Hell's Kitchen

Episode 11.08 : 13 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : April 30, 2013
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 11
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

In the dorms after dinner service, Barret is beating himself up for his poor performance. He vows to turn it around. The women are feeling cocky after the men's dismal night, but Nedra warns them to stay humble.

The next morning in the dining room, Chef Ramsay announces the steak challenge. The chefs have 30 minutes to prepare five different cuts of beef by creating a unique sauce or rub. All dishes must be presented to Chef Ramsay medium rare.

Cyndi and Jon are the first to face off with the porterhouse. She presents a wild mushroom-dusted steak. Jon's dish has a blackberry sauce. Both deliver a perfect medium rare, but Chef Ramsay gives the edge to Jon.

Nedra and Susan go head-to-head with Zach on the filet. His dish is cooked to perfection, while Nedra's raspberry chipotle sauce is delectable. They both get a point, but the men are in the lead.

Amanda and Michael present their New York strips. Neither her smokehouse barbecue sauce nor his truffle-encrusted steak impress. No points are awarded. But Anthony's ribs with banana-flavored sauce and Jacqueline's lemon grass rub earn both teams a point.

Ja'Nel's Argentine chimichurri hanger steak comes out ahead over Barret's overcooked meat with black garlic sauce. The score is now tied going into the last round.

Ray's rib eye with a Grand Marnier sauce is slightly overcooked, but Mary's blackberry vanilla sauce seems a little too sweet. Mary still takes the round and wins the challenge for the women.

As a reward, the Red Team gets to spend the day relaxing by a rooftop pool getting mani-pedis. The men stay behind to accept delivery of a beef shipment and butcher it for the evening's service.

It's Steak Night in Hell's Kitchen, and the men are eager to bounce back. In the Red Kitchen, Jacqueline admits she is not comfortable keeping an eye on meat temperatures. Meanwhile, Susan and Zach will be serving prime rib tableside.

Barret begins firing crab cakes without receiving an order. And with Anthony leading the way, the crab cocktails are ready to serve. In the Red Kitchen, Mary misses an order for a slider, and the team is backed up from the start.

When the women finally start pushing out apps, a diner finds a hair in the burger. Meanwhile, the men have completed their appetizers and move on to the entrees. But Barret is feeling the pressure on the garnish station and starts falling behind.

While the men dig deep, the women are still buried in appetizers. Mary finally delivers sliders that pass inspection with Chef Ramsay and the patrons. They begin cooking entrees.

Susan starts her tableside service, but the rest of the team stops sending entrees thinking they need to wait for her. Jacqueline begins pushing out steaks to satisfy the hungry diners. In the Blue Kitchen, Chef Ramsay looks to Ray and Michael to deliver on the meat station, but they are unable to present a properly cooked steak.

The women also have difficulty with the beef, and their cold, raw steaks need to be refired. When the second attempt comes up raw, Chef Ramsay throws Cyndi, Nedra, Amanda and Jacqueline out of the kitchen. It's up to Ja'Nel, Mary and Susan to finish dinner service.

Michael and Ray take another shot at the meat station. This time their results are up to Chef Ramsay's standards. Both teams finally finish dinner service.

Chef Ramsay instructs the women to nominate two chefs for elimination. Since Amanda and Jacqueline were responsible for the meat station, they are chosen. Chef Ramsay decides Jacqueline is the worst offender and sends her home.






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