Hell's Kitchen

Episode 7.05/06 : 12 Chefs Complete/11 Chefs Complete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : June 22, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

12 Chefs Complete

Though Autumn and Scott came close to getting the boot at the end of the most recent dinner service, both were spared by Chef Ramsay...and ordered to switch teams, which means that Autumn will be joining the guys on the Red Team and Scott will now be part of the ladies' Blue Team.

The next morning sous chefs Andi and Scott hand out butcher uniforms to both teams, and when the remaining 12 contestants wander outside they discover a pig pen filled with mud and a bunch of piglets romping around. Though they fear they're going to have to butcher the little guys, Chef Ramsay puts their minds at ease. Six pigs are wearing collars with the names of different cuts of pork, while another six have collars bearing the names of different side dishes. For the challenge, each contestant must try to catch the pig with the best cuts and ingredients for making a good dish. As Nilka struggles to catch a pig (and ends up with blood sausage), the Blue Team members quickly snatch up the coveted pork chop and pork loin. After all the collared pigs are collected, the teams divide themselves into pairs and start cooking. The ladies become annoyed with Scott's bossiness (which was also their biggest complaint about Autumn), while Autumn struggles to fit in over in the Blue Team.

After 45 minutes in the kitchen, the pairs present their dishes to Chef Ramsay. Nilka and Fran put their blood sausage and prune combo up against Benjamin and Ed's pork loin and bok choy. Nilka admits that she's not pleased with how it turned out, and Chef Ramsay couldn't agree more. He spits out his first bite and demands to know who had the bright idea of pairing prunes with blood sausage. (It was Scott.)

After the Blue Team gets the point, Jason and Autumn present honey-glazed bacon with honey slaw. Chef Ramsay likes it but thinks the slaw is too sweet. Autumn notes during confessional that she had suggested mustard for the side dish, but her idea was shot down. Holly and Siobhan's pork tenderloin and paired sweet-and-sour apple wins them the point and evens the score, which means it all comes down to the final two dishes. Chef Ramsay enjoys Jay and Salvatore's pork loin chop over pinto beans -- and then gets a long explanation from Maria about her and Scott's sweet potato soup made with ham hock. Chef Ramsay isn't pleased with the fact that the potato overshadowed the pork, so he gives the point and the challenge win to the Blue Team.

The victors are sent to a luxurious hot springs spa for sea weed wraps, mud baths, and massages, while the Red Team must clean the pigs outside. Later, during some down time in the dorms, the contestants all reveal secrets -- some deeper and darker than others.

The next morning, after the contestants head down to the dining room, Chef Ramsay reveals that "Hell's Kitchen" will be serving a barbeque menu for the first time ever. The chefs begin prepping the night's dishes, including baked beans, collard greens, and pulled pork, but Nilka does a bit too much prep when she starts frying the chicken at 2 p.m., three hours before the dining room opens! Chef Ramsay gives all the contestants a stern lecture, explaining that "Hell's Kitchen" is not a "fast food joint."

Later, Chef Ramsay announces the restaurant is overbooked. The solution? They're going to be doing a double seating. First, the Red Team will cook while the Blue Team serves, and then they'll switch for the second service. Maria runs into trouble right away when she sends her crab hush puppies to the pass with raw crab, angering Chef Ramsay. As Fran rides her team to get orders out and gets frustrated with Nilka for not answering her, the team members erupt into a yelling fit, and Fran pulls it together and gets the appetizers out. Chef Ramsay soon turns his attention to Scott for being careless in the kitchen and overcooking chicken, and then he destroys Siobhan's final burger with his bare hand after she overcooks it. Two hours into service, the Red Team's time is up, and Chef shuts down the kitchen.

At 8 p.m., the second dinner service kicks off, and though the Red Team is slow to turn orders in, the Blue Team moves quickly to get appetizers out and soon moves on to entrees. In the kitchen, Salvatore continues to show a lack of communication skills, and out on the floor, Maria mixes up orders, costing the Blue Team extra time. But it's Jason's sloppy move of throwing a piece of chicken in the deep fryer with the French fries that pushes Chef Ramsay over the edge. After Chef gets through screaming at him, the team gets the rest of its orders out and completes its service.

Afterward, Chef Ramsay tells the haggard chefs that these were the worst dinner services of the season. He declares the Red Team the losers but announces that Fran was the one who impressed him the most and asks her to come up with two nominees for elimination.

Upstairs, Maria and Siobhan both admit they had a bad nights and Scott pulls Fran aside and explains why it's in her best interest not to put him on the chopping block. Downstairs, Fran nominates Maria and Nilka for elimination, catching Nilka off guard, but she's put at ease when Chef Ramsay calls Scott to the front and sends Nilka back to the line. Maria tells Chef Ramsay that though she had a bad service, she knows she can do better, while Scott says he that "busts his ass" and truly does possess leadership abilities.

Chef announces he's sending Maria home and implores Fran to follow her instincts next time. During confessional, Fran regrets her bad judgment, while Nilka says she hopes Fran "feels like a jackass because she should."

11 Chefs Complete

Back in the dorms, Fran tries to apologize to Nilka, but an angry Nilka wants nothing to do with her. The next morning Chef Ramsay explains the next challenge. Each team will be given 20 ingredients and must create in 30 minutes five dishes representing the five mother sauces: hollandaise, bechamel, veloute, tomato, and demi-glace. The catch? Each ingredient can only be used once.

The Blue Team starts working together, but over on the Red Team, a still bitter Nilka takes all the ingredients she wants without checking with her teammates and only focuses on her own dish. Since the Blue Team has an extra member, Autumn and Ed work together, and Ed explains during confessional that he much prefers having Autumn on the team over Scott. Fran and Nilka aren't getting along quite as well, and their bickering slows down their group. After the cooking time is up, Chef Ramsay introduces the guest judges for the "mother sauce" challenge -- his mother, Helen, and the mother of his children, his wife, Tana.

First up is tomato sauce. Fran's oyster fra diavolo beats out Salvatore's undercooked pasta dish, giving the Red Team a point. No one gets a point for the hollandaise dish, since Siobhan presents a Cornish hen dish that's actually one very undercooked pigeon and Tana doesn't care for Jay's duck dish. Next up is veloute. Ed's pan-roasted sea bass beats out Holli's halibut and gives the Blue Team a point. Though Chef Ramsay's mom loves both Nilka's pan-seared steak with mushroom demi-glace and Jason's strip steak with rosemary demi-glace, she gives the point to Nilka.

Finally, it's time for the bechamel dishes. Benjamin's John Dory beats out Scott's roasted duck breast, which means the score is all tied up. But because Jason had such an excellent dish, which would have beaten any other dish other than Nilka's, Chef Ramsay gives the win to the Blue Team. The defeated Red Team gets yet another punishment: They must deep-clean the kitchen and prep both kitchens for that night's dinner service, while the members of the Blue Team get treated to a fun afternoon at a British pub for darts and beer and then each gets a new set of cookware.

Back at "Hell's Kitchen," Scott complains that Nilka took all the good ingredients, while the team laments about losing yet again before suiting up for oven cleaning. Though none of the Red Team members enjoys the punishment, it's even worse for Siobhan, who breaks out in hives after suffering an allergic reaction to the oven cleaner.

After everything is cleaned and prepped and the Blue Team returns from their day of fun, Chef Ramsay gathers all the contestants together for an announcement: It's family night, which means the restaurant will also be offering a children's menu consisting of such kid-friendly items as fish sticks and fries. After the families arrive, the Red Kitchen gets its first ticket… and soon runs into its first bit of trouble when Chef Ramsay asks who's cooking the spaghetti. Turns out it's Siobhan's job, even though she had no idea that pasta falls under the garnish station.

The Blue Kitchen gets appetizers out to its diners, but Salvatore stumbles while making risotto and tries to cover up his mistake. Chef Ramsay flies off the handle when he catches Salvatore in a lie and soon discovers another risotto mistake -- this time in the Red Kitchen -- when Nilka forgets to put lobster in the risotto. The team gets another strike after as Fran doesn't live up to her reputation as last night's star and overcooks her scallops. After appetizers finally get out in the Red Kitchen, Scott messes up his Beef Wellington and is taken aside by Chef for a talking-to (or a yelling-at).






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