Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.10 : 11 Chefs Compete, Part 2 of 2

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : July 03, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

As the action continues from the previous episode, the women have suffered a big casualty. Kimmie has scalded herself with pan grease all the way up her arm. Even though she's in incredible pain, the tearful Kimmie wants to continue, so after a medic patches her up, she returns to the kitchen for the evening's service. The women commend her for her dedication, although Robyn sticks to her opinion that Kimmie is a crybaby.

It's Steak Night and Family Night at Hell's Kitchen, and the special menu features a rib-eye steak with fingerling potatoes and sautéed spinach topped with a fried egg, a grilled hanger steak with truffle fries and herbed compound butter, as well as Justin's challenge-winning filet mignon. There's also a special kids menu for the younger diners, which includes ravioli and a grilled cheeseburger. Each child will also receive a mini pizza appetizer.

As Chef Ramsay calls the first orders, Clemenza dives into pizza-making, a skill he's perfected over the years. He quickly pushes orders out, but the young diners on the Red Side are kept waiting when Tiffany gets to a slow start. Her initial offerings are burnt and are rejected by Chef Ramsay. Barbie then commandeers the pizza station, and her orders are rapidly approved at the pass.

When attention shifts to Brian on appetizers in the Blue Kitchen, he isn't able to keep Clemenza's momentum going. To make matters worse, he's annoying his fellow competitors with his goofy imitations and accents. After rejecting Brian's blinis, Chef Ramsay chastises him to get serious.

In the Red Kitchen, Tiffany attempts to redeem herself on the apps station. But Chef Ramsay gathers the ladies and criticizes Tiffany's inconsistent cooking. Barbie again jumps in and takes over where Tiffany stumbled. Her apps please Chef Ramsay, and the diners start enjoying their food.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team has hit their stride, and they move on to entrees. Patrick hopes to impress Chef Ramsay with his rib-eyes, but they are lacking a proper sear.

As the women move on to their main courses, tension mounts between Robyn and Kimmie. Chef Ramsay only adds fuel to the fire of their rivalry when he criticizes Robyn's cutting style and praises Kimmie's cooking skills.

Finally, the men start to rally and push out orders, but Patrick loses focus, and he is banished from the kitchen to get some fresh air. After a few moments, he asks permission to come back and cook and jumps back onto the meat station.

Over in the Red Kitchen, Robyn is ready with her hanger steak re-fire. The women's prayers are answered when the dish passes Chef Ramsay's inspection. But when they attempt to move on to their second table, Kimmie and Christina fall out of sync with Robyn on timing. She feels that her competitors are sabotaging her. The women must start over on entrees as diners wait hungrily.

Chef Ramsay's attention turns to Patrick, and he falls short when he delivers raw filet. After blowing his second chance on the meat station, Patrick won't be getting a third. He is sent back to the dorms, where he breaks down in tears, fearing that he's blowing his chance to make his children proud.

In the women's kitchen, Robyn and Kimmie continue to fight. Chef Ramsay catches wind of their problems and implores them to get it together. The ladies finally get on track.

In the meantime, the Blue Team is counting on Royce to shine on the grill. But when he serves raw meat, he too is kicked out of Hell's Kitchen. The remaining men push to complete dinner service.

The women seem to be serving up just as much attitude as food. Tired of Kimmie and Robyn's bickering, Chef Ramsay calls the men over to help the women finish cooking their entrees. Not surprisingly, chaos ensues. When cold meat is sent to the pass, the entire women's team is sent back to the dorms.

Kimmie and Robyn's fight worsens in the dorms. While the former BFFs resort to name-calling, the final three men finish up service for both teams back in Hell's Kitchen.

Despite a valiant effort by Justin, Brian, and Clemenza, Chef Ramsay declares that there is no winning team. He asks both the men and women to come up with two nominees for elimination.

Brian and Clemenza believe that Royce and Patrick should be put on the chopping block for the Blue Team. Royce doesn't feel that he deserves to be one of the candidates, despite being sent back to the dorms; he feels he only made one mistake at service. Patrick understands that his raw meat makes him an easy target.

The women enter into a heated debate over whom they are going to choose. Christina nominates Tiffany because of her unprofessional fight with Barbie. Tiffany, however, feels that Barbie is the weakest member of their team. Kimmie casts her vote for Tiffany and Robyn.

Not surprisingly, Robyn picks Kimmie, and another heated argument flares up. Robyn and Kimmie's verbal sparring comes close to a physical altercation. Luckily, Christina intervenes and grabs Kimmie's hands. As Kimmie finally walks away, Robyn threatens, "Don't even [bleep] get me ghetto."

The competitors convene to present their choices to Chef Ramsay. The Blue Team nominates Patrick and Royce, while the women put forth Tiffany and Robyn. When Kimmie announces that Robyn lied to Chef Ramsay about the amount of time she let her fish sit at the pass, Robyn loses her temper yet again.

All four nominated competitors step forward. Chef Ramsay decides to eliminate Patrick. And in a surprising twist, he sends Robyn to the Blue Team.






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