Hell's Kitchen

Episode 5.04 : 13 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : February 26, 2009
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

When the aspiring chefs return to the dorms, Giovanni confronts Seth and states that he has no respect for him outside of the kitchen. Seth dismisses the comments and says that he doesn't care what Giovanni thinks of him. In the end, the two agree that they must work cooperatively inside the kitchen, but will suspend any interaction outside of it.

The following morning, Chef Ramsay greets the two teams in the dining room. He asks one member from each of the teams to name their strongest chef and this brings tension throughout the ranks. Ben, in particular, is upset that Danny doesn't identify him as one of the Blue team's best chefs. Chef Ramsay stresses the importance of teamwork, before he announces that Hell's Kitchen is open for breakfast. A swarm of youth football players and young cheerleaders run through Hell's Kitchen's doors and the teams each race to cook breakfast for 50 hungry kids-the Blue team will cook for the football players, and the Red Team, for the cheerleaders.

The Blue Team takes an early lead until Robert is scolded for bringing up a messy plate. This angers Robert, as he was serving a plate that was assembled by J, and unjustly received the punishment. Meanwhile, Coi sets the Red team behind by failing to correctly cook pancakes. Seth, in the Blue kitchen, receives a thrashing by his teammates, as he fails to make an adequate amount of scrambled eggs, thereby, slowing down the kitchen.

Nevertheless, after serving a number of successful breakfasts, the Red and Blue kitchens are tied at 40 meals each. As they rush to serve the remaining children, the Red team brings their final breakfast to the pass, just prior to the Blue team, securing the Red team's first victory in a challenge.

Back in the dorms, the Blue team turns on one another, as Ben and Danny get in a heated confrontation about who is the best chef on the team while J and Giovanni are forced to intervene. Ben walks away to prevent a physical exchange, while the Red team enjoys the lack of harmony exhibited by their competitors.

The women leave Hell's Kitchen to spend an afternoon poolside at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, while being waited on hand and foot. While they enjoy a leisure afternoon, the Blue team is sentenced to clean up the messy dining room from the breakfast service, as well as to clean and prep both kitchens for dinner service. The fighting on the Blue team continues as they become more concerned with Seth's lack of ability, and Danny and Robert begin to plot against Ben. The women return to Hell's Kitchen rested and relaxed, until they come to find out that the men have not completed the prep for both kitchens. Therefore, the women must join the Blue team in the kitchen and rush to finish prep in time for dinner service.

When the doors of Hell's Kitchen open for dinner service, the Blue team gets off to a slow start when Giovanni fails to bring his water to a boil. On the Red side, in an attempt to get ahead, Coi begins cooking spaghetti before the order has been called and is consequently chastised by Chef Ramsay. Seth brings his first order of scallops to the pass, but Chef Ramsay discovers that they are rubbery and overcooked. Meanwhile, Andrea appears in the Blue kitchen, looking for the tomato butter sauce they were supposed to receive during prep. Chef Ramsay makes sure that Ben is not trying to sabotage the Red team, and then forces him to quickly make a batch of the sauce on the fly and return it to the Red team.

In the Red kitchen, Coi tries to rebound with her appetizers, but this time her spaghetti is dry, bland, and undercooked. Chef Ramsay calls the entire team over to taste the insipid dish.

Meanwhile, Ben brings over the tomato butter sauce he has prepared for the Red kitchen, and is told by Chef Ramsay that it tastes disgusting and to redo it. Andrea tries to step up and take a leadership role, while the Red team gets out more than half of their appetizers. Finally, the Red team receives their tomato butter sauce, after Danny prepares it properly.

An hour and fifteen minutes into dinner service, the Blue team is dealt a harsh blow, when a woman returns a salad containing a butt of lettuce. Despite the setback, the Blue team has served most of their appetizers and move onto entrees. Ben, however, serves an order of lamb chops that had been improperly sliced, which infuriates Chef Ramsay.

In the Red Kitchen, Colleen and LA attempt to work together on the meat station but let their bickering get in the way of their success. Colleen brings up 5 wellingtons, with only 4 ordered, and struggles to explain to Chef Ramsay why she made the mistake.

With customers growing impatient in the dining room, Seth is scolded by Chef Ramsay for neglecting to pay attention to an order. After failing to repeat the correct order to Chef Ramsay, Seth is caught using the same dishtowel for both his face and pans he uses to cook. With 2 more spaghetti plates sent back to the Red team, and an undercooked scallop and wellington returned to the blue side, Chef Ramsay shuts down both kitchens.

Chef Ramsay declares that neither team has won, and that each team must nominate two people for elimination. Both teams head back to the dorms and go round and round about their nominees, but Ben fights the hardest to remain off the chopping block. Nevertheless, it is Ben and Seth who are nominated for the Blue team alongside Lacey and Colleen for the Red team. After hearing the aspiring chefs plead their cases and carefully deliberating, Chef Ramsay ends Seth home packing from Hell's Kitchen, and places Lacey on the Blue team.






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