Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.16 : 6 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : August 13, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The final six chefs celebrate earning their new black jackets, but they quickly realize that the competition is getting more and more intense. Eager to see how the chefs measure up, Chef Ramsay brings back a team of former HELL’S KITCHEN runners-up to compete against the chefs in the ultimate dinner service showdown. Tune in to see who keeps up with the competition and who can’t take the heat.

The final six chefs have just been given black jackets and are now one elite team. Chef Ramsay has invited two world-renowned chefs to turn up the heat on the next challenge: Ludo Lefebvre and Quinn Hatfield. The two chefs and Chef Ramsay have each prepared a modern twist on a classic dish.

Lefebvre creates his take on a Caprese salad with red bell pepper and feta cheese mousse. Hatfield makes seafood pasta with salsify rather than noodles. Chef Ramsay presents his dish and tells the competitors that it's time for them to "Taste It, Now Make It." The six chefs must sample his dish and then prepare it as closely as they can to the original.

He pairs up the competitors into three teams: Clemenza will work with Dana, Justin and Barbie make up the second duo, and Christina is matched with Robyn. The three pairs have 30 minutes to re-create Chef Ramsay's signature dish from sight, smell, and taste alone. All three groups determine that the main protein is veal, but they struggle over whether the veal is wrapped in Serrano ham or prosciutto. They all agree the puree is made from white beans, but some think it's seasoned with horseradish not bacon. For the final element, two teams go with port wine while the third feels that it is Madeira.

In the last few minutes the teams focus on plating as they attempt to mimic the presentation of Chef Ramsay's dish. Clemenza and Dana are the first to bring their dish to Chef Ramsay. They have made veal wrapped in prosciutto, a white bean puree with horseradish and wasabi, and a Madeira-based sauce. Both Barbie and Justin and Christina and Robyn use the same main ingredients in their dishes: a veal loin wrapped in Serrano ham, white bean puree with bacon, and a port wine-based sauce.

All three teams have correctly identified the veal. Dana and Clemenza are the only pair to identify the prosciutto, but they are incorrect in using horseradish rather than bacon in the white bean puree. The score is now tied, so it comes down to the wine used in the sauce. Chef Ramsay made his dish with Madeira, so Dana and Clemenza win the challenge.

The winning pair is sent off to Silverwood Lake for a gourmet picnic and an afternoon riding jet skis. The other four chefs stay behind to work with James to clean and prepare the dining room, including dusting chandeliers, shining up the fixtures, polishing the flatware, ironing the linens, and setting the tables.

The following day, the six chefs look forward to working in one kitchen as a unified black team. However, Chef Ramsay has an important announcement for them: Tonight they will be competing against a team of Hell's Kitchen runners-up, including Russell (Season 8), Jay (Season 7), Kevin (Season 6), Paula (Season 5), Bonnie (Season 3), and Virginia (Season 2).

Tonight is a dinner service unlike any other as some of the most talented chefs in Hell's Kitchen history return, looking for redemption. They take on the current chefs, who want to prove to Chef Ramsay that they are just as good as the best Hell's Kitchen has seen.

The runners-up quickly start sending perfect appetizers to Chef Ramsay at the pass. Over in the Blue Kitchen, he's looking for Robyn on cold appetizers to deliver more of the same. But she does not put enough dressing on her salads and disappoints the team, which is now off to a bad start.

Robyn finally delivers acceptable salads, while in the Red Kitchen the runners-up are doing much better than just acceptable. More than half of their appetizers have been served. In the Blue Kitchen, Clemenza is now helping Robyn with the starters but gets overambitious when he starts cooking spaghetti that has not been ordered.

In the Blue Kitchen, Barbie gets the team back on track with the entrees. The Red Kitchen has also moved on to main dishes, and Season 7 runner-up Jay must keep up the momentum at the fish station. Then when he brings an over-seasoned bass to the pass, the Red Kitchen makes the first mistake of the night. Kevin lends a hand and manages to keep the fish station afloat.

Thanks to Barbie, the Blue Kitchen team members complete their first entrees and look to be offering a stiff challenge to the runners-up. But then Clemenza steps up to help Dana at the fish station, and he fails to deliver acceptable scallops.

In the Red Kitchen the returning chefs, who have never worked together before tonight, have quickly bonded and begin pumping out consistent entrees. Back in the Blue Kitchen, when Robyn delivers improperly seasoned scallops in an attempt to help Dana, Chef Ramsay takes Dana aside and tells her that she has to command her station even when someone else is helping her.

Dana manages to get the fish station back on track, and the Blue Kitchen is pushing out their final entrees. Both teams complete a solid dinner service. Chef Ramsay commends the returning runners-up and names them the winners of the night. He then tells the current chefs to return to the dorm to nominate two chefs for elimination.

First they put up Robyn for being all over the place. The team's second nominee is Clemenza, because his teammates think that he was responsible for messing up Dana's scallops. Chef Ramsay decides to send Robyn home, telling her that she's talented but is not quite ready to be a head chef in Vegas.






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