramsay rides him to hurry up, Jay hopes Chef Ramsay will see that Jay is the one who is stepping up and leading tonight.

Though Autumn also got berated for not communicating earlier on, the chefs finally start talking to each other and the food starts flying out to the dining room as the kitchen gets into a groove. It's the first dinner service of the season where no food has come back to the kitchen. Service ends on a high note, and Chef Ramsay exclaims that this is exactly what they've been looking for. He is thrilled with how the contestants bounced back, but says he's not looking for four chefs -- just one. He calls out Jay as the finalist who stepped up and led tonight and asks him to come up with two nominees. Jay admits it's going to be a tough decision. Upstairs, he says that Autumn is his first choice, but he's not sure about who the second one should be.

Back in "Hell's Kitchen," Jay explains he's nominating Autumn because she's had some bad services and simply doesn't belong here. As for the second nominee, he's choosing Ben since Holli hasn't had any bad services. It's more about "the lesser of two evils," he says. As usual, Chef Ramsay asks them both to tell him why they should stay. Benjamin says it's all about his experience and his passion and he knows he can do it. Autumn gets choked up and explains that she's been called a princess and told she doesn't work hard, and yet she's fought through all of that and stands here as a completely capable chef.

Chef Ramsay admits that it's a difficult decision, but he ultimately sends them both back to the line and says none of them deserves to go home. To help celebrate, he's brought contestants' families and friends in for some emotional visits. All four will live to see another intense day in "Hell's Kitchen."






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